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6 Ways To Revamp Your Home’s Exterior With A New Door

Is your porch due for an upgrade? Perhaps you wish to make your house more aesthetically pleasing. Certainly, giving your house a modest facelift not only looks wonderful but also increases its value. Apart from adding new plants to your curb and ridding it of dirt and grime, how about a new front door?

A new front door can improve the aesthetics of your house and reduce irritating noises while also increasing security. If you acknowledge that your main door requires improvement in some way, you may be wondering whether you need to spend money on a new door.

Do you think your home’s exterior can be revamped without having to purchase a new door? Think about how old your door is. Do you think it maintains the security and safety of your house? These variables, together with a drafty door that gets stuck when closed or is just old and weak, can affect how well your door operates. Consider more than just aesthetics when upgrading your home’s exterior.

According to a door contractor in Centreville, if you want to enhance the look of your house, getting a new front door is definitely a great idea because your front door is the first thing people see about your house. So, whether you plan on contacting a professional or simply jazzing it up with some fun new accessories, here are some ways to revamp your home’s exterior with a new door:

  1. Elevate Your Home’s Exterior With A Glass Door

Consider elegant options like glass front doors. Glass may be incorporated into your front door in many different ways. Your entrance will look more contemporary if it has a glass door that’s transparent and unobstructed. The privacy implications of an all-glass door should, of course, be taken into account.

New Door
New Door

A glass door with colored or frosted glass may be chosen. Stained glass is also used to make a lot of unique front doors. Add a transom window (a thin horizontal pane above a door) or sidelight windows (slim vertical panes along a door) to make your front door appear wider and brighten your foyer if you’re still apprehensive about obtaining an all-glass door.

  1. Consider Getting A Wooden Door

Wood provides an aesthetic that’s both conventional and contemporary. There can be countless design alternatives when wood and glass are integrated. The number of stain colors and customization possibilities for a wood front door is infinite. Additionally, wood entryways can be incredibly regal. Wood is a luxurious and tasteful choice, particularly when combined with glass.

  1. Opt For A Steel Door

Steel is a common material for contemporary front doors, offering increased protection and security that homeowners look for in a new door. Front doors made of steel are thought to be energy-efficient. Furthermore, they’re highly secure. The best part about steel doors is that they come in a wide range of styles, so you have a lot of style possibilities in addition to a savvy material choice.

  1. Refresh Your Door With A New Color

You don’t have to bring out the big guns and change your front door completely if you’re convinced that it’s not necessary. Simply changing the color of your entrance door will give your home’s exterior a much-needed facelift. The new color can make a significant impact. And while your home’s exterior color scheme can surely serve as inspiration, many people prefer to go for a bold color choice by selecting a vivid and striking hue.

Before selecting a new color for your main door, consider the front elevation and choose a color that complements the siding and trim. Even how your door is styled can be influenced by color. Don’t be hesitant to use vivid colors, but make sure the finished product will be what you want by holding up a sample before painting. If your door is made of wood or metal, professionals recommend choosing an exterior paint made for that material and sanding the door to make the paint stick.

  1. Enhance Your Home’s Exterior With Accessories

Another way to uplift your porch without changing the front door is to decorate and accessorize it. Small adjustments can have a significant impact. Get a door knocker that stands out like a bunny-shaped one or a vintage doorknob. You can also use welcome mats, calligraphy, plaques, and wreaths in contrasting colors to adorn your door. A wreath might look out of place and out of date if certain seasonal features are included. So, choose something modest that’ll offer elegance all year round.

We emphasize the need to decorate with contrasting colors because decor in colors that blend in too well with the color of your front door will be unnoticeable. Additionally, if your porch is big enough, incorporating one or two planters is a great way to add color, scent, and texture to your home’s exterior. If your front door currently has a lighting fixture or hanging pendant, swap it out for something a little more interesting and modern. And if you require more aesthetic lighting, install some string lights or illuminate your doorway with solar-powered lanterns.

  1. Revamp The Hardware On Your Main Door With Diverse Architecture

Hardware, including doorknobs, handles, kick plates, parcel slots, and house numbers, can become worn out. A simple, affordable, and pleasant way to revamp your home’s exterior is to replace the hardware on your entry door.

Another option is to build a portico made of wood, metal, or canvas above the front door to create a fresh architectural feature and shield your doorway from weather extremes. Many front doors also have glass side panels. If you pick treated glass such as tinted glass or beveled glass, it can enhance the aesthetics of your door while also keeping your front entrance secure, providing extra privacy and still allowing for light and a view out your door.

Additionally, you may enhance the exterior of your property by adding shutters next to the entry door and painting them the same color as the door.


Changing your main door can improve the exterior design of your house as a whole. And although most people consider their front door strictly functional, it’s also about being pleased with where you live and beautifying the community. Use the suggestions given in this article to create a vibrant new look for your home’s exterior.

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