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6 Ways to Make Time for Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

6 Ways to Make Time for Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

Make Time  It can be difficult to set aside some “me” time when you have responsibilities such as a family, home and work. Moments that you spend pampering yourself may seem like an act of selfishness. But do you really need to feel guilty for wanting to create a calm, happy, balanced and peaceful existence? The following are ways to make time for yourself without having a bit of remorse.

Start a Friendship Network

Your friends and neighbors may be in similar circumstances where they find it almost impossible to carve a bit of “me” time out each day to rest. You can build a small network where you each take a set time for babysitting duties. Offer to host a play date for some of the neighborhood children. The other moms can use that special time to read, go for a massage or just relax. When it’s your turn, you get to pick how you most would like to spend your time alone.

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Put Together a Support Group

When you’re exhausted and overworked, the most simple of chores can be overwhelming. Relaxation and rest are two critical things in life that you just can’t do without. It’s unhealthy for an individual to keep going without taking a break. It can also manifest problems into other areas such as your home, work and social life. Give your mental health a boost by reaching out to the experts. Here you’ll learn ideas on how to put yourself first and keep things balanced. You can also encourage your spouse to lend their support. Whether they are in charge of taking the children to school, running errands or picking up groceries, having support at home can make things more manageable.

Make a Plan

You can make a plan ahead of time that every Wednesday night is your evening to spend doing yoga at the gym. If that seems too scheduled, you can also find some “spur of the moment” alone time. If you’re children are at an after school activity or watching their favorite show, use that time for yourself to garden or meditate instead of doing laundry.

Change Things Up

Getting up earlier in the day allows you to spend some time alone. All you need is 30 minutes to feel refreshed and ready for the day. You can use the time to work out, meditate, read the paper or sit on the deck and enjoy a cup of tea.

Smooth Transition

If personal time is new for your family, explain the reasons beforehand to your children. Although your children may want to go with you while you get a pedicure or take a walk. Let them know that you’ll be there for them when you return. When you discuss your need for “me” time with them well in advance. You’ll find that it makes for a smoother transition.

Simplify Your Life

You’re in charge of your life, and the commitments and obligations that you’re involved in. If you want to etch out time for yourself, learn to say “no.” You don’t need to volunteer on every committee at school to be a good parent. You should also be able to get a raise or promotion at work without having to work late every night. When you simplify your life to tasks that are doable, you’ll be able to fit in a few minutes to pamper yourself.

In order to enjoy life, you need to participate in it. Although responsibilities such as work, family and household chores are a part of your daily activities, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make time for some self-indulgence. From an afternoon lunch with friends to lounging on a hammock with a good book, this special time is sure to recharge your batteries to take on another day.

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