6 Tips for a Healthy Head of Hair

Healthy Head of Hair: There are many signs of aging, but if there’s one telltale sign – a dead giveaway, if you will – it’s diminishing hair quality. Whether you’re balding, thinning, or going gray, it’s arguably the most noticeable effect of getting older. What, if anything, can you do to ensure you have a healthy head of hair for years to come?

6 Tips for Better Hair

When you’re younger, you worry about bad hair days. But as you age, your focus shifts to the overall health and quality of your hair. From color and feel to strength and thickness, there’s a lot to consider. And the following suggestions will help you stay ahead of your ticking biological time clock:

  • Wash Regularly

There are conflicting opinions on how often you should wash your hair. Some say you should do it daily, while others recommend going weeks between washes. But for most people, the answer can be found somewhere in between.

The key is to wash regularly. For hair that has normal oiliness levels and medium weight, you can most likely go several days (and even up to a week) between shampooing. But for hair that’s oily and thin, you might need to wash as often as every two days.

The most important thing is to know your hair. When you know what type of hair you have, you’ll get a better feel for how and when to wash it for optimum health and vitality. 

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  • Use the Proper Products

If you’re choosing hair care products based on convenience or cost, you’re making a massive mistake. Most of the products on the market contain harsh chemicals that strip your hair of the natural substances they need to thrive.

When selecting shampoo and conditioner, avoid products that contain sulfates and parabens. While they might help preserve your hair in the short term, they cause long-term irritation and can even lead to hormonal disruptions. Search for products that contain natural ingredients instead.

  • Dry Your Hair Naturally

Blow drying your hair might look great, but it can damage your hair and scalp. For best results, limit blow driying to big events when you need to look your absolute best. For daily events, stick to towel and air drying. 

  • Eat and Drink With Purpose

Your diet and nutrition have a major impact on the health and strength of your hair. For best results, ensure you’re consuming a diet that’s high in vitamin D, vitamin E, B complex vitamins, and biotin. If you’re balding and/or thinning, you may also consider supplementing with DHT blocking vitamins to improve scalp circulation and promote hair growth. 

Hydration is important, too. For best results, drink at least 64 ounces of water per day. Consumption should be spread out evenly throughout the day to get maximum health benefits.

  • Avoid Tight and Constricting Hairstyles

Looking to keep your hair damage-free and stylish? Be mindful of the hairstyles you use. For women, try styles like the smooth chignon, braided ponytail bun, twisted ponytail, twisted headband, half braid, crown braid, and half bun. Avoid styles such as the “loose messy bun,” anything that looks wet or damp, tight braids, tight buns, extensions, and super straight hair or bangs.

  • Trim Hair Regularly

You might only need a full-on haircut a couple of times per year. However, you should trim your hair every six to eight weeks. This helps get rid of split ends, which result from heat styling, stress, and even air pollution. Think of these regular trims as basic upkeep for your hair.

If you don’t already have a stylist you like, find one. It’s important to work with the same hairstylist to get a consistent and predictable cut. If you randomly switch from one person to the next, your hair will be forced to adapt each time it gets cut. 

Take Better Care of Your Hair

If you want to look and feel young, healthy, and vibrant, you need to take care of your hair. From how you wash and condition your hair to the way you cut and style it, every little aspect of your hair care regimen matters. Pay attention to the details, and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy head of hair that gives you the confidence to succeed.

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