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6 Things To See and Do in Oslo, Norway

The capital of Norway, Oslo is on the country’s southern coast and is known for its museums and green spaces. Tolerance, respect, and equality are some of the city’s most important values, and the entire country has a strong sense of history, making it an excellent vacation for history buffs as well as for those who love nature and all it has to offer. Check out these things to do if you decide to take your next vacation to Oslo.

1. See a Theatre Show

You can’t skip visiting the theathre in Oslo. Located on Maorstua, Chateau Neuf is one of the largest amphitheater stages in the city and houses a wide range of stage shows, TV recordings, and concerts. Popular performances that have graced the stages include West Side Story, Jersey Boys, and Pippi Feirer Jul. Grab a drink from the bar, find your seat, and take in an amazing show right in the heart of Oslo.

Things To See and Do in Oslo
Things To See and Do in Oslo

2. Bygdøy Peninsula

Head to the west side of the city and you’ll find Bygdøy Peninsula. Take in the gorgeous water views when you walk or cycle on the peninsula’s coastal trails that are dotted with beautiful sheltered beaches. If you prefer, there are plenty of countryside trails as well, or you could visit one of the five national museums that call the peninsula home. Check out the Norwegian Folk Museum, the Norwegian Maritime Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, the Fram Museum, and the Kon-Tiki Museum. With so much to do on the peninsula, you’ll likely want to visit on at least two different days.

3. Vigeland Sculpture Park

Situated in Oslo’s Frogner Park, the Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of the city’s most famous attractions. The year-round attraction features the life’s work of Gustav Vigeland and includes a massive 650 different sculptures created from wrought iron, granite, and bronze. Sculptures are divided into five different themes, with the oldest being the fountain group that depicts the human life cycle. Outside of the sculptures, Frogner Park also offers a range of picnic areas, recreational facilities, the country’s largest playground, and a rose garden.

4. Sognsvann Lake

If you want to spend plenty of time outdoors during your vacation, be sure to take the family to Sognsvann Lake. The area is popular for those who love to swim and sunbathe on Oslo’s warmer days, and if you want to take in all of the scenery, you can use the wheelchair-accessible walking and running paths that circle the lake. If you visit the lake during the winter, you’ll find plenty of cross-country skiing tracks. There is truly something for everyone who loves the outdoors here.

5. Oslo Opera House

The city’s opera house is one of the most beautiful in the world. Right outside of Oslo’s Central Station, you’ll find the famous Oslo Opera House. First opened in 2008, the tourist attraction is an especially popular hangout during the summer months, as the unique design allows you to walk straight up onto its roof. Sunbathers, picnickers, and those just looking to take some amazing Instagram shots love the spot, and of course, there’s plenty of amazing performances to check out on the inside.

6. Norwegian National Gallery

One of the most famous paintings in the world, Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” is housed in the Norwegian National Gallery and draws people from around the globe to see it. Another of his paintings, “The Madonna,” is also housed in the museum. Of course, other than Munch’s work, you’ll also find a large collection of Lucas Cranach the Elder’s Baroque and Renaissance pieces, along with those from Orazio Gentileschi, Jan van Goyen, and many more. From there, make your way to 19th- and 20th-century greats like Monet and Picasso before ending your trip taking in local work from artists like Hans Gude and Harriet Backer.

Whether your vacation takes you to the gorgeous water features that Oslo has to offer in the summer or has your family strolling snow-filled streets in the town’s center during the winter, one thing is certain: there is always something to see or do when you visit the capital of Norway. Start saving money and planning your trip now to ensure you make the most of it.

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