6 Things To Do In Horsley Hills To Explore The Quaint Side Of Andhra

Fun things to do in Horsley Hills: The breathtaking Horsley Hills sits calmly on the lap of Chittoor, located near the border of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This enchanting range of hills makes for the perfect holiday destination. There are handful Fun things to do in Horsley Hills. Therefore, it is an ideal destination for a family, couple and even a solo trip.

6 things to do in Horsley Hills

Below are the things to do in Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh –

  • Address your concerns
  • Witness to the majestic wind rocks
  • Zorbing sounds fun
  • Say yes to rock climbing
  • Talk about a walk among the wildlife
  • go camping
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1. Address your concerns

Horsley Hills is interesting enough to offer its visitors a spectacular trekking experience. The best thing about this place is that it is not as crowded as other holiday destinations. Therefore, you can also take a solo trek and spend some quality time in solitude. There are no special trekking trails in Horsley Hills, but this is not a problem as you have all the areas to trek. However, trekking in and out of Horsley Hills at night is not the safest thing to do. However, one must examine the area below the viewpoint during sunrise and sunset. It looks and feels real.

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2. Witness Majestic Wind Rocks

Walking up the rocky slope of Gali Banda is one of the funniest things in Horsley Hills. Gali Banda is also known as Wind Rocks or Windy Rocks as it has strong winds throughout the day. As you pass through Gali Banda, you will feel that the wind has rejuvenated you. There are small gardens on the slope itself. Children like to have fun here. The sunrise and sunset look very beautiful with these winding rocks.

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3. emphasizing sounds fun

Many places in India will not enjoy zorbing, but Horsley Hills is an exception. Zorbing is one of the most life-changing things in Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh. This means rolling up the hill in transparent plastic observation. Even the idea of ​​zorbing fills us with enthusiasm. The best thing is that there is no age barrier for the tourists if they want to do the Zorbor. It is open to all for a very nominal fee which varies from time to time.

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4. Say Yes to Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity to discover your inner strength, and there is no better place to do it than the strong Horsley Hills. There are other adventure activities like rappelling that can be enjoyed along with rock climbing. Fees vary from time to time. Also, you can go for these fun activities anytime before sunset as it is not safe to climb rocks in the dark.

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5. Take Walk Amidst Wildlife

There are some zoos in Horsley Hills that you can visit. Also, this hill station is home to a lot of wild animals. Walking in Horsley Hills and soaking in its beauty is one of the free things to do in Horsley Hills. This in turn will guarantee you an exciting experience without paying you money.

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6. Go camping

Camping in a hill station may seem dull and awkward to many travelers, but we are talking about camping here at night. The bonfire outside the camp is one of the most amazing things to do in Horsley Hills at night. The moderate weather cooperates beautifully with some safe nighttime fun. Night camping in Horsley Hills tops the list of free things. It is best suited for couples as it is quite romantic.

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Those who have seen the beauty of Horsley Hills will always remember the perfect landscape, if not its name. The list of things to do in Horsley Hills may not be very long, but simply being close to nature it is quite complete in itself. Therefore, without thinking twice, plan a trip to Andhra Pradesh and experience the beauty of Horsley Hills.

Frequently asked questions about fun things to do in Horsley Hills

Q. How many days are required to go to Horsley Hills?

a. The entire Horsley Hills can be viewed in one day. All tourist attractions are located within a radius of two kilometers.

Q. Which is the best season to travel to Horsley Hills?

a. Monsoon is the best season to visit Horsley Hills.

Q. What are the nearest airport and nearest railway station to Horsley Hills?

a. Bangalore International Airport is the nearest airport to Horsley Hills. It is 144 km from the hill station. The nearest railway station is at Madanapalle which is 27 km away.

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