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6 Temples In Kollam To Visit For A Rejuvenating Trip To Kerala

Kollam, famous for its magnificent nature and religious grandeur, is also famous for its spiritual abundance and cultural richness. Most of the temples are situated amidst the lush green plains of Kerala, thus it refreshes your mind deeply. So, no wonder there is a journey Temple in Kollam An ideal holiday in Kerala is the ideal thing for a getaway.

6 temples in Kerala, Kollam

Surround yourself in peace and tranquility by paying a visit to these stunning temples in Kollam which should go on a trip to Kerala to soak in the positivity and good vibes.

  • Ammachivedu Muhurti Temple
  • Ashram Shri Krishna Swamy Temple
  • Achankovil Temple
  • Aryanvaku Sastha Temple
  • Chaitnoor Sri Bhootnath Temple
  • Kadakkal Devi Temple

1. Ammachivedu Muhurti Temple

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Established before a period of about six hundred years, the Amalachivedu Muhurti Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples in Kollam. According to legends, the temple was constructed according to the spiritual benefits of the Ammachi Videu family, an ancient aristocratic family.

The temple does not have a deity, and instead, the gurus in the temple worship the institution of religion. The rituals of Sarpa Bali (sacrifice of snakes) and Nurum Palum (preparing offerings for snakes) are celebrated in the temple.

place: Ammachivedu Muhurti Temple, Kollam-12, Kerala India

Time: 6 AM – 2 PM, 4–9 PM

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2. Ashram Shri Krishna Swamy Temple


Located on the top of the mountains, the beautiful temple of Lord Krishna is highly revered among the tourists due to its religious significance. It is one of the famous temples in Kollam and derives its name from the nearby Ashtamudi lake.

The idol of Lord Krishna is worshiped here as Navneet Krishnan or Krishna and has butter in his hands. Apart from the religious significance of the temple, it is also famous for its traditional festival Kollam Pooram. It is a colorful festival celebrated in the temple, and millions of devotees gather here to celebrate the festival. It is an annual ceremony and continues for ten days when the temple is crowded with tourists.

place: MRA, Ashramam Road, Uliakovil East, Ashram, Kollam, Kerala 691008

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3. Achankovil Temple


Located in Kollam district, Achankovil Temple is one of the best temples near Kollam, close to the Kerala border. The temple is a witness to the Achankovil River flowing nearby, as distinguished as a popular pilgrimage center in Kerala. Lord Ayyappa is the presiding deity of the temple, and there is also an idol of Lord Sahastra, which has been in existence for seven centuries. The temple is at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level.

According to mythological fact, Achankovil Temple is the place where Lord Ayyappa spent his household life as a family man. The idols of his two wives, Poorna and Pushkala are also depicted in the temple. Along with the temple and the idol are many mythological facts, also known as Rudraksha Shila, which are believed to retain many miraculous qualities.

place: Achankovil Sastha Temple, Achankovil, Kollam, Kerala, India

Time: 5:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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4. Aryakavu Sastha Temple


Being one of the most famous Hindu temples in Kollam, the Aryanavu Siddha Temple is one of the one hundred and eight pilgrimage centers for its great religious significance. According to mythological fact, the idol present in the temple was installed by the sage Parasurama. The rituals and procedures performed in the temple are quite different from other temples in Kollam district.

The architectural style depicted in the temple is similar to temples in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. One of the most prominent features of the temple is its position, which is built 35 feet below the road level. According to rituals and traditions, the temple follows Tamil traditions, being located between those two boundaries.

place: Aryanavu Ayyappa Temple / Sri Dharma Sansthan Temple, NH744, Aryanavku, Kollam District, Kerala, India, pincode: 691309

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5. Chaturanur Sri Bhootnath Temple

Being famous in the list of Kollam temples, Chaturanur Sri Bhoothnath Temple is famous for its religious significance. The temple is quite famous for its traditional festival of Nedum Kuthira, which is the most popular festival in the South Kerala region.

It is because of these festivals that attract devotees from all over the world. The celebration of Sri Bhoothnath Temple Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Kollam.

place: Chathanoor, Kerala 691572

Time: 5 AM – 8 PM

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6. Kadakkal Devi Temple


Known for its unique mythological facts and beliefs, Kadakkal Devi Temple is one of the first Devi temples in Kollam. It is believed that any person who performs puja and performs rituals in the temple receives the blessings of the Goddess and is also blessed with wealth and prosperity. The main temple has four separate complexes dedicated to the Devi Temple, Shiva Temple, Teliala Temple, and Kilimarathukavu Temple.

The main attraction of the temple is that the temple does not host any priest or idol due to the belief that God is everywhere. Devotees visit the temple during the Kadakkal Thiruvathira Mahotsava festival to pay homage to the “Goddess”. The festival is celebrated during Pongal when women worship the Goddess in the temple grounds.

place: Kadakkal Devi Temple, Attuppuram Missionkunnu Road, Kadakkal, Kollam, Kerala – 691536

Time: 5 AM – 8 PM

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The temples at Kollam, with their great religious significance, provide ample opportunities to relax their body and soul through spiritual exodus in Kerala. The peace of nature around the temple complex is also something that you will not want to miss at all.

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Frequently asked questions about temples in Kollam

Q. What is the best time to visit Kollam?

a. When it comes to the most favorable period for a visit to Kollam, the obvious answer is – September to March.

Q. Is there a strict rule for visiting temples in Kollam?

a. There are no strict rules for visiting temples in Kollam. However, there are specific times, other than that you will not be allowed to enter the temple premises.

Q. What is the dress code for visiting temples in Kollam?

a. No specific dress code is mentioned in Kollam’s rule book. But it is better if both men and women wear clothes that cover the entire body, and follow a traditional style.

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