6 Summer hairstyles to try now

6 Summer hairstyles to try now: It is time to think about summer hairstyles. Yeah because you’re still in lockdown or you are back in the real world, it is good (also) to think about what we will look like in the light of the sun. Of course, it is not easy to make an appointment at the hairdresser. That’s why to focus on hairstyles that are easy to try at home, it is currently a good alternative.

And where else to get inspiration if not from the autumn-winter 2020 catwalks? Think back to the impact of retro waves by Miu Miu, to the softly pulled back hair seen by Prada or the low tail and sensual Saint Laurent. They are chic and feasible solutions. Here you will find 6 summer hairstyles that are easy to try at home right away.

6 Summer hairstyles to try now

1. Low tail

The low tail of Oscar de la Renta AI 2020 2021

© Photography Go Runway

If like all of us you tend to press it snooze as long as 10 minutes to your first Zoom meeting, you may have to settle for an easy one ponytail. However, with a little extra effort, thanks to a good brush and a little bit of lacquer you can turn this simple look into an elegant one low tail. Also perfect for going to the bar below the house on Saturday morning to get croissants.

The latex sirens of Saint Laurent they sported it with a red lipstick, those of Ports 1961 they slipped soft over their ears; Oscar de la Renta he combined it with a line in the middle for an extra touch of elegance. Meghan Markle he chose this solution for his first appearance in London with Prince Harry after the couple’s decision give up real duties – an epochal moment that required an equally demonstrative hairstyle.

2. “High” disheveled bun

Tall and disheveled bun at the Fendi (left) and Badgley Mishka (right) fashion shows FW 2020 2021

© Photography Go Runway / Getty Images

The chignon it’s a classic, but have you ever thought you could turn a messy crop into a catwalk look? Probably not, but this month of fashion made us change our mind. Fendi has shown that you can raise the bar with tight braids, while a combination of flawless and messy high bun Badgley Mischka confirmed that the best of both worlds can coexist in harmony.

Do you have a quiz on Houseparty and want to make believe that you really took a shower? Stop looking. Michael Kors is Altuzarra they offer an unforgettable essential version. It is no coincidence that it is one of the easy hairstyles favored by Bella and Gigi Hadid when off duty.

3. Stand back / CEO style wet look

Hair gathered and pulled with a wet effect by Proenza Schouler (left) and Sacai (right) FW 2020 2021

© Photography Go Runway

You are on the hunt for that promotion and you have an important boss call. Try to increase yours chance with a look smooth and pulled back. Proenza Schouler she used the gel on the models’ hair to make it look wet, an assertive look that an Alexis Carrington from the 1980s TV series Dynasty today would probably show off at a board meeting.

For a less demanding alternative, try the approach of Prada you hate Balmain brushing back only the central part of the hair and naturally letting the sides fall.

4. Easy hairstyles with bow

Hairstyles with bow from Chanel (left) and Giambattista Valli (right) FW 2020 2021

© Photography Go Runway

Do you want to look even prettier for someone special? Nothing like a nice bow to do it. Take a look at the legendary Sam McKnight at the Chanel fashion show and enrich a half harvest messy with an elegant clip bow. You can also choose the more cheeky version seen by Giambattista Valli, with a large clasp with a silk bow above the chignon combined with an eye make-up with jewel applications, to be the Blair Waldorf that you always knew you were.

If it is essential to hurry, choose the low tail and stop it with a real bow to embellish it, as it did Brandon Maxwell on the catwalk. Hailey Bieber showed up with this look at Met Gala of 2019 – a velvet bow with a high tail in contrast with a dress with a deep neckline on the back.

5. Retro-style waves

Waves back from Miu Miu (left), Chloé (center) and Erdem (right) FW 2020 2021

© Photography Go Runway

With the world becoming more eco-aware, fashion too vintage and the retro hair is having its moment. With the help of alligator clip or and an easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial, you can recreate this look at home. From Miu Miu, the hairstylist Guido Palau proposed wide waves on the front and hair that was loose and simply brushed behind.

For a brief foray into another era, try the flat waves and ultradefinite of Erdem inspired by the twenties and meticulously misled. Or opt for that seventies summer look Chloé with natural locks (who doesn’t want to look like Fernanda Ly or Kaia Gerber?) A few months ago Rowan Blanchard, immediately after appearing with her new one pixie cut on Instagram, he combined the modern look with the old Hollywood wet look at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party.

6. All in side row

Deep side line by Tom Ford (left) and JW Anderson (right) FW 2020 2021

© Photography Go Runway

It’s official, this season the side row has been in the middle (of the scene). While remaining modern, the side stripe adds a hint of nonconformity. Perfect for a picnic in the park, for a call on Facetime with an old university mate or to cheer up a jump at the post office. Brush and smooth your hair well and make the line on your favorite side, then put them behind your ears to get the ultra shiny looks seen by Tom Ford, Loewe is JW Anderson.

For a more informal alternative, try to trick them and give prominence to the eyebrows, like at the parade of Rochas, to give it some grit (think of Trinity by Matrix). Inspire yourself to more girls cool that we know (or would like to know) how Dua Lipa and Rihanna – who both masterfully sported this look on the red carpet.

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