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6 Simple Overnight Hacks To Get Glowing Skin With Home Remedies!

6 Simple Overnight Hacks To Get Glowing Skin With Home Remedies!

Simple Overnight Hacks Who does not desire a clean and clear skin that glows at its natural best? Well, everyone does. But to achieve that one has to follow a rigorous routine of healthy diet, timely meals, daily exercises, proper sleep, and usage of perfect skin rejuvenating creams and so on.

Simple Overnight Hacks
Simple Overnight Hacks

Anyways in a busy lifestyle, one cannot afford to follow each of these essential things to maintain glowing skin. Therefore, we present you here with 6 simple hacks to get glowing skin overnight!

Hack 1: Prepare Rice & Sesame scrub

While sesame will naturally nourish and moisturise your skin, rice grains will exfoliate your skin. And you will get a clean, clear, smooth and radiant skin instantly. It is great body polish too!

Rice & Sesame scrub
Rice & Sesame scrub

This Is How You Can Prepare It!

  • Soak equal amount of sesame seeds and rice overnight
  • Grind to make fine mixture in the morning
  • Apply over whole body and face for a few minutes and wash off with cold water

Hack 2: Honey Sleeping Pack

Honey Sleeping Pack
Honey Sleeping Pack

Make a sleeping pack with honey to get glowing skin in just one night! Mix three tablespoons of honey with half tablespoon of cinnamon powder and apply on face. Leave it overnight. Wash off with cold water in the morning and there you go!

Hack 3: Milk Pack Overnight

Milk is a natural ingredient to reduce dark spots, dark circles and lighten skin. So, apply a thin layer of low-fat milk on your face and leave it that way for the night. Remember to massage in upward strokes till whole milk is absorbed by the skin before you leave it to dry overnight.

Wash off your face with a mild facewash in the morning and pat dry. You will see a clear, nourished and glowing skin in the morning.

Hack 4: Scrub, Exfoliate & Moisturise

Before going to sleep, use a mild exfoliator to cleanse your face thoroughly. Pat your skin dry and apply a homemade face pack for 15 minutes. When the pack dries completely, wet it with very little water and scrub your face very gently for a few minutes. Rinse off with cold water and apply a rejuvenating night cream. Use a gentle exfoliator in the morning to clean your face.

You can apply face pack again in the morning for extra glowing skin.

Natural Ingredients for the Hack:

Natural Ingredient Used As Purpose
Rice flour and milk Gentle exfoliator To cleanse face thoroughly
Honey with lemon juice Homemade face pack To nourish the skin and impart instant glow
Aloe Vera gel Rejuvenating night cream To provide deep nourishing to skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Hack 5: Good Bye Dark Circles

Well, getting rid of dark circles overnight is not entirely possible but these home remedies can lighten your skin and make your eyes look fresh.

  • Dip cotton balls in raw milk and keep on the closed eyes lids. Tie a band around and go to sleep. Next morning you will wake up fresh with light dark circles. Repeat daily for a week to get rid of dark circles completely.
  • Apply tomato pulp under eyes on the darkened skin for 15 minutes and wash. Repeat twice daily.
  • Do the same with lemon juice. Both tomato and lemon have incredible bleaching properties.
  • Cut two slices of cucumber. Keep over eyes and go to sleep. Wash eyes with cold water the next morning.

Hack 6: Natural Oil Treatment

Apply natural oil such as olive oil and coconut oil on your face and leave overnight. While coconut oil is great for removing tan and skin lightening, olive oil nourishes skin deeply. Both the oils are great for glowing skin. You can do this daily for a bright and glowing face.

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