6 Scintillating Beaches In Fiji That Should Be On Your List In 2020

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Fiji, famous for its tropical vibes, is also quite famous for offering pristine beaches, beautiful views and a pleasant atmosphere. Undoubtedly, Fiji is bustling with islands and beaches but wandering here and there will only be a waste of your vacation. So, we’ve come up with something Fiji Beach, Which can definitely take you into a different realm. Below we have provided you a list of beaches in Fiji that are capable of captivating your heart and mind with their beautiful scenery.

6 most beautiful beaches in Fiji

  • Natadola beach
  • Liku Beach
  • Vomo island beach
  • Seagrass bay
  • Horseshoe bay
  • Coro Levu Island

1. Natadola Beach

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Being one of the best beaches in Fiji, Natadola Beach can be considered as one of the prized possessions. It is highly respected for its coral coast and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is also quite convenient from the nearest Nadi Airport, making it a decent holiday destination. This beach is covered in blue water with white dunes and glamor, which is nothing less than a paradise.

The beach, however, encompasses a vast area and opens a gate of adventure for tourists. The beach also accommodates a series of palm trees that create a nice contrast of light and shade on the shore. There is also a beautiful resort just behind the beach and offers panoramic views.

place: Natdola Beach, Fiji
How to reach: You can come by rail via the Coral Coast Scenic Railway, or you can go by road or car via Queen’s Road
things to do: Snorkeling, swimming, surfing and more

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2. Liku Beach

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Unlike other public beaches, it falls under the magnificent Tokoriki Island Resort, which is located in the Mamanuka Islands. The name of the beach is derived from the word “Liku” sunset, which does justice to it exactly. The beach offers some of the best sunset views between the palms and serves you with an enchanted view. It is one of the best honeymoon beaches in Fiji for couples to sit on the sand and watch the sunset.

In addition to seeing some panoramic sunsets, Liku Beach also features lagoon and coral reefs and plenty of water activities. It is also a wonderful beach to click some beautiful pictures amidst the greenery and get wet under the sun.

place: Malolo Island, Malolo
How to reach: Come by ferry and then hire a car to reach Liku beach
things to do: See sunset, snorkeling, skydiving, and many more

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3. Vomo Island Beach

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It is one of the best beaches in Fiji and became more popular after its appearance on television at the conclusion of Bachelorette Season 7. Although tourists hold great hope at the beach throughout the year, the atmosphere is quite quiet and quiet and thus serves as the perfect holiday for restless minds.

The resort is set on a panoramic vista of the island and offers major scope to enjoy a view of paradise at a distance with great hospitality.

place: Womo Islands, Mamanooka Islands, Womo
How to reach: You can reach the island of Vomo by riding a Simo or a helicopter
things to do: Take a sunbath, enjoy the poolside, relax on the sun terrace

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4. Seagrass Bay

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The dazzling Laucala Island Resort, Seagrass Bay with long stretches of white sand, serves the purpose of snorkeling to a large extent. It has not achieved the honor of being the most beautiful Fiji beach in the world.

In the serene and still beauty of the 3,000-acre island, Seagrass Bay will be reactivated. Go out for a luxury getaway in Laucala in your Seagrass Villas and bring the beauty of this Fijian beach to your window every day.

place: Laukala Island, Fiji
How to reach: You can either reach by boat or come by land via car to reach Seagrass Bay.
things to do: Snorkeling, deep sea diving, and many more

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5. Horseshoe Bay

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If you are not going to Horseshoe Bay, you don’t even know what you’re missing. Its name is derived from its shape, which is like a horseshoe. You may not understand it with a close view, but you will be able to justify it from a distance.

It is a truly unique beach located near Kiva Beach in Fiji, and you can enhance your experience by staying at Matangi Treehouse accommodation. So, there is no way you are missing it.

place: Matangi Private Island Resort, Fiji
How to reach: Come via bus or metro by west vancouver
things to do: Enjoy a stop at a treehouse, sunbathe near the beach, and indulge in various water activities

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6. Corso Levu Island

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-522891″ data-lazy-type=”image” src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Koro-Levu-Island_2nd-mar.jpg” alt=”Coro Levu Island” width=”700″ height=”400″/>


The island of Koro Levu is going to be lost in your memories forever due to its untouched beauty and serene environment. The scenic beauty of the beach can hardly be compared to any other beach in Fiji and serves as an ideal tropical oasis for honeymooners.

It boasts powder-white beaches by waving coconut trees. The half-mile crescent beach forms its stunning aquamarine lagoon, and its reef is home to world famous diving.

place: Coro Island, Fiji
How to reach: Come to Korolevu railway station, or opt for bus service, or ride a car to reach Korolevu Island
things to do: Romance on the serene beach, take a sunbath and click awesome photos

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The beaches in Fiji are to provide a tranquil environment amidst abundant nature and an untouched beauty, which can definitely refresh your mind and soul and turn on your vacant mood. This kind of feeling, if emboldened with some adventurous activities, can make your holiday even longer and double the fun element of your international holiday. So, don’t waste any more time and head to explore the beaches of Fiji!

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Frequently asked questions about beaches in Fiji

Q. Can I swim in Fiji beaches?

a. Yes, you can definitely swim in Fiji beaches, but not all of them because there may be underwater reefs or corals. So, make sure you choose before you inquire and find out.

Q. Which is the best beach in Fiji?

a. Cuve Beach in Fiji is the best and serves as an ideal holiday destination for everyone out there.

Q. Are there sharks in Fiji’s water?

a. No, until now, nothing is known about the sharks present in the waters of Fiji. However, you can see some sea turtles laying eggs by the sea.

Q. What kind of activities can I try in Fiji beaches?

a. You can indulge in snorkeling, swimming, surfing, deep sea diving and many more. Many beach resorts also have other personalized activities for guests.

Q. Is it safe to live near Fiji beaches?

a. Yes, it is safe to live near the beaches of Fiji if you are staying in a well built resort, but if you are thinking of camping, it may not be safe because the water level can rise and major accidents. Can cause.

Q. Are there white sand beaches in Fiji?

a. Yes, Qamea Island has many white sand beaches in Fiji.

Q. Are there black sand beaches in Fiji?

a. Obviously not. The beaches on Denarau Island are the closest you can come to black beaches.



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