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6 Road Trips From Guwahati To Admire The Best Of Greenery In 2020!

Road Trips from Guwahati: Guwahati is the largest and quiet city on the banks of the great Brahmaputra River in the heart region of Assam. The city is known for its sacred sites and temples to Hindu deities such as Shiva or Vishnu. The famous temple of Kamakhya, built around the 10th century, still stands prominently atop the Neelachal hill and is just 10 kilometers from the train station. Like it or not, the northeastern part of India has been left unexplained for years. Blame it on the infrastructure. But recently the improvement of roads and infrastructure in these areas has been a great boon for the tourism of the states. Thanks to the strategic location of Guwahati, with a few hours of driving, you can reach many popular destinations in India. Which makes Guwahati the perfect place for your weekend.

6 Road Trips From Guwahati To Admire
6 Road Trips From Guwahati To Admire

Are you ready for road trips through incredible wildlife reserves with many wild cats and famous one-horned rhinos? Guwahati is full of magnificent temples, lush green trees and magnificent cultures. But apart from this there are many places in the surrounding area which are ideal for taking Road Trips from Guwahati. Let us off!

6 Best Places to Road Trip from Guwahati

Here are some of the best places for a road trip from Guwahati, where one should enjoy a great time away from the hustle and bustle with friends and family.

1. Cherrapunji

Visit Mavdok Valley and its magnificent views


Do you believe that you can travel from Guwahati to Scotland in just 4 hours? Yes, Cherrapunji or Scotland of the East is located in Meghalaya. Cherrapunji is a popular destination and second safest place in India, known for its rainfall and attracts monsoon lovers to this place. Just 150 kilometers from Guwahati, Cherrapunji is a must visit for your weekend fun with your friends. It is one of the most scenic drives in the Northeast, and runs just 4 hours drive gliding through the beautifully constructed 4 lane expressway towards Shillong.

If you are looking for a break during your long drive, plan it at Nongpoh where you can refresh yourself with delicious pineapples. With lush green hills, silver waterfalls and ancient rivers, Cherrapunji not only offers the most spectacular views, but is a great opportunity for adventure lovers along its trekking. Don’t miss out on the Mavdok Valley and its gorgeous views.

Things to do in Cherrapunji: Tourism, Trekking, Photography
Ideal for: friends and family
Travel Period: 2-3 days
Distance from Guwahati: 150 km
Best Time to Visit: October to May

2. Kaziranga

You can never miss seeing a tiger in the park


Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Center located near the plains of the Brahmaputra River. The forest is home to many wild animals such as wild cats, elephants, and Indian one-horned rhinoceros. Do you know that about 70% of the world’s rhinoceros are in this park? Literally, around a century of them, you can never miss seeing a tiger in the park.

And all this is only 200 kilometers from Guwahati. The forest may be very inviting for you, but be careful especially during nights. Nights can be deep and definitely need to be cautious. In addition, plan your trips in the months of June, July and August as the park can easily fill up due to heavy rains in Assam.

Things to do in Kaziranga: Tourism, Safari, Elephant ride, Photography
Ideal for: friends and family
Travel Period: 2-3 days
Distance from Guwahati: 200 km
Best Time to Visit: November to April

3. Tezpur

 City of blood in india


Tezpur, also known as the city of blood in India, is in the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River. Known by many names including the cultural capital of Assam, the city also bears the crown for being the cleanest city in Assam. The city is famous for its tea gardens and national parks which attract tourists the most to this place. There is good connectivity from the city trains to Guwahati. But the scenic road drive from Guwahati is something you will never forget.

The city offers spectacular views of the snow-covered Himalayas, which will surely leave you spellbound. Nameri National Park and Agnigarh – Impressive Agni-Fort While you are here, definitely do some sightseeing.

Things to do in Tezpur: Sightseeing, National Park tours.
Ideal for: friends and family
Travel Period: 2-3 days
Distance from Guwahati: 175 km
Best Time to Visit: October to March

4. Bomdila

Treasure hidden from regular tourist crowd


Bomdila is a magnificent city which is situated on the eastern side of the Himalayan ranges in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The location on the hills has certainly made it a hidden treasure from the regular tourist crowd. I think the picturesque landscape and the panoramic views of the mountains surrounding this place will never let you get away from this locality. If you are wondering what pleasure activities this city can offer, think again. Huge apple orchards, Buddhist monasteries and hills with many trekking trails are an ideal bet for weekend getaways. Treat yourself to lush green and nature by lullaby.

Even in summer, the temperature here does not exceed 30 ° C. The best time to visit is the months from April to October. July to September is when the place experiences severe rainfall.

Things to do in Bomdila: Trekking, visit to Buddhist monasteries.
Ideal for: friends and family
Travel Period: 2-3 days
Distance from Guwahati: 200 km
Best Time to Visit: October to March

5. Nongpoh

Nongpoh is very accessible for road trips


Nongpoh is a beautiful city to the north of the East Khasi Hills. Just 40 km from the state capital Shillong or Badal’s residence in Meghalaya. Nongpoh is very accessible for road trips from Guwahati. It is only 50 kilometers and is a breeze to drive here. Beautiful rivers with lush climate and lush green trees are perfect for your pleasant trip.

Being between Shillong and Guwahati has its own advantage. Yes, it is very easy to reach the city by highway between these two cities. Being close to the Brahmaputra River, the city offers a tropical climate. So summers are hot and humid. The best time to visit is winter when the climate is very pleasant.

Things to do in Nongpoh: Trekking, Picnic.
Ideal for: friends and family
Travel Period: 2-3 days
Distance from Guwahati: 50 km
Best Time to Visit: February and December

6. Jaintia Hills

Heaven on earth


Jaintia Hills is located at a distance of 70 km from Shillong, the capital of the state of Meghalaya. Jaintia Hills is a paradise on earth with its breathtaking sceneries and tranquil locations. It is a land of majestic hills filled with rich minerals. Tourists really enjoy the ancient lakes and lush greenery of Jaintia Hills. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in India, called the Krang Suri Falls, is located in the Jaintia Hills. With a backdrop of solid rocks woven with creepers and trees it is sure to raise your eyebrows with wonder.

With hot summers and cold winters, Jaintia is more suited to travel in the summer season. Like other parts of the Northeast, the Jaintia Hills also receive heavy rainfall during the monsoon.

Things to do in Jaintia Hills: Tourism, trekking, boat ride.
Ideal for: friends and family
Travel Period: 2-3 days
Distance from Guwahati: 170 km
Best Time to Visit: March to june

Whatever connectivity is available, driving through scenic routes from Guwahati is one of the best ways to travel to popular destinations around the city. Driving at your own pace, resting, breathing cold air from those lower windows of the car is not something no other mode of transportation can offer. So if you are planning a vacation in Assam, make sure to enjoy a road trip to these places near Guwahati.

Frequently asked questions about road trips from Guwahati

Q. What are the main weekend destinations from Guwahati?

a. Although there are many destinations in and outside Assam, we would recommend Cherrapunji and Tezpur.

Q. What is the best time to visit Guwahati?

a. October to April is the best month to plan a trip to Guwahati. Avoid monsoons as regular rains can spoil the travel plans.

Q. How to reach Guwahati?

a. Guwahati is well connected by trains and roads for domestic travel. It also has an international airport with good connections within India, and limited connectivity to other parts of the world.

Q. How safe is the Kaziranga National Park for the traveler?

a. The national park is full of dense green forests and it will be dark at night. In addition, the amount of wild animals here is very large, and it is always appropriate to follow the recommendation of resorts and park guidelines.

Q. How good are the roads in and around Guwahati?

a. Yes, roads were a major problem a few years ago. But with the recent development of infrastructure, the roads are very good and well suited for road trips to neighboring states.

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