6 Resorts In Telangana That Are The Best Places To Stay In 2020!

Telangana is famous for its history, monuments, food, rich culture and heritage. There is no dearth of places to visit in Telangana as many tombs, grand palaces, museums, parks and theme parks can be found here. Apart from this, you will also find many scenic settings that will definitely thrill you. If you are planning to explore this state of India, you can search for places to stay in Telangana. Don’t worry because it’s the top list Resorts in Telangana Will help you choose the best residence for you.

Top 6 Resorts in Telangana

These resorts in Telangana ensure a comfortable stay for their guests. So, if you are looking for places to stay in Telangana, look no further than these resorts.

1. Leonia Holistic Resort

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It is one of the best resorts in Telangana, where events are held regularly. It is spread with green spaces, has a rock formation and a unique infrastructure. Within the resort, you can choose from luxury suites and villas. It comes with excellent features and facilities. It has a swimming pool, fitness center and a swimming pool. It comes with 50 adventure activities suitable for all age groups. It has a tennis court, a hot tub and a sauna. You can also book this resort for corporate events. It has a living room, cycling and water park and restaurants serving delicious international food.

Families traveling with infants find it easy to relax at this resort as it offers childcare services. A business center with fax and photocopy facilities also makes it easy for you to conduct business and relax in this resort. It also has a gift shop and a beauty salon. There is a list of daily available cleaning services.

place: Shamirpet, Telangana
cost: Starting from INR 3,100

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2. Button Eyes Resort

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Unlike most resorts, the Button Eyes Resort is pet-friendly. You can spend the whole day at this resort with family and pets. It comes with many features and facilities that make it easy for you to enjoy the holidays. An outdoor pool is available throughout the year for you to swim at this resort anytime. It is surrounded by beautiful green spaces and is a perfect weekend. The design and infrastructure is rustic and provides all the facilities for a stay.

The resort offers many activities such as indoor games. You can enjoy games like table tennis, billiards, chess, carrom etc. It is in close distance to the Archaeological Museum as well as an international airport. There is a garden and a terrace where you can relax in the provided outdoor furniture.

place: Tolkatta Village, Moinabad
cost: Starting from INR 3,500

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3. Golconda Resort & Spa

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It was the residence of the Nizams which has been converted into a resort. It is a luxurious resort, beautifully decorated with gardens and has luxuriously decorated rooms that come with many amenities and amenities and ensure that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. The villas are stunning and give a view of the Osman Sagar Lake. Each room has a private mini bar, tea and coffee facilities. The resort offers indoor and outdoor games.

The resort has a pool, sports courts and ample entertainment options, spread over 13 acres of land. You can enjoy fine dining as well as a buffet which is available throughout the day. You can experience royal treatment and food at this resort. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure and leisure options amidst the natural landscape. You can pick up from 40 villas and 4 suites. Room service, cleaning and laundry is available 24 hours. It is a close distance from theme parks such as Ocean Park, Water Park and Sky Trumpoline Park. All rooms are clean and well-organized. There is no doubt in the fact that it is one of the best resorts in Telangana.

place: Sagar Mahal Complex, Hyderabad
cost: Starting from 13570

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4. Grasswalk Resort

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One of the best resorts in Vikarabad to enjoy camping and stargazing. It has budget rooms as well as group rooms. Those who like to go out for a walk, can choose this resort. It organizes many outdoor activities such as BBQ facility, bird watching, fishing etc. It is surrounded by a beautiful forest. Enjoy nature and soak in the beauty of nature during your stay at this resort. This resort has a unique style of accommodation. They provide mobile camp stay with comfortable beds and lighting. It is surrounded by beautiful landscape and looks stunning with all the camp lights turned on at night.

There is no Wi-Fi or most of the amenities you would find in a luxurious resort. You can experience being with nature with basic amenities and facilities. There is a pool overlooking the beautiful forest. You can enjoy sunrise or sunset at this place. This place is suitable for single and group travelers. Not an ideal place for families with children.

place: Vikarabad, Telangana
cost: Starting from INR 2,000

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5. Hills and Valleys Resort

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This resort has a great place to spend your weekend with all the amenities and amenities. The resort offers many activities such as zip-lining, go-karts, hiking and other outdoor activities. Indoor games are also available for all age groups like carrom, darts, table tennis. The resort offers air conditioners as well as non-AC rooms. All cottages have en-suite bathrooms and necessary facilities. With each package, some outdoor activities are included.

The cottage does not have a TV, but has all seating and bedding. You can stay between nature and greenery for the weekend at this resort. Breakfast is free and you can enjoy BBQ facilities at this resort. Some cottages have full-size windows that give a beautiful view from the room. You will spend your time in the weekend amidst the quiet atmosphere.

place: Godumguda, Vikarabad, Telangana
cost: Starting from INR 1,400

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6. Dream Valley Resorts

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A beautiful resort that comes with many amenities, facilities and activities. It has a water park with water slides for all age groups. A fun area that is open all year. It provides many options for accommodation. You can choose ethnic cottages that are surrounded by lush green, executive rooms that overlook the water park, a dining area, and great atmosphere. Family rooms are the best option if you are living with children. Separate beds are available for children.

The private farmhouse has a kitchenette and luxuriously decorated rooms. They are surrounded by lush green gardens. This accommodation is suitable for group travelers or couples. Camping tents are the most budgeted accommodation that you can choose enough to fit 5 or 6 people. If you are looking for a great alternative then you can opt for Suite 16. They come with a private swimming pool and private dining area. The venue offers party venue, board room, kids play area, and more.

place: Chilkur X Road, Vikarabad, Telangana
cost: Starting from INR 2,987

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Spend a fun weekend with friends and family at one of these resorts in Telangana. They are best for corporate events, wedding events or any other event. They come with excellent facilities and facilities that make for a comfortable stay. So, if you are planning a holiday in Telangana, make sure that you stay at one of these habitats and have a comfortable stay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resorts in Telangana

Q. Which are the best resorts in Telangana?

a. Golconda Spa & Resort and Green Resorts in Anantagiri Hills are some of the best resorts in Telangana.

Q. Do all resorts in Telangana have free Wi-Fi?

a. Not all resorts provide free Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is not available at some resorts and camps. Only a handful of Wi-Fi are available for free.

Q. Which resorts provide the best hospitality in Telangana?

a. Golconda Spa and Resort and Lahiri Resorts are popular for their hospitality, royal amenities and amenities.

Q. Which resorts provide the best outdoor activities in Telangana?

a. Dream Valley Resort, Lahari, Alankrita Resorts, and Honey Berg Resorts are the best for their views, facilities and outdoor activities they provide.

Q. Which is the best romantic resort for couples in Telangana?

a. Celebrity Holiday Retreat, Palm Exotica, Honey Berg Resort, and Taramati Baradari Resort are the best for couples as they provide great ambience and serene settings.

Q. Which are the best nature resorts in Telangana?

a. The many resorts located in the Anantagiri hills provide the finest natural views of the hills and valleys. Harita Hill Resort is one of the best nature resorts in Telangana.

Q. Which are the highest budget resorts in Telangana?

a. Prithvi’s Songs, Button Eye Resort, Celebrity Holiday Retreat, and Summer Green Resort are some of the budget resorts in Telangana.

Q. Which are the most luxurious resorts in Telangana?

a. Golconda Resorts and Spas, Lahari and Trance Greenfield Resorts are among the most luxurious resorts in Telangana.

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