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6 Reasons To Choose Hardwood Floor

A wooden floor is a great option for repainting your home. Many design elements that a person selects will say a lot about them and their personal tastes and preferences. The flooring, the walls, the window treatments and the architecture all make a huge statement about the person or family who lives there. Here are 6 good reasons to select a wooden floor to decorate the interior of your home:

1) Classic: the wooden floor has existed for many hundreds of years. Some of the original Victorian structures, craftsman-style dwellings, or even primitive wooden huts for a long time sported wooden boards underfoot. Some people over the years have chosen to cover themselves completely or partially with rugs and carpets. Others like the appearance of bare wood without ornaments.

2) Green alternatives: it is possible to have this elegant and rich appearance without damaging any tree. Reclaimed lumber is a hot object thanks to its ecological compatibility. With recycled products, timber is collected from old warehouses, fences, whiskey barrels, pickles, signage and more. This existing wood is rejuvenated, finished and remodeled in planks. Any imperfections are bonuses because they tell historical stories of origin of the product. Fast-growing lumber such as bamboo has also become very popular thanks to the rapid replenishment that is possible.

3) Easy on allergies: carpet is a known culprit for aggravating allergies in individuals. Whether the allergic reactions come from the fibers of which the carpets are made, the chemicals in the support material or the glues or from the dust and debris that get trapped deep in the weft, they can be quite problematic. Wall-to-wall carpeting has escaped the favor of many who are prone to breathing difficulties and asthma.

4) Not stainable as carpets: a wooden floor can be finished again and again. It can be stripped and colored in dark, medium or light colors. If you pour a glass of wine on it, you can simply dry it. This is not the case with carpets or rugs. A stain on the carpet usually lasts forever, even if it vanishes after multiple scrub-downs and cleaners.

5) Softer than tiles: tiles are another popular flooring product that many select for its durability and easy cleaning. Many tiles are very difficult underfoot, however. Individuals who suffer from foot problems, hip pain, knee or back problems may find that many tile products are too hard on the joints. Timber offers more cushioning with every step an inhabitant takes.

6) Long life: wooden floors last a long time. With proper maintenance, finishing and loving care, a wooden board or parquet product can survive homeowners. The carpet often needs to be replaced every few years, but cherry, oak, pine or bamboo can very well be forever.

Whichever flooring is chosen it will have a great impact on the interior aspect of your home. The walls can be painted in any color or even upholstered for an individual declaration. Curtains, mini-shutters or plantation shutters can make a big difference in decorating with windows. A wooden floor can say a lot about the tastes of the home owners and complete the decor. There is a product available for all tastes and budgets.


by Aaliyah Arthur

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