6 Picnic Spots Near Vellore Every Traveler Needs To Visit In 2020!

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Vellore is one of the most important cities in Tamil Nadu, and is located in the northeastern part of the state. It is one of the most historically important cities in Tamil Nadu, as well as India, because the city has many basic architectural structures that will leave you stunned. This is why Vellore is commonly known as the “Fortress City”. Even though many people have been moved out of the city for the purpose of getting job opportunities or for treatment, it is also quite famous as a tourist destination. The city was ruled by many powerful rulers, including the Cholas, Pallavas, Rashtrakutas or even the British, there are many important historical sites.

But Vellore is not perfect for spending a day with her family along with many tourist destinations. In this blog, you are going to know about the places that will allow you to spend a day of fun, food and fun with your family amidst the beautiful natural beauty of Tamil Nadu.

But when you reach Vellore, you should see some famous sightseeing places like Vellore Fort, Sripuram Golden Temple, St. John’s Church, Periyar Lake, Viranjipuram Temple and much more. It is quite easy to reach Vellore as the nearest airport is located at Abdullapuram, and the nearest railway station is located there.

From both the above places, you will be able to easily rent a rental car, public transport and others. Vellore is a beautiful place to hang out with your family. If you are planning a trip there, do not forget to consult this blog, because after sightseeing, you will feel the need to relax for a day with your family. The places mentioned in the blog will be perfect for you at that time.

6 picnic spots near Vellore

The sites the blog includes are not far from Vellore. By getting a rented car from Vellore, you will be able to reach them easily. Most people visiting Vellore recommended these places.

1. Kagal Falls – 81 km from Vellore
2. Yelagiri – 94 km from Vellore
3. Pungnur Lake – 90 km from Vellore
4. Gingee Fort – 92 km from Vellore
5. Arcot – 24 km from Vellore
6. Amarthi Zoological Park – 27 km from Vellore

1. Kagal Falls

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Even though Kaigal Patan is located in Andhra Pradesh, due to its proximity to Gir, it can be reached from Vellore within three hours. The Kaigal waterfall is locally known as Dumukuralu waterfall, and is situated amidst the Kundinia Wildlife Sanctuary. Since the height of the waterfall is about 40 feet, you will be stunned by the water of the waterfall amidst the lush greenery of the forests situated there. It is one of the best picnic spots near Vellore as not only are the waterfalls beautiful, but the surrounding area will allow you to relax in peace with your family. To enjoy the falls completely, you should go there between June to October as the force of water will be quite high during that time.

The distance from Kagal to Vellore falls: 81 km

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2. Yelagiri

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Yelagiri is a hidden gem located in Tamil Nadu which is a grand hill station and is located three hours drive from Vellore. As the area is situated at an elevation of 3608 meters, you will be amazed to see the panoramic view of the area when you reach the topmost peak from there. Even though it would be perfect if you spend a few days in the quaint town of Yelagiri, you can also enjoy the day with your loved ones and return to Vellore on the same day. The deep greenery and beautiful weather of the surrounding mountains make it one of the most ancient places to have a picnic near Vellore. When you go there, you should also see other places there, as Jalgamaparai falls, orchids, and others.

Distance from Yelagiri to Vellore: 94 km

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3. Pungnur Lake

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Even though Pungnur lake is man-made, it is quite spectacular to see. It is the grandest picnic spot near Vellore due to its grand atmosphere and spectacular scenic view. As the area of ​​the lake is about 60 sq km, you can explore the entire area by taking a boat ride there. The lake looks even more beautiful as a magnificent fountain is located in the center of the lake. The lake is also found in the Yelagiri region of Tamil Nadu. You will have a wonderful day with your family due to the beauty of the city. Please get your lunch packed from your hotel or home, so that there can be a quaint little picnic.

Distance of Vellore from Pungnur Lake: 90 km

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4. Gingee Fort

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Gingee Fort is one of the most important historical forts in Tamil Nadu as it was built in the 16th century as the most impregnable fort in the country. If you are a history buff or have children in your family, then all of you will love Gingee Fort because of its fascinating history. The fort’s strong structure and blockage will shock you, and the area around the fort will calm you down. As soon as the fort closes at 4.30, you should go there early in the day because you have to see a lot there. Apart from the historical aspect, Gingee Fort is excellent as a picnic spot. But do not forget to bring a cap, sunglasses or sunscreen lotion with you while enjoying your day.

Distance of Vellore from Gingee Fort: 92 km

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5. Arcot

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Arcot is a beautiful city located quite close to Vellore and is situated by the Palar River. The city is so famous among tourists that it was not only the headquarters of the Nawab of Karnataka, but was ruled by many rulers including Marathas, Cholas, Nayaks and Pallavas. The Delhi Gate located there generates curiosity among tourists, and the Arco Fort surprises them considerably. If you go to hang out there with your friends, you will be able to have a nice picnic on the banks of the Palar River. As there are not many restaurants located there, it would help if you could bring your lunch with you.

Distance from Arcot to Vellore: 24 km

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6. Amirathi Zoological Park

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Located in an area of ​​about 25 hectares, Amirathi Zoological Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. Since it is located very close to Vellore, many people go there for a beautiful day from Vellore and have a picnic with their families. If you go there, you will be surprised how many waterfalls are there in the park and if you are lucky, you can see wild animals. The park has many rare species of birds, including red-headed parrots, eagles, ducks and many more.

Distance from Amruthi Zoological Park to Vellore: 27 km

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All the picnic spots near Vellore mentioned in the blog are quite spectacular and also quite famous as sightseers. If you are traveling there with your family, then you should go there to have a nice picnic with them. Preferably winter is the best time to enjoy a picnic in Tamil Nadu or any other states of South India. So when you are planning a holiday in Tamil Nadu then do not miss these enchanted picnic spots near Vellore.

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Frequently asked questions about picnic spots near Vellore

Q. What are the top picnic spots which are located near Vellore?

a. There are many places near Vellore where people go for a picnic with their friends and family. Some of them are Kaigal Falls, Yelagiri, Pungnur Lake, Gingee Fort, Arcot and many more.

Q. What is the distance between Kagal Falls and Vellore?

a. The total distance between the breathtakingly beautiful Kaigal Falls and Vellore is 100 km.

Q. Where is Yelagiri located in Tamil Nadu?

a. Yelagiri is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Tamil Nadu, located about 94 km from Vellore. You will be able to reach there within four hours from Vellore.

Q. When is the famous festival Ponga held in Kerala?

a. Pongal is one of the most famous festivals in Tamil Nadu which is held in the month of January every year.

Q. Which river flows through Arcot city near Vellore?

a. Arcot is located in Tamil Nadu by the magnificent river of Palar.

Q. How many days are right for the discovery of Vellore?

a. Since there are many tourist places in and around Vellore, it will take you at least two days to explore the city and a week to explore the entire region.

Q. What is the right time to visit Vellore?

a. You will be able to enjoy Vellore easily by going there between October to March.

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