6 Picnic Spots Near Goa Encompassing All We Need To Relax!

Goa is a beautiful state in the southwestern part of India and is known as an ideal place to experience nighttime culture and beach parties. You can see Portuguese influence on Goa’s architectural wonders, cuisine and homes. The place is full of amazing forts, beaches, museums and of course breathtaking landscapes. Not only Goa, but the places around it are equally beautiful and culturally rich. In fact, there are many Picnic spots near Goa The arts, culture, and places of relaxation are breathtaking and without much further ado, we should check out these awesome places!

6 picnic spots near Goa

Here are six of the most amazing picnic spots near Goa that will give you both leisure and promotion!

1. Bhimgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

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Bhimgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most interesting places to picnic near Goa! Known for its famous caves, streams, forests and amazing animals and birds, the sanctuary makes a great place for picnics with children, in particular. You can enjoy the songs of birds and see some rare birds like Velvet-fronted Nutch, Malabar Gray Hornbill, Imperial Pigeon, Emerald Pigeon.

place: Karnataka 591302
Distance: 63.4KM

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2. Karwar Beach

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Karwar beach is one of the most beautiful beaches, where not only can you relax in the soothing sands to the sound of the coast, but also indulge in fun water sports such as snorkeling and diving. On your picnic at this place, you can taste the delectable seafood sold in the stalls on the beach and also enjoy the major tourist attractions like the Nagnath Temple and the Dargah of Pir Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat.

place: Karwar Beach, Karnataka
Distance: 97.7KM

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3. Maulangi Eco Park

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Maulangi Eco Park is generally known as a serene place with an abundance of beauty and nature is the best to offer! It is surrounded by tall bamboo trees with a large forest area and is the best place for camper and adventure lovers. You can enjoy rock climbing in the park and enjoy the adventure! This place is more than just a park; It is a center of attraction with many species of nature and fauna and consider it their home!

place: Maulangi, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325
Distance: 122.6KM

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4. Sindhudurg Fort

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The Sindhudurg Fort is a historical place surrounded by the boundless Arabian Sea and it is said that the fort was built by the Maratha people for war and fighting. The main attraction of this place is that it is lush with beautiful and tall coconut trees and you will not be able to get enough breathtaking vistas! There are some temples inside the fort like Devi Bawani, Lord Hanuman and Jarimari and we are sure that you will enjoy a picnic in this fort with family and friends!

place: Malvan, Maharashtra 416606
Distance: 139.5KM

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5. Sadashivgarh Fort

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Sadashivgarh Fort was built in 1715 AD by the Basavalinga king of Sonda and named after his father by the Sadashilinga king. The 600 year old Shantadurga Temple is located inside the fort and attracts many tourists from different parts of the country. If you visit this fort, you will be able to catch a breathtaking sunset and also see the bridge of Kali River.
place: Sadashivgarh, Karwar, Karnataka 581352
Distance: 90.1KM

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6. Eye waterfall

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Netrawali waterfall is also known for Savari waterfall. It is one of the best waterfalls near Goa, and is located under the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. The water of this fall is clean and clear and you can enjoy watching the fish swimming as you can be fascinated by the beauty around that place. You can trek to the waterfall with your friends and collect many wonderful memories there!

place: Netravali, Goa 511
Distance:141.5 KM

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Traveling and exploring various places in the world never disappoints anyone, and these picnic spots near Goa prove that the journey is to lose oneself amidst nature and to represent oneself to the calling of the world ! You can take your friends and close ones together and make a good day out of exploring the spots and have fun as you are planning your amazing trip to Goa soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Picnic Spots Near Goa

Q. Which are the best places near Goa for a picnic?

a. The best places to visit near Goa Adarsh ​​for picnic are:
– Dandeli
– Mahabaleshwar
– Chorla Ghat
– Gokarna
– Yelapur
– Malvana

Q. When is the best time to visit picnic spots near Goa?

a. The best time to plan a picnic near Goa is between November and March when the weather is pleasant and the sky is clear.

Q. Are any hill stations near Goa ideal for picnics?

a. Yes, some of the best hill stations near Goa where you can plan a picnic:
– Chorla Ghat
– Amboli
– Agumbe
– Panchgani
– Rajmachi
– Kudremukh

Q. Which hotels are located near Goa?

a. The best hotels near Goa are:
– Sagar Sangam, Malvan
– Hotel Renuka Palace, Sawantwadi
– Hotel Durwankur, Amboli
– Samanta Beach Resorts, Malvan
– Vasant Vihar Beach Home, Tarakali

Q. Is the Maulangi Eco Park in Dandeli open every day?

a. Yes, Maulangi Eco Park is open to tourists every day from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

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