6 low-cost home security devices for 2020

House invasions often harm your sense of security more than your treasured possessions. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you might only have a handful of possessions worth stealing at all. However, security is priceless and for a long time home security devices and systems have benefited from this fact, billing hundreds or thousands of dollars after monthly monitoring fees.

Fortunately, things have changed. “”The era of the $ 200 security camera is over“According to my colleague Megan Wollerton. Safety equipment of all kinds – including detectors, lights, contact sensors, and other systems that don’t require professional installation – are getting cheaper by the day. And that means you can keep your home and everything in it safe and your bank account healthy.

Check out these cheap home security devices, including door and window sensors, security cameras, and motion detectors, many of which are often available for less than $ 20. These affordable home security options, security kits, and smart home devices can help keep your home secure and give you peace of mind when you are away.

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One of the most obvious deterrents to potential intruders is an occupied house. Throw some smart lights in your kitchen, living room, or porch, schedule them to turn on at certain times during the night, and you’ll instantly make your home less attractive to the more skittish thief.

One of the most wallet-friendly options: the Wyze lightbulb. You can buy one for $ 8 or four for $ 30 – not too much more than a regular LED bulb. These cheap home security devices connect directly to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled from your mobile device using the Wyze mobile app. These lights are perfect for planning and forgetting about your app.

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While we’re talking about affordable deterrence, it might be worth considering mock cameras as part of your security kit. Especially with larger properties where you want to cover a lot of floor space without breaking the bank, fake surveillance cameras can make your home look like a gated development at an affordable price. You can order a 4-pack of dummy cameras here for under $ 20.

Of course, deterrence will only get you this far with a fake security camera. If a burglar breaks into your home, you still want an alarm system – either some kind of alarm monitoring device or a motion detector – to alert you of the violation. Check out our list of the best home security cameras, including Arlo Pro and more.

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Tips Clear’s Megan Wollerton pointed out, “The era of the $ 200 security camera is over.” These days, you can find cheap security cameras for less than $ 30 – yes, that cheap – that actually have most of the high-end models’ smart and wireless security equipment features, including night vision, two-way communication, and a motion sensor with AI people detection. Wyze Cam is the most wallet-friendly smart Wi-Fi camera and offers free person notifications for your Wyze app, 14 days of cloud storage and an SD card slot if you want to record continuously. This Wi-Fi security camera is pretty incredible for its affordable price. Read our Wyze Cam review.

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If you are less concerned about recording certain rooms and are more interested in monitoring the entrances to your home, the security sensor kit may be a cheaper solution for you. Wyze is the security firm taking the cake here again, with a $ 20 security kit that includes a bridge (that connects to the Wyze WiFi camera and helps the devices communicate), two-door / window sensors, and a motion sensor.

Even for the price, this security kit is a solid deal. For a small apartment or if you just monitor your front and back doors, these smart home security kit devices can provide you with super cheap motion detection – without professional surveillance with poor customer service or a false alarm. Read more about Wyze Sense.

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A relatively new addition to the Echo feature set, Alexa Guard can help you keep an ear (or some far-field microphones) in your house when you’re not around. An Echo Dot, which you can buy for $ 25 quite often, is the cheapest way to get Alexa Guard into your home. However, if you already have an Echo, this monitoring service is completely free and can be set up through the Alexa mobile app.

Just say “Alexa, I’m going” to turn the feature on. Then your echo will listen for broken glass, alarms or the sound of people moving around your house (it can differentiate between pets and humans) – and you will receive a mobile alert when it hears something. Read our Echo Dot with Clock review.

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It can be difficult for tenants to increase their home security as it can be a hassle to install – especially when it comes to smart bolts. So if you want to add a bit of security to your door locks without saving a lot of hassle or money, consider a retrofit lock like this one.

Devices like this, while not offering Wi-Fi connectivity, still offer clever ways to add another barrier to bypassing burglars, which means a little peace and quiet for the fearful homeowner. And while there aren’t any bells and whistles of a smart lock (like a control panel or burglar alarm), it’s portable so you can take it with you when you stay at a hotel or Airbnb. Read more about smart locks.

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