6 Inviting Cottages In Chail That Offer A Great Stay In 2020

Just 2 kilometers from Shimla, you have one of the most amazing sights that offers an aggressive experience and is the highest cricket ground in the world. Yes, we are talking about Chail. If Shimla is known as the summer capital of the British, Chail is known as the summer capital of the royal families of the princely state of Patiala. Chail is now a beautiful hill station, situated at an elevation of 2250 meters above sea level, for a perfect mountain. Chail, situated at such a height, is a paradise for hikers, who love the spectacular views of the lower Himalayan ranges. The grasslands and cedar tree trees are still preserved with succulent greens to ban driving vehicles in the center. Strolling on those mountain slopes you can puffing for more air, but would still like to continue it. He is the challenge for you. But that is not all. There are some really beautiful ones too Cottage in Chail Which will make your stay a pleasant experience.

6 top cottages in Chail

Chail has found the perfect cottage to enjoy a wonderful holiday with families and friends. It provides an excellent home away from home and your stress-filled office. The lush green meadows and breathtaking views of the Himalayas will fascinate all tourists, be it domestic or international tourists.
Chail is surrounded by accommodation in a full range of price ranges – from a simple home to a luxury villa. You will be spoiled by the range of options. So, here are the top cottages for your next memorable holiday in Chile.

1. Living Stone Chail

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The Living Stone Chail is more suitable for longer stays, as they have a fully equipped kitchen with fridges, a nice hall with flat screen TVs. With a children’s playground, it is one of the most sought after high end cottages in Chail. Start your day with a buffet breakfast.

Know: Living Stone, Chail Village Duno, Near Maple Resorts, Chail- Kandaghat Road, 173217 Chail, India

Price / night: Starts at 8000 INR per night for a family.

Features: Free parking, lounge

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2. Mountain View Resort

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Just 60 km from Shimla Airport, this resort has airport shuttle facilities and is one of the popular cottages in Chail due to its facilities. The resort is a venue that is very popular for skiing and cycling. The resort has rooms with spectacular mountain views. Along with ATM and valet parking, it also provides currency exchange facility at the resort. Enjoy the day with a continental breakfast, rent a bike and have all the fun you can from this resort. If you want to have fun with friends with a barbecue, then a useless resort.

Know: Village Mahog PO, Chail Tehsil, Kandaghat District, Solan (HP), 173217 Chail, India

Price / night: Starts at 8000 INR per night for a family.

Features: Free parking, bike ride, horse riding

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3. Treehouse Chail Villa

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Situated 37 km from Shimla, this villa has a great location for tourists visiting Chail with a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains, which attracts many tourists and makes it one of the top cottages in Chail. Next to the villa, you can find apple and peach orchards. Start the day fresh with a natural trial filled with juicy green, wild roses and oaks. The villa has an excellent opportunity for thrilling adventures such as crossing the valley with a view of the leopard and the Chail Sanctuary.

Know: Hilltop, Village Maujha, Bhalwag Pargana, Jahi, Sub Tehsil Janga, Distt. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh – 173217

Price / night: Starts at INR 7000 per night for a family.

Features: Free parking, bike rental, adventure tourism

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4. Maple Resorts

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Looking for a beautiful view of the Himalayas? The head to this small piece of paradise offers inspiration of natural beauty with a spectacular view of the white snow-capped mountains. While you are here, do not miss visiting Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to sambar, goral and barking deer. The sanctuary is just 10 km from the resorts.

Know: Vill. Dunu, Chail Road, Shimla – 173217

Price / night: A night starts at INR 6000 per family.

Features: Free parking, indoor games, walking and hiking tour

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5. Mint Tarika Resorts

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A home away from home in the lap of the beautiful mountains, Mint Tarika Resort is one of the grand cottages at Chail. The forests and lush green nature surrounding this hut make your stay very enjoyable. Cricket fans, don’t forget that you are just 4 km from the highest cricket ground in the world. The resort boasts of its hot water swimming pool and spa lounge. SPA Lounge not only provides a relaxing Ayurvedic massage, but also has a gym for your personal workout.

At night, enjoy the house with a discotheque entertained with amazing music.

Know: Blossom, 171226 Chail, India

Price / night: Starting from INR 6000 per night for a family.

Features: Free parking, pool and table tennis

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6. Fern Hill Resort

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The Fern Hill Resort has more than two dozen rooms most of which have a spectacular valley view and is one of the most famous cottages in Chail. A fun-filled party or looking for friends together? Look no further, you have a meadow at the resort that can accommodate around 100 people. The resort is well suited for the family as they have various options for children to play including put table, table tennis, chess. If children are fond of outdoor activity, they have mountain biking. The resort also has a jungle trekking for guests and nature walks. After all the paths, relax in yoga and wellness camps.

Know: Village Kano, Blossom Hill Chail, Gaura Road, Chail, Kandaghat Tehsil 173217 India

Price / night: A night starts at INR 5000 for a family.

Features: Free parking, bike rental, indoor games and activities.

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Staying in a cottage, especially when you are in a lush green paradise, is something you should not miss. Next time you plan a trip to Chail, don’t forget to book one of the top cottages above in Chail. Get ready, summer vacation is fast approaching, book your hut and look for a much needed break in Chail!

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Frequently asked questions about the cottages in Chail

Q. How expensive are private cottages in Chail?

a. These cottages are available in a wide range of prices. You can find something for a few thousand in response to 5000 INR. There are some luxury cottages that have high end rooms for over 10,000 INR.

Q. What is your recommendation for a good cottage for a family with two children?

a. My recommendation would be Living Stone Chail Cottage and Mint Tarika Resort. The value for money these cottages offer is simply mind-blowing.

Q. Can it snow in Chail?

a. Absolutely. If you want to play in snow, the best season to visit is in the months of December, January and February. Snowfall is a regular occurrence in these months.

Q. How can you reach the resorts in Chail?

a. The best way is to travel by train. The nearest railway station is Kandaghat railway station which is 24 km from the destination, and from there rent a taxi.

Q. What are the most common activities to try in Chail?

a. Chail has the highest cricket ground in the world and is surrounded by the most beautiful temples and palaces.

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