6 Hill Stations Near Vijayawada One Should Not Miss Visiting

Many different gems are being discovered in the historic city of Vijayawada. From the caves of the ancients to the old temples, the old world charm of the city is almost magnetic. At the same time, Vijayawada is also the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Historically, the city has held an important place in the trade and business landscape of the region and is still known as the “commercial capital of Andhra Pradesh” even today. Although the city has a lot of witness and experience, we want to get your attention Hill stations near Vijayawada Which are picturesque places with vibrant cultures.

6 Hill Station near Vijayawada

Whether you are going to Vijayawada for business or for vacation, if you have extra days to kill, consider one of the following hill stations in the vicinity of Vijayawada:

1. Nallamala Hills – 183 km from Vijayawada
2. Papikondalu – 60 km from Vijayawada
3. Rajahmundry – 161 km from Vijayawada
4. Prolonged – 329 km from Vijayawada
5. Horsley Hills – 510 km from Vijayawada
6. Araku Valley – 427 km from Vijayawada

1. Nallamala Hills

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Nallamala HIlls is one of the most popular hill stations in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from being part of one of the largest tiger reserves in India, the Nallamala Hills are also home to several important temples.

To add to their intrigue, the Nallamala HIlls have been formed as a result of ancient volcanic activity, evident in the unique rock formations found in the area. Many districts of the state have hilly terrain and are home to many famous hiking and trekking trails.

Distance from Vijayawada: 183 km
places of interest: Srisailam, Alampur, Umamaheswaram, Kumbum Lake, Ahobilam
Best Time to Visit: October to January

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2. Papikondalu

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Due to the beauty of the Godavari river, Papikondalu is an ultimate feast for the eyes. The Godavari river cuts between the Papi Hills, creating a scene resembling a woman’s middle hair. In fact, Papikondalu was originally named as Pedikondalu, where “pedi” translates to a woman’s hair split in Telugu.

Papikondalu is also popular for hiking trails on Papi Hills, which are extremely popular among local trekking and hiking enthusiasts.

Distance from Vijayawada: 60 km
places of interest: Papi Hills, Godavari River Cruise, Gandhi Pochamma Temple
Best Time to Visit: October to March

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3. Rajahmundry

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Situated in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry is a place where abundance of natural beauty is found. Scenic waterfalls, rich forests, a real collection of flora and fauna are some of the things that make Rajahmundry one of the most prized gems of Andhra Pradesh.

The area is also known as a myriad of medicinal plant species that have been used in local medicine for centuries.

Distance from Vijayawada: 161 km
places of interest:Poluru Waterfalls, Manam Viewpoint, Sokularu Varu Viewpoint, Jalantrangiri Waterfall, Rampa Waterfall
Best Time to Visit:November to February
Place of stay: Parnasal Principality, Hotel Jagadeshwari, Laven Hotel

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4. Prolonged

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Lambasingi is perhaps the coldest place in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Considered the only place in the state to receive snowfall, Lambasingi is often referred to as the “Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh”, and rightly so.

The area is gifted with unmatched views flowing with natural beauty, as well as a chilly vibe in the air. Home to lush green forests, wide pepper plantations, waterfalls and surreal landscapes, Lambasingi has all the ingredients that a hill-hill hill station has.

Distance from Vijayawada: 329 km
places of interest:Kothapalli Falls, Thanjangi Reservoir, Yerwaram Falls, Jijansa Falls
Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
things to do: Tourism, Trekking, Camping, Araku Valley
Place of stay: Treebo Trend MVP Grand, Grand Kakinada, Fortune in Sri Kanya

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5. Horsley Hills

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While Horsley Hills is a bit far from Vijayawada, if you have time, this magical destination is worth the drive. Situated at an elevation of 4312 meters, this hill station is gifted not only with some spectacular views and river banks, but also some of the most important relics of local biodiversity.

In addition to the abundant natural beauty in the form of forest-covered hills and springs, the Horsley Hills are home to the planet’s oldest eucalyptus tree and the largest banyan tree. The hills are also home to an astonishing 113 species of birds.

Distance from Vijayawada: 510 km
places of interest:Horsley Hills Top Point, Horsley Hills View Point, Whisper Winds Viewpoint, Enugu Mallamma Temple, Horsley Hills Zoo
Best Time to Visit: December to March
things to do: Take away your worries, witness the majestic wind rocks, go camping

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6. Araku Valley

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Another hill station which may be a little away from Vijayawada, but still worth visiting Araku Valley. The famous hill station is home to several tribes and museums dedicated to tribal art. A favorite weekend getaway among the locals, there are many adventure sports including trekking and swimming in the Araku Valley.

Distance from Vijayawada: 427 km
places of interest: Borra Caves, Charpai Falls, Anantagiri Waterfalls, Coffee Museum, Karthiki Waterfalls
things to do: Hiking, camping and bird watching, digging in the past
Place of stay: Balaji Hotel, Haritha Valley Resort, Punamani Yatri Niwas

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Andhra Pradesh often gets unnoticed tourists. Enjoying rich hill stations thriving with natural beauty and an abundance of flora and fauna, the hill stations located near Vijayawada offer travelers a unique opportunity to enjoy their peace before the rush of tourists begins to flood Go Explore these beautiful hill stations for a memorable trip. Andra Pradesh.

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Frequently asked questions about hill stations near Vijayawada

Q. What is the best time to travel to Andhra Pradesh?

a. Andhra Pradesh experiences pleasant weather during the winter months and thus, visiting the state between the months of November and March is ideal.

Q. How do I reach Vijayawada?

a. Vijayawada is connected through a complex network of bus routes operated by government and privately owned bus services. For the rest of the region, walking in an autorickshaw is a popular option.

Q. What is the best way to reach Araku Valley from Vijayawada?

a. The best way to reach Araku Valley is to travel by train. Several trains operate between the two cities. Travelers can choose the option that best suits their schedule and reach the Araku Valley in just nine short hours. The most preferred route is to take a train to Visakhapanam and change to the Vistadome train which takes a scenic route to reach the Araku Valley in just five hours.

Q. Is it safe to drive from Papakondalu to Vijayawada?

a. Yes, it is safe to drive from Papikondalu to Vijayawada. The route is well maintained and one would want to let off some steam in the hills during a week-long holiday, often by large crowds from Vijayawada.

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