6 Handpicked Beaches Near Dwarka Which Every Traveler Must Visit!

When people think of Dwarka, they imagine a place filled with ancient temples that are sacred to the people of Hinduism. Though they are not mistaken, Dwarka has much more than the sacred temples and monuments. The city is located 450 km from Gujarat Ahmedabad and 225 km from Rajkot. Known as the home of Lord Krishna, the history of this city of Gujarat is embedded in the ancient history of India. The original city of Dwarka is believed to have sunk into the sea, but nothing has been scientifically proven. But beyond this, the ancient city also has something beyond history. Dwarka has some spectacular beaches that travelers can explore when visiting Gujarat.

6 beaches near Dwarka

Here are some of the best beaches near Dwarka, which are a must visit when they are planning a holiday full of relaxation.

1. Chorwad Beach

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Chorwad Beach is a famous beach located in Gujarat that has a royal heritage. The Nawabs of Junagadh had previously owned it as the beach was located close to Chorwad Mahal. The palace has now been converted into a five-star resort that accommodates tourists for a spectacular getaway. The reason behind the popularity of the beach is the magnificent view of the palace amidst the magnificent sea. Young couples or fledgling couples often visit the site as it offers tourists a unique combination of history and natural beauty. Although you will not find a hotel to spend a few nights apart from Junagadh Palace, you can go to the beach from Somnath and return to your hotel within a few hours.

How to reach Chorwad Beach: Chorwad beach is located 70 km from Junagadh and 20 km from Veraval. Due to the presence of Veraval railway station you can easily reach there via trains. You can also use an aircraft as Keshod Airport is located at a distance of 35 km from the beach.

Distance from Dwarka: 200 km

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2. Jamnagar Beach

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Jamnagar beach is located near Balachari, one of the most beautiful beaches near Dwarka and is hidden from tourist due to its secluded location. There are not many people who visit the beach regularly due to lack of hotels near the beach. However the beach is close to a popular resort, where there is a golf course. The beach is often used as a golf course. The Jamnagar beach is known to have a historical significance in India. Jam Digvijay Singh, the creator of Jamnagar, saved 1400 Polish people from the invasion of the Germans from this beach during 1942. The German ship arrived in India after sailing for several days, and she provided them food, shelter, water and helped with their finances. This beach was where the camp was settled, and it is still known in the history books around the world. If you go there, you have to stay in Balachari to go to the beach, because there are no hotels there.

How to reach Jamnagar Beach: The nearest railway station from Jamnagar beach is located at Balachari, and from there, you can find many trains which are connected to Ahmedabad. Or, you can avail a flight to get there from the nearest airport which is located 10 km from the beach.

Distance from Dwarka: 8 km

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3. Bayt Dwarka Beach

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Beyt Dwarka is located in Dwarka in Gujarat also known as Beyt Sankhodhar. It is a small island which has great historical significance. Prior to the development of Okha, it was the beach that was responsible for trade and shipping to Gujarat. It was an essential place for the state. For religious people, this site is important because Dwarka is considered to be the home of Lord Krishna. The beach is located quite close to Dwarka and can be reached from Okha port. If you go there, you can visit the Shri Krishna Temple which was built 500 years ago and is located 15 minutes walk from the beach. Another important site located near the beach is Hanuman Temple which is located at a distance of 5 km from the temple. You will be able to see other famous places like Haji Kirmani Pir, Kacharyu and a Gurudwara.

How to reach Bayt Dwarka Beach: You can approach there via trains or planes as the nearest railway station to the beach is located in Dwarka, and from there you will find many connecting travelers to Ahmedabad, Jamnagar and many other places. If you are planning to travel via planes, you can go to Jamnagar which is located 137 km from the beach as the airport is out there.

Distance from Dwarka: 34 km

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4. Mandvi-Kutch Beach

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Mandvi-Kutch beach is among the top hit Bollywood movies of all time like Lagaan or Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The beach is not only picturesque and mesmerizing, but it also has historical significance. The site was a major trading and shipping port long before the development of Mumbai and long before India’s independence. It was the major port of Gujarat. You would be surprised to know how trade was possible during a time when technology was not so advanced. If you go there, you can spend a wonderful time there as there are not only the beaches but also other attractions of Mandvi. You can see the shipbuilding area or visit the Rukmavati river for the beauty of Kutch. The site also has a number of markets where you can find clothing materials that have binding designs, and you can also be witness to the process of developing a garment. You will be surprised to see the houses there because each of them is beautifully designed and has European designs.

How to reach Mandvi-Kutch: Mandvi-Kutch beach can be approached through rental taxis and buses as it is connected to Bhuj only. You can often take a jeep or a bus from Bhuj to visit Kutch.

Distance from Dwarka: 75 km

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5. Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

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Ahmedpur Mandvi beach is beautiful and secluded at the same time as it is not known to many people. The beach is located quite close to the island of Diu, and if you come to Ahmedpur Mandvi beach you will be able to visit Diu. If you go there, you will be able to see strong Portuguese influence in the houses there. The beach is also great for adventure enthusiasts as there are many water sports activities available in which you can participate. Otherwise, for all the comfort-loving people out there, you can catch a cold on the beach as it is clean and offers a beautiful view. The nearby fishing villages are also quite interesting.

How to reach Ahmedpur Mandvi beach: Ahmedpur Mandvi beach is quite well connected to major cities of Gujarat, namely Somnath and Junagadh. The beach is located at a distance of 79 km to the east and 25 km from the latter. If you want to travel via trains, you can avail any train from Veraval as Veraval railway station is located at a distance of 6 km from Somnath.

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6. Dwarka Beach

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Dwarka Beach is situated by the Rukmani River and is extremely beautiful. Apart from the natural beauty, this place is religiously important to the people of the Hindu population around the world. Not only Dwarka is called the kingdom of Lord Krishna, but it was established thousands of years ago. You will be able to see some carvings and sculptures that have been made between the 17th and 19th centuries from the birth of Christ. You will find most of the religious and historical sites quite close to the beach. Apart from archaeological siteing, you can also visit Bet Dwarka with the help of jetty from Okha. You will be able to see many exotic fish and birds there.

How to reach Dwarka Beach: Dwarka can be approached quite easily through road, rail and aircraft. It has a railway station which is very efficiently connected to major cities of Gujarat. If you want to travel by airplane, you can avail Jamnagar Airport which is located 137 km from the beach.

Distance from Dwarka: 2 kilometers

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All the beaches mentioned in the above list are excellent and amazingly beautiful. Although they may not be supremely famous among tourists around the world, those who went to see them chose to travel again. Now Gujarat Tourism Department has started action to beautify the beaches to increase tourism in the state. So, spend your next holiday in one of the beaches near Dwarka to enjoy with your loved ones while enjoying a holiday in Gujarat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beaches near Dwarka

Q. Which districts of Gujarat have sea coast?

a. As you already know, India has the widest coastline in the entire Gujarat. So Gujarat has many districts with beaches, including Kutch, Jamnagar, Nadiad Anand, Vadodara, Bharuch, Valsad, Surat, and many more.

Q. Which sea is connected to Gujarat?

a. Gujarat, located in the Arabian Sea, and the oceanic seas are located only along the sea.

Q. Which beaches are famous near Dwarka, Gujarat?

a. Many beaches are located near Dwarka in Gujarat, such as Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach, Nagoa Beach, Chorwad Beach, Dwarka Beach, and many more.

Q. Where is Mandvi beach located?

a. The famous Mandvi beach is located in the state of Ahmedabad in Gujarat and is extremely popular among tourists from all over the world.

Q. How can one reach Ahmedpur Mandvi beach?

a. Ahmedpur Mandvi beach is located at a distance of 79 km from Somnath. You can easily reach there via trains. The nearest railway station to Somnath is Veraval railway station which is located 6 km from Somnath.

Q. Which tourist attractions are located in Bayt Dwarka?

a. Bayat Dwarka is not only known for its beaches, but also some other tourist attractions, including the Sri Krishna Temple, which was built 500 years ago and also the Hanuman Temple, holds an important importance in the history of India.

Q. How can one reach Dwarka Beach in Gujarat?

a. Dwarka has a railway station that connects Ahmedabad via trains. The distance between Dwarka and Ahmedabad railway station is 471 km. The nearest airport to Dwarka beach is Jamnagar which is 137 km away. You can reach there easily by train or plane.

Q. What is the appropriate time to visit Gujarat?

a. If you go there between November to February, you will be able to see Gujarat comfortably.

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