6 Finest Hotels In Alberta For Your Canada Holiday In 2020

The picturesque sights, captivating vibes, sparkling culture, and twinkling make a great mix of all these traits make for an ideal destination for the holidays. And if there is one place that represents all of these, it will be none other than the stunning province of Alberta in Canada. Combining some of Canada’s most attractive national parks, including Jasper National Park and Bainf National Park, Alberta is like a paradise for tourists who love migrating to exotic places on Earth. And if you are planning a grand and luxurious stay in this part of Canada, you will get nothing better from the following Hotels in Alberta For a memorable tour.

6 Best Hotels in Alberta

Choose from these awesome options for a relaxing and memorable stay in Alberta, which lets you explore this city easily. Find both budget and luxury options here.

1. Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

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This ancient and luxurious hotel is located in Edmonton, Alberta, and is certainly one of the best hotels in Alberta. This timeless masterpiece has provided a mixed service with impeccable services and amazing privileges to tourists and visitors from all over the world. The aesthetic appeal of the place never feels outdated, and if you want a unique place to stay in one of Alberta’s most luxurious hotels, this is the place. With the historical and old style of this hotel, you get all the necessary facilities. The gorgeous and vintage pattern of the furniture in the rooms is extremely amazing, and you will definitely nurture the vibrancy of this enchanted space. Thus, the list of the top 10 hotels in Alberta would certainly include the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald.

Best Table: Free Wi-Fi, bar or lounge, gym facilities, pets allowed
Nearest attraction: Alberta Aviation Museum, Alberta Legislature Grounds, Devonian Botanical Garden

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2. Stars Inn Hotel

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This prestigious and respected hotel is located in Leduc, Alberta, and is only 2 km from Edmonton International Airport. The grace and timeless luxury of this hotel is unparalleled, and thus, it is considered one of the most famous hotels in Alberta. Embedded with the grand interiors, which is the attraction of this hotel, you will definitely feel like staying in the “Royal Palace”. The facilities this hotel provides are extremely incredible, and will have you with all the privileges, including a jacuzzi, swimming pool, fitness center, a virtual golf course and a luxurious cafe and lounge. Thus, if you are looking for ideal hotels in Alberta, Stars Inn Hotel should top your priority list.

Best Table: Swimming pool, cafe, bar, free Wi-Fi, virtual golf course, fitness center, jacuzzi
Nearest attraction: Rabbit Hill Snow Mountain Rope Tow, Edmonton Research Park, Devonian Botanic Gardens

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3. Moose Hotel & Suites

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Located in Banff Avenue, Alberta, this majestic hotel immerses you in a home stay with its top notch facilities and privileges. With the picturesque backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the abstract essence of this place just rises to a whole new level. The humility of the staff will make you feel at your “second home”. For a delightful dining experience, enjoy exotic Italian food in your restaurant that boasts perfection in all dishes. The rooms are quite spacious, and they give guests a rustic feel. Pets are also allowed here and you can also refresh yourself by taking a dip in the pool. There is a grand bar where you can have the most refreshing drinks. Considering these impeccable facilities and services, it is considered one of the best hotels in Alberta.

Best Table: Swimming pool, bar, pets allowed, free Wi-Fi, spa
Nearest attraction: Banff Park Museum, Cascade, The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

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4. Wingate from Wyndham Calgary Airport

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This sophisticated hotel located in northeast Calgary is one of the most famous hotels in Alberta. Uninspired interiors, stunning facilities and heartwarming hospitality define the grandeur of the place. The rooms are extremely spacious and equipped with the most stylish furniture and cabinets. The hotel also has free Wi-Fi, fitness center, spa facilities, shuttle service and other facilities. There are various amazing places around this hotel, which will fill your heart with excitement and happiness.

Best Table: Swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, spa, fitness center
Nearest attraction: Harvest Hills Golf Course, Fourth Street, Calgary Zoo Botanical Garden Park

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5. Union Bank Inn

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Located in Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, you will not find a better value for money prospect than this hotel. It may not be among the best looking hotels in Alberta, but the amenities it offers are certainly breathtaking. The interior of the hotel feels luxurious and royal, and you will definitely be overwhelmed by the sophisticated essence of this enchanted hotel. The impeccable execution of the hotel design and pattern classifies Ojes charm and all senses. The rooms have lavish furniture and queen-size beds that give you a luxurious stay. It is definitely one of the most luxurious hotels in Alberta, where the architecture, atmosphere, accommodation, almost everything is perfect, everything is designed with precision and absolute accuracy.

Best Table: Delectable food, fitness center, bar and restaurant
Nearest attraction: Edmonton City Center Mall, Alberta Art Gallery, Edmonton Symphony

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6. Hotel Click Calgary Airport

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Located only one mile from Calgary Airport, this stunning hotel is known for its impressive services and beautiful decor. The Roshan Hotel, in all its glory, starts jaw dropping at night. The hotel mesmerises with its pleasing atmosphere, and the place definitely feels grand and classy from every corner. Hotel rooms are embedded with multi-colored lighting themes, which raise the standard of your stay to a new level. It has a bar and a luxurious restaurant where you can have excellent cuisine and fresh drinks. In addition, there is a stunning restaurant, which is full of cuisine. The ultra-modern facilities and serene atmosphere of this hotel is definitely one of the best hotels in Alberta.

Best Table: Bar, Restaurant, Shuttle Service, Jacuzzi, Fitness Center
Nearest attraction: Harvest Hills Golf Course, Aero Space Museum

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These are the best hotels available in the province of Alberta that guarantee you a royal trip to Canada. They provide a luxurious experience for all luxury seekers and transform their stay into a royal saga. By staying at these hotels in Alberta, you will have a lot of memories to go back to!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels in Alberta

Q. Which is the most luxurious hotel in Calgary?

a.Hotel Click Calgary Airport is considered one of Calgary’s most luxurious and luxurious hotels.

Q. Which hotel offers the best food in Alberta?

a.It is said that Moose Hotel and Suites at Banff Avenue in Alberta has the most delectable selection of dishes with impeccable quality. The Pakini Italian restaurant here serves some of the best Italian food.

Q. Which is the nearest hotel to Calgary Airport?

a.Hotel Clique Calgary Airport is only 2 km from Calgary Airport.

Q. Which hotels in Alberta provide the best facilities?

a.Stars INN Hotel in Leduc, Alberta, offers the best facilities in Alberta, including a swimming pool, café and bar, free Wi-Fi, virtual golf course, fitness center, and jacuzzi.

Q. Which hotel offers the best nearby attractions?

a. The Moose Hotel & Suites located on Bano Avenue offers the best nearby tourist destinations, including the Banff Park Museum, the Cascades and the White Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

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