6 Effective and Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Fast At Home

Different Exercises to Reduce the belly fast at home

belly fat fast crunches ballEXCERCISES

Slim and slender body is the common desire among women. We all want to look sexy and toned. But due to our diet and lack of physical activities, we are unable to maintain a fit and slim body. Either meals at Fancy restaurants or spicy street food, we all are big fond of junk food. Those extra calories do not digest and contribute as fat on your body. Belly fat is that same kind of fats which are visible on the belly area. That extra loose skin is the effect of improper diet and workouts. Improper diet consist junk food like pizza, pasta, fries, burger and other tempting dishes offered in the marketplace.

Our body needs upto 2000 calories in a day which can be contracted by eating small meals with fresh veggies and fruits and no or less junk. You do not need to adopt a strict diet to shed those extra inches from your stomach area. Just follow the right exercises to achieve your dream body.

Top Exercises to Reduce the belly fast at home

Today I am sharing the best exercises to lose belly fat quickly. Moreover, you may also try yoga poses for flat tummy and toned body


reduce belly fat fast bicycling

Cycling is a cardio vascular exercise that improves fitness and stamina. It also boosts the energy levels of body and induces fast weight loss. It strengthens the leg muscle and increases flexibility. Furthermore, it mainly works on the belly and leg area. The movement in cycling burns calories faster. To get a flat belly, Ride a bicycle for 45 minutes daily and loose your belly fat in few weeks. This will be the easiest exercises that can be tried at home to reduce belly fat fast.


The most oldest and common exercise is “running” that improves metabolism and develops good immune system. It strengthens the bones and joints and allows oxygen to pass in the body. It also increases the stamina and muscle mass in the body. Try running in early morning around 6-7 am to get best results. Don’t forget wearing sport shoes for running and don’t skip warm up before starting any exercise. This will shed those extra kilos/pounds off the body.


reduce belly fat fast crunches

This is the best exercise to reduce belly fat at home with simple means. Crunches mainly works on abdominal muscles and burn fats around the belly. It also helps in long breathing that gives relaxation to the mind and heart.

Basic crunch:

Place a mat on the floor and lie on your back with your knees bent. Put your hands behind your head and fold your hands together. Hold your elbows slightly in.

Now pull your abdomen inwards and inhale. Go back pull your back backside and slowly exhale.

Repeat it for 10 times and 5 sets daily.

Ball crunch:

reduce belly fat fast ball crunches

You can try doing a ball crunch. You would need a big gym ball for this. This exercise can be done at home easily.

Take a big ball and lie straight on it, put your all back weight on it.

Keep your legs straight in forward direction.

Cross your hands and keep it on the chest.

Now slowly by pulling your abdomen in, inhale

And by going back exhale

Perform this exercise for 12 times in one set and 4 sets daily.

Curl up:

Curls are the extension of crunches. It is more effective than basic crunch.

It requires more strength and is slightly difficult to do.

Lie on your back on the floor by using a mat

Keep your knees straight and joint to each other

Place your hands behind your head and fold your hands under your hand

By pulling the abdominal inwards, slowly inhale and then exhale.

Repeat this exercise 5 sets and 7 times each set.

Points to keep in mind before exercising

People having back problem, should not do these exercises except running and bicycling.

For pregnant women, it is advisory to not perform crunches. You should try doing simple yoga asana and meditation.

Ignore doing any exercises if you are recovering from any leg or back injury.

Be patient and results will be visible within 1 week.

Exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy

Drink little water while exercising, it will boost up your energy levels and prevent dehydration.

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