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6 Cottages In Kanatal For A Peaceful Stay Amidst Hills In 2020!

If you are looking for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of crowded city life, then there is nothing for Himalayan destinations. Most popular hill stations attract huge tourist flows during peak season. Thankfully, you have a destination like Kanatal in the state of Uttarakhand where you can spend your vacation in the lap of nature in peace. Situated at an altitude of 8,500 feet on the Chamba-Mussoorie road, this picturesque little village offers you a great confluence of nature and adventure along with spirituality. Also, you don’t have to worry about your stay as many are equipped Cottages in Cantal To make your Himalayas comfortable and memorable.

6 Cottages In Kanatal For A Peaceful Stay Amidst Hills In 2020!
Cottages In Kanatal

6 Best Cottages in Canada

You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the snow-capped Himalayan hills and lush green pine forests, sit in your hut enjoying a cup of tea with your girlfriend. A morning walk through the Kodia forest will be a lifetime experience and if you are lucky you can find wild animals in the natural habitat. You have many options for outdoor activities like camping, valley crossing, trekking, rappelling, and rock climbing. For a spiritual solutions, you can visit Surkunda Devi Temple and get divine blessings.

1. Himalayan Roots

Himalayan Roots Cottages In Kanatal
Himalayan Roots Cottages In Kanatal – image

If you are looking for a retreat at the foothills of the Himalayas full of adventure and thrilling activities, Himalayan Routes are the best option for a hut in Kanal. Located at an altitude of 8,300 feet, this hut offers you a complete package of comfort and adventure to make your trip to the Himalayas memorable. Choose outdoor activities that you can enjoy safely, it is better to avoid hyper-risk activities if you are not trained and equipped with the requisite skills. The breathtaking sunrise view will be with you for a lifetime.

salient feature: Free parking, pets allowed, restaurants and children’s activities
place: Chamba-Mussoorie Road, Near Dhanaulti, Cantal

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2. Zero Cottage

Zero Stay Cottages In Kanatal
Zero Stay Cottages In Kanatal – image

Your search for a quiet Himalayan retreat in Kantal will find the right answer at Zeroste Cottage. It is one of the best rated getaway by travelers for heavenly rest and rejuvenation. Apart from the warm Garhwali hospitality, you will have the best in class facilities to make your holiday memorable. The facility ideally offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas and nearby tourist hotspots. This budget-friendly facility has a front desk to arrange all kinds of outdoor activities full of fun and adventure.

salient feature: Kitchen, pets allowed, walking tours, free private parking, puzzles and games
place: Jawarna, Bazaar, Tehri Range near Kanwral Tok Thuner

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3. Hilltop View Camps and Cottages

Hilltop View Camps and Cottages
Hilltop View Camps and Cottages – image

Ideally located to offer an attractive view of the valley, Hilltop View Cottage is perfect for couples seeking a quiet and serene environment. Elegantly designed this facility is equipped with modern facilities to make your holiday comfortable. All rooms have a valley that faces a private balcony to better connect with nature. The staff is very supportive and reful to manage everything you need in Canada.

place: Thangdar, Kanatal, Chamba, Uttarakhand

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4. Forest Chalet

Forest Chalet
Forest Chalet – image

If your priority is to have a spectacular facility in the natural setting of the Himalayas, then the Forest Chalet is the best choice in Canada. Located on the Chamba Mussoorie Highway, the facility is equipped with modern amenities. The endless panoramic view of the mighty Himalayas from the resort makes it one of the most favored facilities in Kanatal. The front desk is well equipped with res to arrange jungle safaris, water activities and other adventure activities.

salient feature: Free private parking, gardens and restaurants
place: Rousical, Chamba Mussoorie Highway, Kanatal

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5. Fullmoon Cottage

Fullmoon Cottage
Fullmoon Cottage – image

If you want to stay close to nature for a few days and feel the beauty of the Himalayas, then Fullmoon Cottage is the best option for you. Located in the upper reaches, this hut lets you experience nature in the most comfortable way. Enjoying outdoor activities, the view of snow-laden mountains from the lush green forest will be a lifetime experience. Suitably tailored for summer and winter conditions, this camp is equipped to help you enjoy all adventure activities like zip-lining, sky bridge, rock climbing and other thrilling activities. Of course, you will have a bonfire, light music and delicious dishes to make the night exciting.

salient feature: Pets allowed, entertainment, parking, gardens, games and puzzles
place: Kaudia Range, Uttarakhand

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6. Avalon Cantal Cottage

Avalon Cantal Cottage
Avalon Cantal Cottage


It is another masterpiece in the center of the Himalayas offering the perfect combination of comfort and adventure. Avalon Kanatal Cottage is ideally situated to offer you the company of the serene and tranquil nature of the Himalayas. To make your stay memorable, Garhwali is well equipped with hospitality. The facility has been remodeled to arrange all types of outdoor adventure activities.

salient feature: Flat-screen TV, kitchenware, garden, terrace, and electric blanket
place: Tehri Range, Uttarakhand

Frequently asked questions about cottages in Canada

Q. What activities can we do in Canada?

a. Kanatal offers you the perfect package to enjoy the thrill amidst nature. You can enjoy trekking, Kodai jungle walk, adventure activities like valley crossing, rappelling, rock climbing and many more. Don’t forget to visit Surkanda Devi Temple and Tehri Dam.

Q. Which are the famous treks in Canada?

a. Kanatal is one of the best destinations for safe trekking and you have all kinds of options depending on your strengths and skills. Some famous treks near Kanatal are Surkanda Devi (2 km at 9,000 ft), Nai Tehri (about 35 km from Kantha at an altitude of 1750 m above sea level), Dhanaulti (2000 m above sea level, 22 km from Kanatal). .

Q. What are the best camping spots in Canada?

a. Located at an elevation of 8,500 feet, the Himalayan village is perfect for a camping experience. Every place in this ancient mountain range is an ideal place to camp in Kanatal. Here are the best camping spots in Kantal: Camp Little Jaguar, Camp Lambard, Camp O Royal, Camp Carnival, Kantal Adventure Club, Camp Hobo and Wildex Camp.

Q. What is the best time to visit Kanatal?

a. Canital is suitable for all seasons, depending on what you are watching. This destination sees maximum tourists from April to September. People usually survive the monsoon season due to landslide risks.

Q. Is there snow in Kanatal?

a. If you want to enjoy snowfall, Kanatal is one of the best destinations near Delhi. This less crowded place welcomes snow from December to February. If time allows, you can add Dhanaulti, which is just 20 km from Kantal.

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