6 Considerations to Make Before Buying the Best Wall Mount Fan

wall mount fan is a great addition for any room where space is a constraint or wherever you might want to add one to complement your ceiling fan for even airflow all across the room.The market is flooded with different wall mount fans available in various sizes and shades, and there is no dearth of options to choose from.

However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you purchase so that you don’t end up purchasing a fan that’s either not up to the mark or doesn’t look good aesthetically.So, what are these considerations that you should make before buying a wall mount fan? Let’s have a look.

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  1. The Size of the Room

You might want to stick with a fan that’s just the right size for your room. However, it’s best to keep your room size in mind while buying a wall fan to ensure it isn’t too big or too small, depending on where you want to fit it.

A right-sized fan will ensure optimal airflow throughout the room and keep you comfortable during the hotter days of the year. Here’s a pro tip – if you have a normal-sized room, a 400 mm fan should more than suffice.

  1. High-Speed Vs. Normal Wall Mount Fan

A high-speed fan will help circulate air down much faster while pulling up the warm air due to their increased frequency vs. a normal speed fan. However, a high-speed fan will consume a lot more power compared to a normal wall mount fan, but the efficiency with which they operate more than makes for the high-power consumption.

It all depends on the choice of whether you want faster cooling or more energy savings, or both. However, it’s best to choose a fan that best serves your requirements. For instance, the Luminous Speed Pro White Wall Fan 40CM (400MM) priced at Rs 2,490 has a 75CMM air delivery, and 1350RPM speed, making it a budget-friendly yet worthy purchase.

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: Luminous

  1. Usage

Wall mount fans are built to serve various purposes, including fans made specifically to provide ventilation. Therefore, it’s very important to figure out the usage and choose a fan that best serves that purpose.

  1. Design

These days, fans come in all kinds of styles and designs. Some of them look futuristic, while some of them are designed to retain the old-school look. It’s best to stick with a style that best complements your room.

A futuristic design in a traditional-looking room may look out of place,and the same holds for an old-school-looking fan fitted in a more contemporary room. So, find wall mount fans after matching them with your preference of design. The Luminous Speed Max HS Black Wall Fan 40CM (400MM) can make an excellent addition to any room, modern or vintage, due to its sleek yet classy look and matte finish.

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  1. Build and Sturdiness

When it comes to home usage, it’s best to stick with a lightweight fan having a sturdy build quality. Therefore, always choose a fan that is made using the best components and can keep running for years to come because a fan isn’t something that we buy every year. Therefore, always opt for a brand and model that is trusted and known to deliver exceptional products.

  1. Noise 

Some fans are good, but they make a lot of noise. The best wall mount fan won’t give you this issue as they are built to function silently. If you are planning to install a fan in your bedroom or any other place where you or your loved ones either nap or take a break, then always opt for a fan with the lowest noise footprint.

Now that you know the top considerations to make, while exploring your options, remember to check for wall mount fans from reputable brands like Luminous. They have one of the best line-ups of wall mount fans in the industry, and they are built from the ground up to offer exceptional value for money. If you are looking for a new fan, you must check out their range that goes well with any room setting!

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