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6 Commandments to Follow for Avoiding Cancer

6 Commandments to Follow for Avoiding Cancer

Avoiding Cancer: “Your results are malignant” or “I am afraid, but you have cancer”, these statements are dreadful enough torn chills down the spine. After the diagnosis, the journey towards being cancer-free is long, full of potholes and mind-altering at the same time. Not to forget, the cost involved in the treatment is high and can easily break the bank. However, there are many alterations that one can bring to their lifestyle to keep cancer at bay. These small yet effective lifestyle changes not just keep cancer away but other deadly diseases as well.

Avoiding Cancer
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Remember, cancer doesn’t develop overnight, our daily habits make for a significant part in making us fall prey to any disease. These cancer-fighting lifestyle changes significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer; however, one should always check with their doctor to identify if they are at risk.

Keep Away from Tobacco

Use of tobacco in any form (smoking or chewing) is one of the leading causes of cancer. However, not just consumption, even being around tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke or passive smoking) increases the risk of cancer. Healthcare specialists quote that there is no safe level of tobacco use and regardless of the age,quitting smoking can increase the life substantially. Continuous use of tobacco is linked to many types of cancer including that of the kidney, throat, bladder, esophagus, mouth, lung and larynx (voice box). So, active smokers are advised to quit from today to have a life free of any disease and difficulty.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Obesity not just increases the risk of cancer but of cardiovascular diseases as well. According to the WCRF/AICR cancer report, being physically active and indulging in at least 30 minutes of exercising everyday decreases the risk of colon, breast and endometrial cancer. On the other hand, vigorous physical activities like cycling and running reduce the risk of pre and post-menopausal breast cancer. Other health problems linked to inactivity include poor bone health, diabetes, stroke, depression and as mentioned earlier –cardiovascular diseases. 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise in a week is what the human body requires to stay healthy.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Consumption of alcohol has become an active part of the lifestyle in the past few years. Though many studies found out that a moderate amount of alcohol is likely to keep coronary heart disease at bay, the data about cancer is horrifying. When it comes to cancer, even a small amount of alcohol can raise the risk of falling prey to this deadly disease. However, if consumed at all, it should be limited to two drinks for men and one for women a day. Also, regular consumption of detoxifying juices like that of carrot, beetroot, pomegranate, cranberry and more prove good for the health.

Make Healthy Selections at the Grocery Store

Though indulging in a healthy diet doesn’t guarantee a cancer-free life, it surely reduces the risk. The first step is to base the diet on vegetables, fruits and other plant foods like beans and grains. Furthermore, doctors recommend limiting red meat consumption and replacing it with legumes, chicken and seafood. However, this doesn’t mean that red meat should be totally eliminated from the diet – anything consumed in moderation is never harmful.

Don’t Make Sun Your BAE

Basking in the sun might feel wonderful on a beach vacancy and during the winters. However, too much skin exposure to sun elevates the risk of skin cancer. Though skin cancer has a high prevention rate, the best bet is to avoid midday sun, stay in the shade as much as possible, keep exposed areas of the skin covered all the times, avoid sunlamps and tanning beds and use sunscreen when being outdoors is unavoidable. Use of sunglasses, hats and scarves keep away harmful UV rays and are other prevention measures one can adopt.

Bid Goodbye to Sugary Drinks

Excess consumption of sugary drinks like canned juice and cola raise the risk of endometrial cancer. Not just this, sugary drinks also contribute to diabetes and obesity. So, instead of sugary drinks, bank on fresh fruit juices, whole grains and vegetables. University of Minnesota School of Public Health conducted a research and found out that a large amount of sugar-laden drinks increase the risk of type I and type II endometrial cancer by 87%.

Additional Precaution: Insure Yourself

At first, making these lifestyle changes may appear to be challenging and hard to achieve. However, with sheer determination and constant practice one can easily reduce the risk of falling prey to cancer. Another important step to take when walking on the path of healthy living is to get yourself covered with a comprehensive cancer care policy. Why? Because the deteriorating air-quality also contributes to raising the risk of someone falling prey to cancer. Sadly, cancer not just affects the health but also puts a heavy weight on the finances.

With a cancer policy from any of the reputed insurers by your side, you can live free and financially secured against cancer. Insurers like Future Generali roll out 25% of the cover in cases where cancer is diagnosed at the minor stage and full cover amount plus an income of 2%(of the cover amount) for the next 60 months in case of major stage detection.

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