6 Bollywood Actresses in Red Lipsticks

Bollywood Actresses in Red lipsticks

Hi everyone!! I just love red. In lipsticks shades, my personal favorite is red. I had posted about our Bollywood actresses in orange lipsticks yesterday and today I will be sharing celebrities donning red lipstick. Red is a very Indian bridal color. Also unlike pink which can be tricky to wear there is a shade of red for everyone. We couldn’t agree more. Do you love red lipsticks? I am sure you would. Even if you are not a fan of red lipsticks yet at some point in life, you certainly will, since it’s a very bridal appropriate color that just makes you look gorgeous.

Bollywood Actresses in Red Lipsticks

So, here we have complied few inspirational pictures of the Actresses who have worn red and rocked it too. Red lipstick is not that difficult to wear rather it helps to uplift the mood and glamor of the woman wearing it.

1. Aishwarya Rai

She has to be on top of our list. It’s because when Aish wears a red lip color, she looks absolutely gorgeous and also breathe taking. Do you remember we did a post on Aishwarya Rai’s favorite lipsticks shades. There we included red as well since that is the color that seems like she adores. By the way, here in this picture, where she gives us yet another way to do our eye makeup. This beautiful teal eye shadow on the lids which doubles up as an eye shadow or eyeliner. Red lipstick looks good with makeup with yellow dresses and also for the cocktail dresses.

2. Bipasha Basu

This dusky beauty got married recently and she was looking stunningly gorgeous. The makeup, hair and bridal attire was just perfect. But here she looks as pretty in that cream dress sporting red lipstick. If you will notice that she is dusky and her lipstick shade is a tad darker. This is why this can teach us that when we have dusky complexion, we should choose a red that is slightly darker. Deep dark lipsticks look great on women with complexion.

3. Deepika Padukone

She is a hot favorite these days. In this picture, She has less eye makeup just the regular makeup we should say but her red lipstick looks nice on her.She has a medium to dusky skin hence, she will choose a red lipstick which is a tad dark hence that goes extremely well with the deeper skin colors. Deepika also keeps her lip colors dark when she prefers to go the bronzey look in the evening which looks her the best.

4. Kareena Kapoor

If you are fair like Kareena Kapoor, then this makeup look will work in your favor. Just line the eyes and waterline with a kohl. Do kohl rimmed eye makeup. Then apply an apple red lipstick and viola!! You will be ready for a night out, party, Indian function and what not. You can also experiment with the color of the kohl like try brown liner or kohl or even the green and blues. May be for a dinner date with your better half. Classy yet stunning!!

Her makeup looks with red lips and mostly for Night or evening time. The red lipstick is often paired with smokey eyes or just the neutral eye makeup.

5. Priyanka Chopra

We agree that Priyanka has done something to her lips. They look a lot bigger and also poutier. But it’s the thing of the past now. Dark color now look amazing on her lips. This red lipstick here in the picture above, is a pretty matte lip color with blue tones to it. If you are dark or wheatish then consider wearing a red matte lipstick with blue undertones. Magenta mixed reds look awesome on olive, medium and dark skin colors. Just apply such red lipstick and then wear your kohl lined eyes with a black dress and you will look stunning.

5. Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi has worn this cherry red lipstick that looks wonderful on her. This is also a shade that look perfect on fair to wheatish skin tones. She is seen more in the bright colored lipsticks and less in those everyday neutral colors. But this is also true that she looks ravishing in bright lipsticks as her skin complexion is very fair. Also her eye makeup is also heavy with red lips or even other bright lipstick shades like maroon, magenta, orange, corals etc.

So, these were the top actresses who wore red and carried them with ease. You too can try red lip color to look glamorous and stunning. Keep the red lipstick look for your special days like when you are going for a friends wedding, party, birthday, evening party etc. During the day time try corals or even pinks.

By the way which is your favorite shade of red lipstick? Do share with us and read these posts too:

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