6 Best Villas In Coonoor For An Amazing Staycation

Located in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is one of the most popular hill stations of the Nilgiri mountain range. Adorned with picturesque tea plantations, Coonoor adorns itself with Sim’s park which is decorated with roses, rhododendrons and eucalyptus trees. Due to its proximity to Ooty, Coonoor attracts thousands of visitors every day from different parts of the country. Apart from visiting the trees and plants, you should definitely go for a view of the mountain and to visit them. You should also visit Upper Coonoor from where you will be able to enjoy the grand view of the red-tile roofs. Apart from its interchangeable environment, Coonoor is known for being home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Some of the top places to visit in Coonoor are Highfield Tea Estate, Lambas Rock, Dolphin’s Nose, Sim’s Park etc., here are some of the best Villas in Coonoor:

6 Best Villas in Coonoor

Enjoy a holiday in the lap of nature and get the best view of the green meadows by choosing to stay at these best villas in Coonoor. have a look!

1. Kumar’s Mountain View Cottage

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Within proximity to Sim’s Park, Kumar’s Mountain View Cottage is one of the most preferred villas for rent in Coonoor. Proud to be able to provide simple accommodation, this villa comes with amenities like refrigerator, electric kettle, private bathroom, hot water shower, free wifi, hair dryer, and more. You can also avail the laundry service here.

place: No.72 / A, Kotagiri Road, Near Sim K Park, Konur, 643101 Coonoor, India
Tariff: Starting from INR 2800 per day

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2. Pihu Villa by Vista Room

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Pihu Villa located in Halakarai village of Coonoor is one of the best villas in Coonoor. Located about 8 km from Sim’s Park, this villa has modern amenities like fireplace, fridge, seating area, flat screen television, shower, hair dryer etc., provides additional facilities with dining area and balcony, this villa is in close proximity. situated at. Also close to dolphin’s nose. You will also be able to enjoy an Asian breakfast here. It is a villa in Coonoor that offers an opportunity to enjoy the serene atmosphere in the lap of the Nilgiri Hills.

place: Halakarai Village, Attti, Halakarai, Post, 643104 Coonoor, India
Tariff: Starting from INR 6200 per day

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3. Yellow Tulip by Vista Room

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Located in Dhudneri, Yellow Tulip by With Rooms, is undoubtedly one of the best villas in Coonoor to spend a holiday. Able to enable you to spend a vacation away from the urban hustle, this villa lets you wake up to the view of the tea valleys. Equipped with modern amenities like flat screen television, hair dryer, toiletries etc., this villa also offers Asian breakfast. Nearby attractions include the dolphin’s nose which is about 32.2 km from the property.

place: No. 18/59, Dhundaneri, Via Allada Valley Estate, Kodarai P.O. Nilgiri, 643213 Coonoor, India
Tariff: Starting from INR 4200 per day

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4. Long Walk by Vista Rooms

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Known as one of the top luxury villas in Coonoor, the Long Walk by Vista Room is known for being a bright and beautiful villa that ensures a beautiful holiday away from the urban crowds. With facilities such as hair dryer, private bathroom, flat-screen television, etc., this villa also offers guests free toiletries. Also, you must try the delicious Asian breakfast here.

place: No. 18/59, Dhundaneri, Via Allada Valley Estate, Kodarai P.O. Nilgiri., 643213 Coonoor, India
Tariff: Starting from INR 4200 per day

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5. Green Grasslands

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Being one of the top villas in Coonoor, Green Meadows is one of the most preferred villas. Equipped with facilities such as WiFi, 24-hour front desk, lake view courtyard, kitchen etc., this villa is a 3 bedroom house. All rooms come with satellite TV, dining area, etc. You will also get towels and clean linen. You must go here for a la carte breakfast. Apart from this, they also provide car rental service.

place: 2/602 / C2 UPPER BHARATHI NAGAR KILINJADA POST, 643213 Coonoor, India
Tariff: Starting from INR 3300 per day

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6. Aralia House by Vista Room

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Located within proximity to Sim’s Park, this villa is one of the top villas for rent in Coonoor. Decorating itself with gardens, terrace, balcony, this villa comes with modern amenities like washing machine, equipped kitchen, private bathroom, free toiletries etc. The nearest attraction is the nose of the dolphin which is about 11.3 km from the property.

place: 148, Porter Avenue, Atadi, 643101 Coonoor, India
Tariff: Starting from INR per day

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Tips to visit Coonoor

  • Coonoor remains at its best during the months between October and March. The pleasant weather during this time makes it easy for you to see popular attractions.
  • Some of the best places to visit in Coonoor include Sim Park, Dolphin’s Nose, Highfield Tea Factory, Lamb’s Rock, Ralia Dam, Tiger Hill Cemetery, Wellington Lake, All Saints Church, Daroga Fort, etc.
  • Coonoor is easily accessible from Coimbatore and Bangalore. The distance between Coimbatore and Coonoor is less than 100 kilometers, making it the best option for those traveling via flight.

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Eucalyptus, home to a diverse range of wildflowers and birds, Coonoor is known to attract thousands of tourists every year with its unique beauty and charm. Stay in these villas in Coonoor to get the most out of your trip to Coonoor.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Best Villas in Coonoor

Q. What is the price range of villa in Coonoor?

a. Villa prices in Coonoor range from INR 2000 to INR 12,000 per night.

Q. What are the popular luxury villas in Coonoor?

a. Some of the most popular luxury villas in Coonoor are 180 Miswar – A Heritage Villa, Aralia House by Vista Rooms, Yellow Tulip by Vista Rooms, Pihu Villa by Vista Rooms, Long Walk by Vista Rooms, etc.

Q. At which place in Coonoor has the largest number of villas?

a. Some of the popular places that have the highest number of villas are Coonoor Road, Brook Lands, Sim’s Park area, Mount Pleasant Road, Singara Estate, etc.

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