57 Cute Things To Do For Your Boyfriend in 2022

When it comes to relationships, there are many cute things to do for your boyfriend that will make him feel loved and appreciated. These nice things to do can be little and sweet gestures like making him breakfast in the morning or random and kind such as buying him something he needs when it’s not expected. While you shouldn’t have to cater to your man all the time, doing something special for your boyfriend because you want to can be empowering.

Whether he’s having a bad day or you just want to surprise him with a nice treat for no reason, there are several great ideas to consider. Some girlfriends may want to plan a romantic dinner at their boyfriend’s favorite restaurant, while others might prefer getting creative with unique and amazing stuff. With so many adorable things, it can be a challenge choosing something small, simple and sweet to do for your man.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of special things to do for your boyfriend. From small to thoughtful gestures, explore these cute things to do to find something special for him.

nice things to do for your boyfriend


Nice Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

Make His Bed After You Sleep Over

Making his bed can be a nice thing to do for your boyfriend when he’s not around. There’s nothing worse than coming home to strewn pillows and wrinkled sheets, so he’s bound to breathe a sigh of relief when he sees that you’ve got him covered. If he hasn’t washed his sheets, comforter and duvet, you can put on a fresh set for him.

make his bed after you sleep over

Let Him Be Little Spoon Sometimes

As one of the cutest things to do, you’ll want to let your boyfriend be the little spoon during cuddle time. Women are typically the little spoon in relationships, but even the most masculine men love feeling held and cuddled. Give him a break from decision-making by letting him feel safe and comfortable without the usual dead arm!

let him be little spoon sometimes

Leave Him A Cute Note

No matter how old he is, your boyfriend will appreciate a cute note left in his nightstand, work lunch or on the kitchen counter. Depending on your relationship, you can keep things short and sweet or write a long message about how much you appreciate him. For even more impact, use scented paper, stickers or stamps to showcase your creative side.

leave him a cute note

Get Him A Glass of Water When You Get Up

If you want to do something special, get him a glass of water when you get up and leave it on his side table. When he wakes up feeling parched, he can take a few sips without moving a muscle.

get him a glass of water when you get up

Learn To Make His Favorite Cocktail

If he likes a good drink, learning to make his favorite cocktail is a thoughtful thing to do for your boyfriend. You don’t have to be a professional mixologist to make this happen, just pick up the right ingredients and a cocktail shaker before serving his drink in a fancy glass.

learn to make his favorite cocktail

Give Him A Lap Dance

Rock his world by giving him a surprise lap dance after work. It’s best to read the room with this one, but a sexy performance that he’s not expecting can quickly turn a terrible day into a total success.

give him a lap dance

Talk About His Achievements In Front of His Friends

Guys don’t always like discussing their achievements, but they’re more inclined to receive praise if they’re being built up around friends. Whether he’s recently scored a new promotion or has achieved something major in his personal life, don’t be afraid to bring this up. Just avoid mentioning anything that may embarrass him!

talk about his achievements in front of his friends

Send Him Funny Stuff Throughout The Day

Work can be dull at the best of times and laughter can be the best medicine for a slow day at the office. Be creative and share a funny joke or send over a few memes at lunchtime that you know will make him chuckle.

send him funny stuff throughout the day

Get Interested In His Favorite Hobby

Engaging with his hobbies is a nice way to bond and share time. Regardless of whether he’s into football, video games or sci-fi movies, you’ll instantly become his favorite person if he can discuss the latest game releases, films or sports developments with you.

get interested in his favorite hobby

Buy Him A Shaver or Razor Subscription

Your boyfriend may be into his grooming routine, but he may forget to replace his shaver or razor heads occasionally. If this sounds familiar, give him everything he’ll need for a clean shave with a new shaver or razor subscription. To impress him further, add shaving creams, moisturizers and oils to the mix.

buy him a shaver or razor subscription

Help Him Relax

If your boyfriend is stressing about things in life, think about ways to help him relax. You can make his day easier by tidying up and cleaning or go all-out with a candlelit dinner and a massage.

help him relax

Make Him Dinner After A Long Day At Work

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work and having to prepare dinner. For something special, have a nice dinner waiting for him on the table. Bonus points if it’s his favorite dish and you’ve made it from scratch! After all, the fastest way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach.

make him dinner after a long day at work

Have A Picnic

If you want to do something adorable for your boyfriend, head out for an old-fashioned picnic in the park. Pack the basket with his favorite treats, a bottle of wine and a picnic blanket for you both to lie on. If you leave the house slightly later, finish your date by watching the sunset or stargazing.

have a picnic

Wash or Detail His Car

Not every man has time to wash or detail his car, so it’s worth taking matters into your own hands if you feel comfortable enough. For the ultimate professional finish, get his car detailed to restore any protective coatings and hide cosmetic damage to paintwork.

wash or detail his car

Support His Dreams

As one of the sweetest things to do, you’ll want to support his dreams and encourage him to overcome obstacles to become successful. Whether he’s putting in long hours as a surgical resident or is trying to get his band noticed by a record label, he’s guaranteed to feel burnt out and defeated at times. To keep him on track, offer words of encouragement and ask if there’s anything you can do to help when he’s feeling stressed.

support his dreams

Frame His Favorite Picture

His favorite picture may not include you, but you can make him smile by presenting a meaningful memory in a beautiful frame. If you’re not sure where to start, talk to his family and friends and ask if they have any pictures that may work well.

frame his favorite picture

Take His Shirt To The Cleaners

If you’d like to do little sweet things to make your boyfriend smile, start by taking his shirt to the cleaners. Dry cleaning isn’t always expensive, but it can be time-consuming to bring in and pick up. If you know he has something waiting to collect, save him an additional trip while you’re there!

take his shirt to the cleaners

Let Him Sleep In

Even if you’re a typical morning person, it can be nice to get a few extra hours of sleep at the weekend. To make this even more special, clean his entire place and have breakfast waiting for him when he gets up.

let him sleep in

Bring Him Tea When You Know He’s Tired

If you want to do something special for your boyfriend, bring him a cup of tea when you know he’s tired. Although he may be more partial to coffee, a soothing herbal blend or classic Earl Grey can be just what the doctor ordered if he’s had a stressful day at the office.

bring him tea when you know he’s tired

Hold His Hand

Holding your boyfriend’s hand is a subtle way to make him feel assured and wanted when you’re in public. Whether you’re strolling down the street or safely tucked away in a movie theater, this gesture is bound to be appreciated.

hold his hand

Text Him A Hot Picture During The Day

He may blush when he opens a saucy text from you, but it’ll certainly boost his mood. Timing is important here and you shouldn’t send anything over if you know he’s in an important meeting. Outside of meetings and work lunches, anything goes!

text him a hot picture during the day

Take Him To His Favorite Place

Doing special things for your man doesn’t have to be complicated and you can easily make him smile by visiting his favorite place together. If it’s a meaningful childhood spot, don’t be afraid to ask him more about the area and regale your own stories in return.

take him to his favorite place

Give Him A Massage When He Is Stressed

If he has been working to a strict deadline or just can’t catch a break at work, give your boyfriend a massage to work out his stress. You can keep things romantic with scented candles and a pre-massage bubble bath or dial things up a notch with sensual oils, blindfolds and a happy ending.

give him a massage when he is stressed

Gift Him Concert or Stand-up Comedy Tickets Randomly

Be spontaneous and gift him an incredible night out to a comedy show or concert for your next date. If you know his schedule is free, keep your tickets under wraps until the last minute. Then, pull out an envelope and reveal what you’ll be doing that night. To take this even further, grab some fan merchandise that you can both rock at the gig.

gift him concert or stand-up comedy tickets randomly

Buy Him Whiskey Glasses

Buying whiskey glasses can be something special to do for your man if he loves to wind down with a drink in the evening. For the ultimate surprise, purchase a bottle of his favorite aged whiskey that he’s been putting off buying.

buy him whiskey glasses

Send Him Lunch When You Know He Has A Work Meeting

He may struggle to grab a decent lunch when he has an important work meeting, and you can take the pressure off by getting a meal delivered. You can make a homemade lunch that contains his favorite foods or hop on a food delivery site for a healthy salad or indulgent fast-food feast.

send him lunch when you know he has a work meeting

Draw Him A Beautiful Picture

Talented artists can easily make their boyfriends smile with a gorgeous hand-drawn picture. You can base your artwork on anything you choose, but a couple’s picture, a self-portrait or an image of his beloved pet can always work. If you live together, try and create something that matches your existing decor.

draw him a beautiful picture

Run A Bath For Him

A simple bubble bath can be all it takes to reset your boyfriend’s mood. Just before he’s set to get home from work, run him a bubble bath with candles and relaxing music. If he prefers to decompress with an episode of his favorite TV show, invest in a bathtub table that can hold a beer, a tablet and anything else that needs to be protected from the water.

run a bath for him

Surprise Him With The Perfect Date

If you have a designated date night, take charge and surprise him with the perfect evening. You can start by heading on a romantic walk before ducking into his favorite restaurant. When you’re tuckered out, head back to a hotel room for a relaxed evening with a bit of naughty fun thrown in.

surprise him with the perfect date

Do Something Nice For His Mom and Dad

For a random act of kindness, treat his mom and dad to something special without his knowledge. If you’re close, taking them out to a fancy dinner is a fantastic idea but you can also send them a gift hamper or bottle of wine if you’d prefer to keep your distance.

do something nice for his mom and dad

Help Him Cross Things Off His Bucket List

Relationships are all about heading on exciting adventures with someone you love and he’s bound to appreciate a partner in crime to travel the world with. Before diving in and booking a vacation, discuss his ultimate bucket list items. If any of his ideas match yours, cross those off first.

help him cross things off his bucket list

Make Him Breakfast In Bed

Whip up some pancake batter or a simple bowl of cereal and serve him breakfast in bed. Before he wakes up, gather his favorite treats together and serve everything on a tray while he’s sleeping in. This will show that you’re a true keeper who isn’t afraid to put him first.

make him breakfast in bed

Buy Him Something He Needs

If he’s been walking around in busted shoes or ripped jeans but can’t afford to replace them, take matters into your own hands by grabbing a pair yourself. He’s bound to appreciate this practical gesture and it will save him a few bucks down the line.

buy him something he needs

Wash and Fold The Shirt, Sweater and Boxers You Borrow

He may love that you constantly swipe his clothes to wear to bed but laundering them is another story. Take one thing off his to-do list by washing and folding the items you borrow and leaving them ready to use in his drawers.

wash and fold the shirt, sweater and boxers you borrow

Bake Him Cookies

Nothing makes a house feel more like home than a box of freshly baked cookies. Whether he’s partial to a hearty oatmeal raisin or prefers the classic crunch of chocolate chip, surprising him with a box of his favorite cookies will certainly warm his heart. If you’re not a master baker, pull up a few easy-to-follow recipes online or stick to a box mix.

bake him cookies

Act Out A Fantasy

Acting out a fantasy can be something special for him that will take things to the next level. Guys love women who are fun, adventurous and spontaneous. Should you need any toys or costumes, order these in advance and surprise him when the time feels right. Just make sure you feel comfortable and safe before engaging in any new activities.

act out a fantasy

Upgrade His Flight To Business Class

Traveling long-haul is always a drag, but you can certainly improve his next trip by upgrading his flight to business class. He won’t have to deal with the cramped conditions in coach and can get use that extra space to get work done, watch in-flight movies, and get some much-needed shut-eye. To make things even cuter, slip a personal letter into his carry-on that he’ll find when he arrives.

upgrade his flight to business class

Go Shopping with Him

Make him the center of attention on your next shopping trip by heading into his favorite stores. It’s a good idea to hit department stores, menswear boutiques, hobby stores and gaming shops if you’re not sure where to start. If you’re feeling particularly generous, treat him to a couple of items and watch his face light up.

go shopping with him

Take Him On A Romantic Vacation

If he’s usually responsible for planning your trips, take the reins by taking him on a romantic vacation. It’s a good idea to talk to him about spots he’d like to visit, but you can then go wild with accommodation bookings, restaurant reservations and attraction tours.

take him on a romantic vacation

Get Him Wine Glasses

He may consider himself a wine connoisseur, but if he doesn’t have the glasses to match consider picking up a matching set. Pair them with a bottle of his favorite wine and you’ll be crowned “Girlfriend of the Year”.

get him wine glasses

Learn A Sexy Dance Routine For Him

Prove that your hips don’t lie by learning a sexy dance routine to perform on your next date. You can turn your dance into a striptease to spice things up, but belly dancing or classic commercial steps can work just as well if you have the right skills.

learn a sexy dance routine for him

Make Him A Collage of Your Relationship

If you’ve been dating for a while, take him on a trip down memory lane with a cute collage of your relationship. You can take things chronologically from your first date or create a mishmash of your favorite snaps that will take pride of place on his bedroom wall.

make him a collage of your relationship

Tell Him You Appreciate Everything He Does

It can be easy to overlook the little things in a relationship, so telling your boyfriend that you appreciate everything he does for you will melt his heart. You can come out and tell him randomly or make a comment when he opens the door for you and grabs your bags from the car. He’ll love that these small shows of affection aren’t going unnoticed.

tell him you appreciate everything he does

Plan A Staycation

A staycation is easy to pencil into your weekly schedule and it can be as low-key or luxurious as you can afford. To keep things relaxed, book into a local hotel and enjoy an afternoon tea and spa experience. For something slightly more exciting, hop in the car and drive to a nearby town. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re footing the bill!

plan a staycation

Give Him A Gift Card

If you’d like to do something special for him this year, purchase a gift card to his favorite store or restaurant. This should give him an excuse to treat himself and may even benefit you if he chooses to fund your next dinner date!

give him a gift card

Play Video Games with Him

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of video games, he’ll appreciate that you want to learn the tricks of the trade. Whether he’s a fan of Mario Kart or loves the dangerous missions featured on Call of Duty, you can bond over the sense of competition and accomplishment that comes with each new game.

play video games with him

Give Him A Manicure

Keeping his nails tidy will benefit you both and there’s nothing more attractive than a guy with smooth hands. You can trim his cuticles and apply scented hand cream or take things one step further by experimenting with color.

give him a manicure

Buy His Favorite Candy Bar and Leave It In A Drawer

You can do something special for him without spending a fortune if you buy his favorite candy bar and hide it somewhere in the house. To avoid him having to search too hard, leave it in his underwear drawer or tucked among the kitchenware.

buy his favorite candy bar and leave it in a drawer

Make Him Coffee In The Morning

Put a spring in his step by making him a strong coffee before he heads out in the morning. If he hasn’t got time to spare, put his morning brew in a leak-proof travel mug to make his commute ten times better.

make him coffee in the morning

Take Him Out To Dinner

Guys can often be expected to pay for dinner, and it can be a wonderful surprise if you pick up the check for a fancy meal. To make this idea even sweeter, book a table at his favorite restaurant or wherever you went for your first date.

take him out to dinner

Mow The Lawn

Mowing the lawn may be considered a man’s job but you can take one thing off his to-do list by doing it yourself. To avoid cutting things too short or ruining his lawn, check how he likes his grass cut kept before going full speed ahead.

mow the lawn

Skip Work Together

It might feel slightly rebellious but skipping work together can be a fun way to bond and take a much-needed break. To avoid getting caught by your respective bosses, plan to order takeout and watch movies for the ultimate lazy day.

skip work together

Throw Him A Surprise Birthday Party

Make him feel special by throwing a surprise party with his friends and family. You’ll need to keep things under wraps, but the look on his face will make all the effort and sneaking around feel worth it.

throw him a surprise birthday party

Listen To Him

While a simple thought, listening to him is one of the best things you can do for your relationship. Being a good listener will bring you closer together and give you a better idea of his worries, passions and goals in life. If you’re always keeping mental notes of the things he says, you can surprise him with gifts and adorable messages down the line.

listen to him

Host A Guy’s Night

He probably loves romantic nights with you, but sometimes you can’t beat a night with the boys. To wow his friends, set up a snack table and make sure that everyone has access to a selection of sports channels. Don’t forget to put plenty of beer in the fridge!

host a guy’s night

Get Him A Fun Toy

Most guys love gadgets, and a new drone or piece of tech is bound to go over well. Keep an eye on his Amazon wish list or probe him for ideas if you’re not sure what he’s keen to purchase.

get him a fun toy

Find A Collector’s Item He Would Love

Add to his growing collection by grabbing a collector’s item that he’s been coveting. Whether it’s an action figure or a signed vinyl record, it’s worth scouring eBay and reselling sites for an awesome deal.

find a collector’s item he would love