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51 Saree Blouse Designs – Match it up

Saree Blouse Designs come in so many different styles that it can be difficult to know what to choose. We are here to help with choosing the right blouse design for your Saree.

You may be busy preparing for your D-Day, but you might have started talking to your stylists or best friends about the design of your blouse. Indian fashion has always incorporated different elements to the saree, creating stunning masterpieces. Blouses are not an exception.

A great blouse takes a lot of imagination. This blouse will enhance your features even more. We have more than 50 saree-blouse designs that you can browse and pick the one that suits your mood.

Pastel Orange Matka Silk Saree With Silk Blouse - Saree Blouse Designscredit: nebula.super.com | Get Custom Made Blouse

Every six-yard saree is subject to some sort of transformation that makes it look incredible. The versatility of saree is limitless. You can make it into many different things by altering its structure and design. Blouses can be added to peplum jackets or boxy blouses. Overcoats, long-sleeved blouses, and ruffles are all options. Add all this inspiration to your mood board.

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1. The oval cut

designer blouse” src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/1640663923_400_51-Saree-Blouse-Designs-Match-it-up.jpg” alt=”Oval cut Blouse – Saree designer blouse” width=”640″ height=”672″ /> Saree designer blouse

credit: blousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

This cut is feminine and can be paired with floral designs. Your sleeves can be either long or short. Zardozi will set the tone for the cut.

You can also use the floral print to enhance the cut.

Tips: Make sure that the entire pattern is properly stitched. It should be easy to move in. This blouse can be paired with the Sangeet Saree.

2. The contrast bandwagon

The contrast bandwagonblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

These are just a few of the many sweet styles that you can add to your saree. You can choose a total contrast color or give your saree a deep neck extension. This is perfect for the Haldi ceremony. You can also try tightening the color and adding some other colors to it.

3. No cuts!

No cuts blouse - Saree Blouse Designsblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

This one isn’t cut, but it’s straight wrapped around the neck and plays with all the space. The zari work can be added as an option or you can add embellishments. If you wish, bring in the polka dots fabric.

4. A knotted stripe

knotted stripe blouseblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

This style is simply elegant. It is now made from the cut fabric and tied with a bow-like stripe. This style is feminine and sassy.

Tips: To tone your skin’s color, scrub your back with a bronzer-lava lotion. For a more sophisticated look, a padded blouse is advisable.

5. Zig zag gist

Zig zag gist style topblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

The blouse design of this saree saree is even more beautiful. Each strap is attached to one side of the lace and intertwined with the other, creating a zigzag-like structure at the back. This pattern looks very similar to the chequered design. You can find more black saree blouses.

This grid design is very Instagram-worthy.

Pro tip: Tie it tight!

6. Collared style

Collared style blouseblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

Those Peter Pan collars look the best. You may opt for the style where the collars are there on the back and in the front. Most of the time the style has got a high cut neckline. Plain sarees with the floral blouse like this one look good.

Determine how your neck length complements your jawline. You may choose from several types of scarves, such as a wide circular vest, a roll-up cardigan, and even a draped jacket—all with varying degrees of obscuring impact on the rest of your outfit. This is a classic look that would be great for everything from going

7. Right at the center

Saree Designer Blouse
Saree Designer Blouse


This style lacks a bow or a knot on either top or bottom, simply because it is unadorned. The circle is in the center, surrounded by floral ornamentation. There are no problems with buttoning and tying any knots in this designer blouse.

Tips on how to wear a blouse: Make sure blouse is fitted properly and doesn’t create any peaks over the fabric. If you like, you may mix and match the collar style with this one.

8. The heart style

The heart style blouseblousetrends

You may select any form for this type. The love shape has no doubt caught our attention. If you want to, you can include the Latkans.

9. Long sleeves and Bow.

Long sleeves and Bow - Saree Blouse Designsblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

Instead of the usual cloth, you may go wild with a high vibe of the knot like a princess. Make a “V” shape and let the knot flow through your back. It appears to be quite well-aligned.

This formula can work as a great base for foundations, but it’s also excellent when applied on its own. Bronzer is not included in this version; however, you may add the lava lotion to tone down your face.

10. Cape style

Cape styleblousetrends

This is your opportunity, Superwoman. Take a look at this woman’s floral blouse with the cape design. You may also play with the neckline style. This is the preferred choice of today’s brides for wedding receptions, and the cape can be made of net fabric or plain cloth. You may wear anything glistening – whether it

This is the most popular style for women. This design appears to slim you down.

Whatever saree blouse design you pick, maintain a good posture and upright shoulders, which instantly improves the designer blouse. There are several variations available in the blouses where you may try various materials in different colors and textures. Choose the one that speaks to your heart.

11. String at the up

String at the up style blouse - Saree Blouse Designsa_blouse_array

The saree blouse design’s stripe appears above the knot in this style. It’s elegant! You may choose between blue or any dark color. On the sides, add embellished gems and mirror work. It looks fantastic!

12. Long sleeve with sheer.

long sleeve with sheera_blouse_array

The Sangeet ceremony features a long-sleeved dress with a beautiful design. The net and flowers above it complement the mood perfectly.

13. The vase style cut

The vase style cut blousea_blouse_array

We observed a lot of designs on the blouse’s back. This design has an edge because the innovative work is done right at the front side, with the collar adding to it. Overall, it looks strong!

14. Here and there

a_blouse_array | Get Custom Made Blouse

This design may be something your mom can attempt. It’s really easy to match and looks fantastic at the Haldi ceremony.

Tie it down securely to create a seamless structure.

15. The full sleeves.

The full sleeves blousea_blouse_array

If you want a regal impression, you must have wide sleeves. The complete outfit might look beautiful without such cuts. Florals on the sleeves are quite lovely.

16. Polka long sleeves

Polka long sleeves style blousea_blouse_array

You may select a fabric and color that complement your saree. The design of blouse is dark, while the Polka appears to look fantastic.

17. The fluffy feel

The fluffy feel style blouse - Saree Blouse Designsa_blouse_array

This is without a doubt something you’ll appreciate. It’s like a crop top with fluffy sleeves and a belt to tie your beautiful sari. Tuck those braids under your elbows in the stitch style seen here. Modern brides favor this style of blouse. Keep things basic and elegant in all aspects of your life.

18.The T-shirt way

The T-shirt way style blousepooraniselvaraj | Get Custom Made Blouse

This saree blouse design looks good with a T-shirt and has a cool vibe. When you add a nice collar, it looks fantastic.

19. The golden texture.

The golden texture style blouseshruti_0143_

A: You may love this style with a knot above. The texture and the hue of blouse look dramatic. You can play with as many colorful embellishments you want. To create more drama you may add beads as well as Latkans. Many variations are possible to choose whichever you feel comfortable with. Checkout more golden saree blouses.

20. The Latkan

The Latkan style blousesareesmaharashtra

B: The Arctique is a good example of this sort. The A and the K have one important difference: length. This is comparable to the A

There are a variety of forms you may select from or attempt something you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe there’s a certain one.

21. Peach Desire

saree blouse designs - peach Desire

Is it okay to wear a beautiful saree like this? Is it possible to wear a peach one? You may select a designer blouse similar to this.

The neckline is plaited nicely, and it looks fantastic. Blouse looks fantastic in a crepe texture. This whole ensemble appears to.

22. The piece


It is a three-stone pendant that features cut diamonds surrounding by a 14ct gold band. It’s got plenty of shine and it looks great on any outfit. Everything appears to be simple here, with everything kept straight and straightforward. The fabric used is the other half of the saree, and there is intricate stitching visible. Make sure the sleeves are comfortable but not too tight. You may add as desired at the back

23. Sheer royalty

Sheer royalty style blouse - Saree Designer blouse
Sheer royalty style blouse – Saree Designer blouse


This masterpiece has everyone’s attention. Blouse leans towards the translucent mode, which is white and covered with flowers. If you want to switch things up, you may play around with the style as a topping.

24. Infinity

https://getethnic.com/blogs/saree-blouse-designs/Saree Blouse Designsmarathicultures | Get Custom Made Blouse

On the sleeves of blouse, which are on the outside. You may wear this style even if you want to keep your entire outfit conventional and basic. This one is a good choice. The designer blouse resembles the number 8 and appears mild.

25. Sabyasachi style

Sabyasachi style blousesabyasachijewelry.com

There’s a lot of Sabyasachi in this room. The lace at the edges is gorgeous. To keep everything simple, you may wear this blouse and matching outfit.

26. The gold

Sabyasachi style golden blousesabyasachijewelry.com 

The lovely golden glitter blouse is a beautiful wedding dress. The distinctive quality of the blouse never fades. Give the blouse a well-defined shape that will give your entire outfit oomph. Check out Sabyasachi dresses for more options.

27. Jewel style

Jewel style blouse - Saree Blouse Designsthreads.werindia.com

The chain is available in multiple colors to match your outfit. You could even add some emerald or mint jewelry to it if you like. Choose what complements your entire ensemble. You might want to wear a bun on your head so that the beautiful back of the necklace is visible.

28. The front cut

The front cut style blousethreads.werindia.com

The sleeves of the saree blouse are kept a little longer and there is a distinct structured cut in the front. If you’re going for this look, you might not want to wear much jewelry because the stripe right in front of the blouse may be easily adorned with a perfect color.

29. The embellishments

star.posttry.com | Get Custom Made Blouse

Look at this masterpiece! The whole Zardozi work uplifts the vibe of the blouse. Let your blouse feel royal and wonderful. Go with this style. This is a classic shape and you can add on to Latkans with the strings.

30. Long sleeves in brown

Long sleeves in brown

So this one has a long sleeve and the collar looks stunning. Amazing! This look is kind of great for your wedding reception. Flaunt this for an edgy look. Pair it with a nice crepe saree. You look like a queen! Oh-so-wow!

31. Layered Universe

https://getethnic.com/blogs/saree-blouse-designs/Saree Blouse Designsnatashacouture.com | Get Custom Made Blouse

The saree blouse design texture is in the neutral color palette and we love it. The layered net textured sleeves look captivating. Oh-so-wow!

Pro tip: Play with the sleeves around and you don’t need to get any cuts or try new shapes at the backside.

32. Frills

Frills style blousekollybollyethnics.com

This looks like a total Hindi serial style ensemble. The blouse makes you look stylish and modern and the chocolatey feel just satiates the whole drama of the ensemble. Add it on!

33. A step ahead.


Let it slide off your shoulder and ooze up that sassiness. You may get your hands on this trending style of balloon sleeves. This is great you may try on the Sangeet ceremony. You may dance on any Retro or pop track and keep it classy with this ensemble.

34. The white paradise


The white hue saree blouse design calms us down from the chaos going around. When the blouse happens to be full sleeves and still looks royal as it has been topped up with embroidery work. Totally amazing! You may add on that collar if you like or just jazz up with what your heart feels called to.

35. Magenta

saribox.com | Get Custom Made Blouse

The color looks classy and the full sleeves look wonderful. For this velvety and silky texture, the long sleeves vibe up with the whole mood of celebrations.

36. Mood


Keep that cultural vibe intact and go for this ultimate Blouse design. The embellishments look pretty awesome and the florals over it have all our hearts now. Pink is the evergreen favorite color for most of the girls.

37. Blue is cool

https://getethnic.com/blogs/saree-blouse-designs/Saree Blouse Designsm.weddingz.in

Stay on top as you get the beautiful embroidery done on the blouse right at the backside. Golden thread on Blue one! Epic! The texture and style are sophisticated. So, if you want something which doesn’t have got any cut from behind, this is it!

38. Plaits around

Plaits aroundblousedesignhouse.blogspot.com | Get Custom Made Blouse

The sheer element blends with designs here. You see how the net fabric has been clasped into the plaits and tucked around the neck. It looks fluffy and cute! We love this greyish tone. Opt for this one as you choose comfort over everything else.

39. Image


Such a unique way of adoring the person you love. This idea is unique and you will love it too. Why cut? Just create an image and print or paint or let the handwork in the form of embroidery and mirror work happen. You are too smart!

40. So much structure

So much structurekeepmestylish.com | Get Custom Made Blouse

What do you think about this one? Cut it and create a step-like structure. Let your stylists put on some embroidery workaround to emboss it more.

41. Boho-chic


Is it just us who feels that this style is the blend? A blend of boho-ness and serenity. Blue shimmery + glowy blouse with a dash of the white tone creates a great jam. Opt for this if you align with this style.

42. The glory

The gloryshaadisaga.com | Get Custom Made Blouse

Hassle-free this is! Trendy and modern!! The wavy pattern looks super amazing and you can opt for this as a perfect wedding reception wear.

43. Super-women

Super Womanvogue.in | Get Custom Made Blouse

Boss-up! The cape + shirt like blouse looks authoritative. The print looks wonderful!

44. The wings

The wings style blouse - Saree Designer blouse
Saree Designer blouse – shaadisaga.com

Feel like a beautiful bird when the wings of your blouse creates that edge. It’s a unique and subtle look. Goes well for the Sangeet ceremony or for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

45. The turquoise

The turquoisepanachehautecouture.com

The hues are blended in so we’ll that the well-embroidered blouse with captivating handwork just oozes up its beauty. This color would go well with the Fair skin tone.

46. V- Deep neck

V- Deep neck style blousekankatala_

The glossy stripes on yellow of gold just look flattering. Add on that perfect set of jewelry. Perfect!

47. Delights!

The Delightstaruntahiliani

This chiffon saree by Tarun Tahilani has got a well embellished glistening crystal blouse. Looks delightful!

48. The code

The Codekollybollyethnics.com | Get Custom Made Blouse

This saree blouse design has got full sleeves and at the end, it is hooked up with a triangular design. Add in some of the best jewelry. Right there!

49. Knot + pom pom

Knot + pom pomeventila.com

Red looks super gorgeous. Border the shape with some beautiful embroidery and add some baby pom-pom at the bottom. Checkout Red Saree Blouses.

50. A slight slide

A slight slide -Saree Blouse Designsshyamalbhumika

The green crepe saree is paired up with a bubblegum pink blouse which slides off one shoulder boosting the sassy quotient.

51. Sequins heaven

Sequins heavenmanishmalhotra05 | Get Custom Made Blouse

One word for this one: Epic!

Final Word – Saree Blouse Designs

When getting your dream blouse stitched to make sure that it fits you well and it isn’t faded. If the saree exhibits the royalness let the blouse come under that category too. Don’t let the simple blouse Rob the beauty of the regal saree. Let the blouse work as an add-on. Choose the designer blouse on the back wisely. Make sure you invest in a good fabric that will not flare-up.

Then think about what designer blouse and cuts you would be most comfortable with showing-off. Which simply means think about what makes you feel comfortable. But, even thou’ you feel like trying something new you absolutely can. Don’t get stuck with what’s trendy but revolve your mind around the fact that what suits you and feels right for you. You can go with the designer blouse which is evergreen, heavily embroidered, or simply minimal.

We hope that the ideas sound interesting and now you can choose and make your perfect customized blouse easily.

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