50 Stunning Light Brown Hair Color Ideas with Highlights (2022)

Light Brown Hair Color


There’s a saying that blondes have more fun, but any woman with light brown hair will tell you that that statement is not true. This is a hair color that is versatile and gorgeous. It can be worn by women with different hair types, textures, and lengths, and it is a universally flattering color that complements most skin tones. You can add light brown highlights to darker hair for a fresh new look that will brighten your locks. The hue can add depth and dimension, and you can experiment with interesting cuts that frame your face and create a feminine appearance. When it comes to this color, the choice is yours. These looks will inspire you to book a salon appointment as soon as possible.


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1. Honey Brown Hair

Honey brown hair is a warm hue with a golden undertone. It is an incredibly flattering shade, especially on warm skin tones, and often gives hair dimension and depth. It is a lovely option for someone who has dark hair and wants a lift or a woman who wants to change from their blonde locks without being too dramatic. This hue can brighten your face and looks great no matter what hairstyle you choose, from sleek, straight hair to loose waves.


Honey Brown Hair


2. Light Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

If you’re searching for a low-maintenance look that is gorgeous, then light brown hair with curtain bangs is it. This hair color is very attractive on women with lighter skin tones and can make you appear more youthful and healthier. It also requires less upkeep than opting for blond hues that need to be dyed more often. Curtain bangs, parted in the middle, are appealing because they are one of the easiest fringes to wear. They frame the face and can be worn by many different face shapes. Plus, they blend into your hair because of the way they are cut, creating an effortlessly chic appearance.


Light Brown Hair With Curtain Bangs


3. Warm Light Brown Hair

Warm light brown hair has beautiful, rich tones with more reds and oranges. The color feels deep and is fantastic for achieving hair with depth. There are various shades to choose from, and you can work with your colorist to find the option that will be most flattering on you. Warm hair colors compliment warm skin tones.


Warm Light Brown Hair


4. Light Brown Straight Long Hair

One of the pros to light brown straight long hair is that the texture makes it easier to care for your locks; brushing curls and waves can have its drawbacks. Naturally, straight hair is also strong and often less prone to split ends. It is also incredibly versatile, and you can experiment with various looks and styles. Wear it in a high ponytail for a sleek and chic appearance, or loose for a more relaxed yet still polished look. As for the color, light brown hair is less harsh for lighter skin tones than black hair colors and easier to maintain than blonde, so it is a perfect balance.


Light Brown Straight Long Hair


5. Straight Light Brown Hair with Bangs

Straight locks lend themselves well to many different styles, including fringes that make you look youthful and chic. In fact, straight light brown hair with bangs can help hide fine lines on the forehead and create a modern appearance. They do require some maintenance, and you will have to regularly get trims and add a little extra styling time to your daily routine. However, you will likely find that it is worth it, considering how fashion-forward this look is.


Straight Light Brown Hair With Bangs


6. Light Brown Beach Waves

Light brown beach waves are the summer-approved look you have been searching for. They are casual and cool, creating a carefree yet feminine appearance. To add to the volume, enhance your natural texture. To do this, find a great sea salt spray, and run your fingers through your hair or use a large comb. For a Boho-chic vibe, keep your makeup natural and have fun experimenting with loose clothing and dreamy layers.


Light Brown Beach Waves


7. Light Brown Hair with Fine Blonde Highlights

If you want to give your light brown hair a little lift and update your hair, you can do this with fine blonde highlights. The great thing about light brown hair is it is incredibly versatile, and adding highlights to it can create a softer appearance. If you find the right color, you can achieve a natural look, add dimension and depth, and help enhance your natural hair texture. Highlights are also far more versatile than opting to dye your locks a new shade completely.


Light Brown Hair With Fine Blonde Highlights


8. Light Brown Natural Hair

Light brown natural hair is pretty and eye-catching. Deciding to embrace your curls helps achieve a texturally interesting, voluminous, and structurally stronger look. Curly hair is versatile and never boring, and you can experiment with different ways to wear it. You need less products and fewer chemicals when keeping it natural. Plus, with all the volume, your hair demands attention for all the right reasons.


Light Brown Natural Hair


9. Light Brown Tips

For a fresh and updated appearance, you can add light brown tips to your hair. This versatile and easy-to-wear look doesn’t require much maintenance yet adds dimension to your locks. Medium brown hair looks great when mixed with lighter highlights, creating depth and softness that perfectly frame your face. Deciding to lighten just the tips is also much easier to wear, cheaper to get done, and far less dramatic than opting for new color throughout, making this option very appealing.


Light Brown Tips


10. Black to Light Brown Hair

Black is a gorgeous color, but it can also be harsh to wear and make light complexions feel washed out. If you want to add a softness to the hue, this can be achieved by introducing lighter shades to it, like light brown. Light brown will add depth and dimension to the black hair and create a contrast. This is a more subtle approach to coloring than opting for lighter shades like blonde but will still lighten the hair and brighten your appearance.


Black To Light Brown Hair


11. Light Brown Hair with Honey Highlights

Light brown hair with honey highlights is a wonderful way to lighten your hair without causing too much damage. The change is subtle, giving your locks life and creating depth and dimension, yet still being incredibly easy to wear and versatile. Honey is a warm and rich hue with a golden undertone, and it tends to be flattering on most skin tones. This is a fantastic option for the warmer months, and your hair will shine in the sunlight, but it is just as appealing for the cooler seasons, too. The softness of your hair color will compliment your features.


Light Brown Hair With Honey Highlights


12. Light Brown Ombre Balayage

There are so many different techniques to try out with light brown hair, including ombre and balayage. Or, you could combine the two for a relatively low-maintenance look that is not quite as dramatic as if it were just balayage; the approach is more of a sweeping placement, while ombre is gradual. Rather than opting for a full head of highlights, the gorgeous thing about this option is that you do not need to stress so much about coverage on your roots. You also do not need to make as many regular trips to the salon. The result is a stunning, sun-kissed appearance, making it the perfect option for the summer months or if you want a little change.


Light Brown Ombre Balayage


13. Light Brown Voluminous Hair

If you are a woman who wants to be noticed, then do so with light brown voluminous hair. Big hair can make a statement, and this is a look that is definitely going to turn heads. It adds movement, gives your hair lift, and it makes your locks look fuller. This creates a very effortlessly cool appearance.


Light Brown Volumous Hair


14. Light Brown Braided Hair

Depending on the braids you choose, they can have cultural importance and be a way to celebrate your ancestral heritage, but they are also a fantastic choice because they are a protective style. They can help prevent hair breakage and frizz and help lock in moisture. Braids are a way to keep your locks tame, and you don’t have to worry about styling. In addition, they can also last a long time, making this a fuss-free option that can drastically reduce the time you spend styling and grooming; plus, they look fierce!


Light Brown Braided Hair


15. Light Brown Highlights on Natural Hair

Light brown highlights on natural hair are gorgeous. They can add depth and dimension to your locks, draw attention to your face, soften your features, and capture the light. Highlights are also appealing because they brighten up your base color and give you a fresh, new appearance. Adding them to your natural texture is an excellent decision because it can keep your hair healthy and strong; plus, you can enjoy the volume.

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Light Brown Highlights On Natural Hair


16. Light Brown Ombre Hair

Ombre hair is one of the most popular ways to add color to your locks because it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a full head of color, and you aren’t left with unattractive root hair growth. The technique creates a blending of color, often from dark to lighter shades, which looks lovely on all hair textures and suits various lengths. For a sun-kissed look, keep it subtle and only go a few shades lighter than your base color; alternatively, you can also opt for a more dramatic appearance. That is the beauty of this versatile and fun approach to hair color.


Light Brown Ombre Hair


17. Light Brown Wavy Bob

A light brown wavy bob haircut looks pretty and romantic. One of the significant pros of wavy hair is that you do not need to wash it every day. Leaving it for a few days to allow for the scalps’ natural oils to moisturize the hair creates even more definition and volume. Wavy hair is surprisingly versatile and works well on both long and shorter hairstyles. The bob is a classic cut, but creating it with more texture gives it an updated appearance. It is easy to maintain, timeless, flattering to most face shapes, and effortlessly chic. To draw even more attention to your features, opt for a pair of statement earrings to compliment your haircut.


Light Brown Wavy Bob


18. Light Brown Curly Hair

Hair texture can make even the simplest of looks interesting, and light brown curly hair is beautiful. The warm hue complements the hair, enhancing the texture. Curly hair is versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. If you are all about the volume, then wear them loosely. You can also try out a half up and half up half down hairstyle or play around with accessories such as hair ribbons and headbands to keep the hair out of your face. Your locks will have great movement and be full of life, and this is a look that is bound to get you noticed.


Light Brown Curly Hair

19. Light Brown Highlights

Light brown highlights can lighten your dark hair and create depth and dimension. It is a fantastic choice for someone who wants to change their hair color without dying it completely. It can brighten your face and enhance your eye color. Depending on how dramatic you want your look, you can opt to only dye a few stands for a very natural appearance or go for a heavier approach. The choice is yours, and either result is stunning. Light brown is one of the most flattering colors for all skin tones.


Light Brown Hair With Honey Highlights


20. Light Brown Short Hair

Light brown hair is incredibly versatile and works with all hair types, textures, and lengths. It also suits most skin tones. On the other hand, short hair is a fantastic look for a woman who wants a low-maintenance approach to styling. Shorter hair can also be healthier, is less likely to have split ends, and make a powerful statement. It takes confidence to pull off a short style; it challenges gender norms, showing that you are not a wallflower.


Light Brown Short Hair


21. Light Brown Wavy Hair

You will look as though you’ve just stepped off the beach of a fashion editorial with light brown wavy hair. The look is gorgeous, tousled, and all about the texture. The color is easy to wear and complements most skin tones, and you can wear it with any length and experiment with different styles and haircuts. Wavy locks are great because you don’t have to wash them every day. Although it may be more time-consuming to brush, it requires little effort and product, other than an excellent sea spray formula, to look good. For a sun-kissed appearance, try out your favorite body shimmer and bronzer.


Light Brown Wavy Hair


22. Light Brown Fine Hair

Light brown fine hair has some definite pros. These include that it dries faster, and it is very easy to style. You can wear it in almost any updo hairstyle, pull it into a sleek pony, or wear it loose. The downside is that your hair may lack volume, but to create fullness, you can try out cuts with layers, use volumizing products, and experiment with your hair parting. The light brown color is also very flattering and complements your hair type, texture, and skin tone, making it the perfect shade for anyone.


Light Brown Fine Hair

23. Light Brown Lob

The bob haircut is a classic haircut, but the lob haircut is even more versatile and suits most face shapes. It is more than just versatility that will attract you to the light brown lob, though, because it is also great for creating texture and can help to frame your face. With the standard bob, you are required to wear your hair down at all times. However, the extra length of the lob also gives you the option to tie it up. This cut will add volume for thin or fine hair, while thicker hair can appear more lightweight, and you can enjoy movement. What is not to like about this style, right?!


Light Brown Lob


24. Light Brown Straight Bob

Light brown hair can work with all styles, including a straight bob haircut. This fashion-forward option is a little harder to rock than the standard bob because it requires more styling time and upkeep. Straight hair can be easy to maintain and suits all lengths; a blunt cut can also give the illusion of thickness and texture. That said, the angles of this look can be hard to perfect, and because it is not one length makes it much harder to wear. It can, however, make you appear more youthful and will draw attention to your face and complement your facial features. When asking yourself if this look is for you, consider how much time you want to spend styling; but at the same time, you will appear as though you’ve just stepped off the catwalk, and who doesn’t want that?


Light Brown Straight Bob


25. Light Brown Chocolate Hair

If you want a hair color that is rich, full of dimension, and will breathe new life into your locks, then you need to try out light chocolate brown hair. The color is surprisingly flattering on most skin tones, including pale skin, and it gives the hair a gorgeous shine. It is not harsh and is therefore easy to wear. Style it up or down, on long hair or short, and with various hair textures and types, the choice is yours. If you want even more depth, you can add highlights that are a shade or two lighter.


Light Chocolate Brown Hair


26. Light Brown Pink Dip Dye

Light brown hair is a wonderful, versatile color that can be worn in several ways; this includes trying out the dip-dye technique. This coloring method involves dipping the ends of the hair into the dye. It can be a dye of your choosing, for example, a lighter color like a warm blonde or caramel to create subtle contrast and give the hair depth. Or it could be a bold and bright hue, like a striking shade of pink or red, letting you have fun with your hair and showing the world your playful side. The appeal of dip dye hair is that it works with all hair colors and textures and is a great way to experiment with color without having to dye the entire head.


Light Brown Dip Dye


27. Light Brown Mullet

The mullet hairstyle is somewhat controversial and has a bad reputation. However, the modern approach to the cut is changing, and the style is becoming more and more popular. The cut features hair on the top and sides of the head kept short, with length in the back. It is a surprisingly versatile option as it works with all hair textures and types and can be dyed in the color of your choosing. You can leave the hair on the top and sides slightly longer than the traditional mullet if you wish to achieve a more subtle style, which is more wearable. You can also experiment with different finishes, including bangs or angles of the cut.

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Mullet Haircut With Light Brown Hair


28. Light Brown Shag

The shag haircut was a popular haircut in the 70s, and it has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent years. The heavily layered cut is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to suit all hair textures and cut at varying lengths. The choppy layers also complement thin or thick hair, either giving the illusion of thickness or helping to remove the weight and bulk from the hair. With light brown hair, the shag will look effortlessly cool and leave you with a hairstyle full of attitude but surprisingly easy to wear. It is also a style that complements women of all ages.


Shag Haircut Light Brown


29. Light Brown Romantic Updo

Updos are great for formal occasions or casual events, and there are several different styles to choose from depending on your hair length, texture, and preference. A romantic updo will look gorgeous on your light brown hair and should be styled to look deliberately undone, with a few strands of hair left to fall around the face. This can be incredibly flattering and will add a softness to your features. The style you choose for your updo can be as complicated or simple and can be personalized as you wish. A great way to do this would be to add a floral headband or baby’s breath to the hair. When creating your hair, it is advisable to do it on hair that is not freshly washed as this is easier to style.


Romantic Updo With Light Brown Hair


30. Light Brown Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a new hairstyle trending on social media. This haircut is a mixture of the shag and the mullet and gives you an edgy and cool appearance. It can be created on all hair lengths and textures and easily adapted to suit your preference. It is also fantastic on thick hair as the heavily layered cut can remove the bulk and weight from the hair. At the same time, the right layers can make thin hair appear thicker and fuller. On light brown hair, the angles and layers of the cut can be more visible than on darker shades, making this is a style that will complement your hair color.


Light Brown Wolf Cut


31. Soft Rose Gold on Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair is a gorgeous color, but if you want to give your hair an update, consider adding soft rose gold tones. Rose gold is a blend of red, pink, and blonde tones and is incredibly versatile. It suits all complexions and will complement hair of all textures, styles, and lengths. It can also be added to the hair in various ways, from subtle approaches like a balayage effect; this will give the hair depth and dimension. Or you can opt for a more statement finish with a dip-dye color, focusing the rose gold on the ends of the hair.


Soft Rose Gold On Light Brown Hair


32. Light Brown Ponytail

The ponytail is an effortless way to style your hair. It can be created on all hair types and with varying lengths. There are also different ways to try the ponytail, including a low pony for a casual and relaxed aesthetic or a high ponytail for a sophisticated or fashion-forward appearance. Pulling the hair away from your eyes and off your neck can also be flattering, drawing attention to the face and complementing your features. You can opt for a messy and deliberately undone ponytail, leaving a few strands of hair to fall around the face to give your look a softness. This upstyle is also practical and excellent for working out or keeping you cool in warmer weather.


Ponytail Hairstyle


33. Light Brown Auburn Ombre

Pairing light brown and auburn together will give you hair that is full of depth. Auburn is a stunning shade of reddish-brown that has orange-red tones. It looks fantastic on women with pale skin and light eyes; however, your colorist can adapt the shade to best suit your preference and complement your skin tone. The ombre hair coloring technique is one of the most stylish ways to combine these two hues, adding dimension to the hair. The results will be very subtle, making this pairing easy to wear and effortlessly chic.


Light Brown Auburn Ombre


34. Light Brown Space Buns

Undoubtedly one of the best looks to emerge from the 90s was the space bun. This is one of the cutest updos and is great on hair of various textures and types. The look is defined by two buns, one on either side of the head. How big they depend on how thick and long your hair is. You can also try out a half up half down hairstyle if you want to show off your hair texture while still trying this style. In addition to looking cool, space buns will give you a youthful appearance. There is also an opportunity to personalize them with accessories, for example, choosing bright scrunchies.


Light Brown Space Buns


35. Light Reddish Brown Hair

Light brown hair can be adapted to suit your preference, and this can be achieved in several ways, including adding other colors to it. Reddish-brown hair contains red and brown tones and is a deep, rich color that will complement most complexions and suit all hair textures and styles. Adding this hue to a light brown base color will give the hair depth. You can do this in various ways, including lowlights, balayage, or ombre.


Light Reddish Brown Hair


36. Light Brown Hair with Subtle Highlights

Subtle highlights on light brown hair can lighten your hair and brighten your appearance. For the best and most natural-looking approach, you want to focus on adding highlights that are only a shade or two lighter than your base tone. This is a gorgeous way to give the hair lift, but it is still easy to wear and will complement most skin tones. You can add highlights throughout or strategically place them around the face, drawing attention to the features and creating a face-framing effect.


Light Brown Hair With Subtle Face Framing Highlights


37. Heavy Light Brown Highlights

Light brown hair is versatile and can be created in several shades, allowing you to tailor your hair to your preference. Heavy highlights on light brown hair focuses on covering the entire head in your favorite hue. It is a solid color that is exceptionally flattering and will complement most skin tones. It can be added to hair of all textures and lengths and styled as you wish.


Heavy Light Brown Highlights


38. Light Brown Hair with Box Braids

Box braids are a stylish and versatile protective style. They are created by sectioning the hair into squares, making a box-like appearance, hence the name. The appeal of box braids is that they can be created in various thicknesses and lengths, but you can also experiment with different colors. It is an excellent option for women who want to take a break from heat styling and reduce their daily grooming time. Plus, this style can aid natural hair growth and will last around four to six weeks.


Light Brown Box Braids


39. Light Brown Passion Twists

A gorgeous way to style your light brown hair is with your favorite protective style. Passion twists are ideal for those who want textured braids, and their curly appearance can have a very feminine and flattering finish. The way the curls fall against the face can also soften and complement your features. Passion twists can be created in varying lengths and thicknesses and aid natural hair growth while also preventing breakage and friction.


Light Brown Passion Twist


40. Pixie Cut with Light Brown Hair

The pixie cut is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women. It is defined by the hair short on the back and sides with more length on the top. This creates volume, and the hair looks thicker and fuller. The pixie is a simple and versatile cut easily adapted to suit your hair texture and type. Plus, it’s great for women of all ages. You can also experiment with different finishes, including opting for a slightly longer fringe, longer hair, or giving it an edgy update with shaved sides or an undercut. For a flattering look that will highlight your eyes, try wearing your pixie with a long fringe. This will also give the illusion of length without any of the maintenance hassles that come with long hair.


Light Brown Pixie Cut


41. Light Brown Babylights

If you are looking for a subtle way to update your light brown hair, consider adding babylights. Babylights are applied the same way traditional foil highlights are but differ because they are fine highlights. These delicate strips of color are added throughout the hair, creating a natural appearance. This is a fantastic option for lightening the hair, brightening your complexion, and giving you a slight contrast between the base color and the shade of your highlights. Choose a hue that is only one or two shades different from your natural hair color for the best results.

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Light Brown Babylights


42. Light Brown Hair with Purple Streaks

Light brown hair is one of the prettiest and most versatile hair colors. It looks great with most complexions and suits all hair textures and lengths. There is variety in styling, letting you personalize your look to reflect your personality. For those who are adventurous and not afraid to take risks, adding purple hair streaks to your hair is a great option. There are various shades of purple to choose from, depending on how noticeable you want it to be; lighter hues like pastel are easier to wear and will create a more blended appearance. Adding any bright colors to your hair is a way to express yourself, and this could be a fun way to change your appearance.


Light Brown Hair With Purple Streaks


43. Light Ash Brown Hair

Ash brown is a cool color that will give your light brown hair a modern update. This hue has grey tones and is a wonderful way of adding depth and dimension to the hair. It can be added in several ways, including trying out an ombre effect which will draw the eye toward the tips of the hair. Or you can opt for a more natural finish by adding the streaks throughout the hair. Ash brown is versatile but suits women with fair to medium complexions best.


Light Ash Brown Hair


44. Light Brown Perm

Permed hair was initially a way to make the hair look bigger and more voluminous. In the 80s, perms were not the most practical style, but the modern approach creates hair that is often more subtle, natural, and wearable. The process of perms chemically alters the structure of the hair, allowing you to get the curls or wavy look of your dreams; this is a technique that professionals should do to minimize the damage involved. With light brown hair, your curl pattern will be more noticeable than on darker hair, making this a wonderful color for a perm.


Light Brown Perm


45. Lowlights on Light Brown Hair

Lowlights is a coloring technique that adds shades of color to the hair that are darker than the base tone. On light brown hair, this can be anything from dark brown to a reddish hue, depending on your preference, and is a fantastic way of adding depth to the hair. Lowlights will also create a contrast, boosting volume and making the hair appear thicker and fuller. If you are looking for a fresh and modern approach to your light brown hair, this is it!


Lowlights On Light Brown Hair


46. Light Brown Two-Tone Long Tight Curls

A hairstyle that combines two colors, like the two-tone coloring technique, is appealing for several reasons. The colors can be subtle and blended or can be in specific sections, creating a contrast. It is a fantastic option for experimenting with color and can add depth and dimension to your hair. It is a great idea to add warm hues like honey or caramel with light brown hair to give it a lift and brighten your appearance. Curls are an ideal texture for color and make the combination appear more blended and natural.


Two Tone Long Tight Curls


47. Light Brown Side Parted Bob

The bob haircut is stylish, practical, and incredibly versatile. It is a universally flattering cut and can be worn by women of all ages. It also complements all hair colors and textures and can be adapted to suit your preference, for example, with a slightly longer length or the addition of bangs. You can also wear your bob with a side part, a universally flattering way to style the hair and soften the features. This parting can also complement your jawline and draw attention to the face.


Light Brown Hair With Subtle Side Part


48. Caramel Light Brown Hair

There are few color pairings as rich and gorgeous as caramel light brown hair. Caramel hair color is a warm, golden brown hue that will lighten the brown hair and brighten the appearance. It can be added in various ways, including subtle highlights strategically placed around the face or a more bold option like an ombre hair color. This coloring technique will give the hair depth and dimension but is low-maintenance as you do not have to worry about retouching the roots.


Caramel Light Brown Hair


49. Light Copper Brown Hair Color

The appeal of light brown hair is its versatility, and it can be added to the hair in various ways. You can also combine it with other tones to create a deeper and darker or lighter and warmer finish. This includes copper, a stunning shade of brown and red tones. The color is incredibly flattering, suiting most skin tones and complementing all eye colors. It is also a way to highlight your hair texture and get your locks noticed!


Light Copper Brown Hair Color


50. Cool Light Brown Hair Color

Light brown hair is not just one shade, and it can be combined with multiple colors to change the appearance. This makes it an exciting and versatile choice, and it can be personalized to complement your skin tone and hair texture. A cool-toned shade of light brown has less red and can often feel darker. This color works best with those who have cool skin tones.


Cool Light Brown Hair Color



Light Brown Hair Color FAQs

How can I lighten my brown hair at home?

If you want to lighten your brown hair at home, you can do so with store-bought hair dye. Try to pick colors that are only a few shades lighter for the best result. You also want to consider your skin’s undertones to find a color that will best suit your skin tone and complement your features. There are also some natural remedies to try out, although you should be warned that not all of them will have the desired effect and, depending on your hair type and texture, could have varying results. Using a mixture of lemon juice in your conditioner is one of the most common methods, or you could try applying apple cider vinegar.

Can you go from dark brown to light brown without bleach?

You can go from dark brown to light brown without bleach. You do this by choosing a hair dye that is a few shades lighter than your current color. Also consider your skin’s undertones when finding the right shade. It may be a gradual process before you find the hue that you love. Although this can be done at home, you should go to a salon where they specialize in coloring hair for the best results.

What’s the best light brown hair dye?

The great thing about dying your hair is there are so many different products on the market to help you do so. To determine the best will be dependent on several factors, including your hair color, texture, and type. That said, some options include Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color, Light Ash Brown, L’oreal Paris Excellence Creme 6 Natural Light Brown Hair Dye, Clairol Nice’n Easy Hair Dye 5 Medium Brown, and Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Dye Light Brown 6. It is helpful to read customer reviews of the product before purchase to find the one you feel is best suited to your needs.

What highlights for light brown hair?

For the most natural results for light brown hair, add highlights with a bronze or blonde color. Warm honey highlights are also a lovely option for a sun-kissed appearance.

Is light brown hair brunette?

Light brown hair is still considered a shade of brunette. There are many light, medium and dark colors that fall under this general category.

What number is light brown hair color?

The number of light brown hair colors when choosing your desired shade of hair dye is dependent on the product and brand you are using. As an indicator, L’oreal Paris uses 1.0 for black hair, and 10 is their lightest shade of blonde. Therefore, light brown falls in the middle with a 5.0. Always read the packaging of your chosen hair dye, as this will indicate the color and how it looks when covering light or dark hair so that you can get an idea of the results.


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