50 Sergio Ramos Quotes About Soccer & Success

Sergio Ramos is an ace Spanish footballer, captain of both Spain’s national football team and Spanish club ‘Real Madrid’. He has also played as a right-back earlier in his career.

Ramos has become a mainstay for ‘Real Madrid’ and has won 21 big honors, including four La Liga titles and four ‘UEFA Champions League’ titles, becoming one of La Liga’s top goalkeepers from a defensive position Huh. She has been nominated ten times in FIFPro World11; A record for a keeper.

Here is a collection of the most inspirational Sergio Ramos quotes:

50 Sergio Ramos Football and Quotes about success

9. “Barcelona is not invincible.” – Sergio Ramos

2. “Flattery and criticism are always in our profession.” – Sergio Ramos

3. “I know that English fans will treat the players as they deserve, and I’m not at all concerned about that.” – Sergio Ramos

4. “I think Peake has never given a bad opinion about any of my teammates in Real Madrid, other than the odd personal comment, but apparently when he attacked Real Madrid, our club and our institution Is, then it bothers everyone. The rest is what he says. “- Sergio Ramos

5. “I am a very angry person, but when you are wearing a captain’s armband for Real Madrid or the national team, it is best to express yourself in a different way. Keep you feeling of unity Have to – have a good environment where everyone feels happy is the key to success, and it’s something you lose. “- Sergio Ramos

6. “Madrid always opens its doors to great players.” – Sergio Ramos

7th out of 50 Sergio Ramos quotes

7. “Sometimes You Lose; He is football. ”- Sergio Ramos

9. “There is no greater motivation than playing in the final of the UEFA Champions League.” – Sergio Ramos

9. “We have suffered defeat many times, and you cannot draw any conclusions.” – Sergio Ramos

9. “Whenever we lose, it is a sad day.” – Sergio Ramos

9. “Bad things can happen to even the best players.” – Sergio Ramos

12. “Every day, I am eager to learn new things, and for this I am grateful to Mourinho.” – Sergio Ramos

13. “I keep my opinion to myself. I have always said that everyone is free to think what you like. “- Sergio Ramos

9. “I think of myself as someone who gives everything, and I want to wake up every day who wants to keep growing.” – Sergio Ramos

15. “I would love to win the Ballon d’Or, but honestly, I’m not even thinking about it.” – Sergio Ramos

16. “It is up to the coach to decide who is in the best shape to play each match.” – Sergio Ramos

17th out of 50 Sergio Ramos quotes

17. “Sometimes the authorities should watch English football and let us play more. I like their system because, in Europe, their referees are more lenient. “- Sergio Ramos

18. “Sometimes easy games and others are tough, but the Champions League always requires heavy concentration.” – Sergio Ramos

19. “We need the right attitude and the right motivation – that can set the match above everything else.” – Sergio Ramos

20. “When you win many titles, the opponent is very much antagonistic towards you.” – Sergio Ramos

21. “At the end of the day, we have to talk to the players and the coach – this strengthens the relationship.” – Sergio Ramos

22. “Humiliation is bad for the environment around a team.” – Sergio Ramos

23. “I don’t care if I play right or center. I want coaches to believe in me.” – Sergio Ramos

24. “I consider myself a great player, but fans will have to decide if this is true.” – Sergio Ramos

25. “I get up every day with tremendous enthusiasm.” – Sergio Ramos

26. “It’s good to compete.” – Sergio Ramos

27th place out of 50 Sergio Ramos quotes

27. “Ever since Carlo Ancelotti has arrived, he has emphasized hard work and intensity, and is now associated with Real Madrid. He has experience of playing, which makes him different from other coaches. ”- Sergio Ramos

28. “The team needs a leader to handle everything with rules and constant consistency. Mourinho is the ideal man for that job, and we are happy about it. “- Sergio Ramos

29. “We should thank our fans for their support.” – Sergio Ramos

30. “When the list is made among the best players of all time, Totti will definitely be there.” I truly believe that he will be remembered as one of the greats. “- Sergio Ramos

31. “At Real Madrid, we have many good players from which the team can learn.” – Sergio Ramos

32. “Defending is not so easy for a team as aggressive as Real Madrid.” – Sergio Ramos

33. “I am not someone who does severe penance, and I want to remember the good things of my time with Mourinho.” – Sergio Ramos

34. “I think of those who supported and kept with me, including my wife, my children, my parents, and Madrid Madrid.” – Sergio Ramos

35. “I get up every day with a smile, and in that sense, I feel the same way I did when I arrived in Real Madrid in 2005.” – Sergio Ramos

36. “It is a mistake to mix politics and sports.” – Sergio Ramos

37th out of 50 Sergio Ramos quotes

37. “Everything goes well with the start of the Real Madrid season. They always fight for three competitions. ”- Sergio Ramos

38. “Referees sometimes give it to you, and others take it out.” – Sergio Ramos

39. “We should take each match as best we can and try to overcome each one as soon as possible.” – Sergio Ramos

40. “When someone loses, it’s easier to focus on the referee’s decisions.” – Sergio Ramos

41. “As long as there are opportunities, we have to fight till the end. This is the philosophy of Madrid. “- Sergio Ramos

42. “Being a captain is a great privilege and a responsibility to lead a great group with different cultures.” – Sergio Ramos

43. “I always said that when Madrid wins, it was not due to Ronaldo, Kaka, or any other, and when you lose, it is not fair to blame the failures alone on these people.” – Sergio Ramos

44. “I need to shut up and do my thing on the pitch.” – Sergio Ramos

45. “I think Totti will have no problem playing at another big club. He is a born hitman, and great players always find a way to fit into a team.” – Sergio Ramos

46. ​​”Finally, individual titles are acquired with the help of all your teammates.” – Sergio Ramos

47th out of 50 Sergio Ramos quotes

47. “Peak has been a great center-back.” – Sergio Ramos

48. “The margin for error in the Champions League is small.” – Sergio Ramos

49. “We all know the demands of this club, but I am willing to make sure every Madridist is happy.” – Sergio Ramos

50. “What remains of the child in Seville always wants to win is the dream.” I still have the same today. “- Sergio Ramos


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