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Indian Mehandi Designs: Mehandi is a type of body art that uses henna as the main dye. It is popular in many countries but is most commonly used in India and Pakistan. The designs that are used vary depending on the region but often include intricate patterns and symbols.

Here’s a list of over 60 amazing Indian Mehandi layouts that you enjoy!

Ganesha Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Sri Ganesh is one of the most popular gods in India and is often depicted with an elephant head. He is the god of success, prosperity, and new beginnings and is often called upon for help in these areas.

Ganesha Mehandi designs are very intricate and often include symbols that represent his attributes. Some popular elements of a Ganesha Mehandi design include lotuses, elephants, mice, and grains. These designs are perfect for celebrations such as weddings or Hindu holidays.

Here, the Mehandi gets the god right at the midst inscribed within a mango routine with an Indian Mehandi design theme

Mesh and Mango Motif 

indian mehandi deisgns

This really is an easy chakra mehndi design combined with attractively decorated on the back palm. I enjoy the way the palms are adorned with geometrical designs. The wrist has a v-shaped layout that gives it a royal appearance.

The wristband appears exquisite for certain. V-shaped layouts have caught up with the tendency a lot nowadays. For minimalistic mehndi designs similar to this, you could always improve them by using different colors and glitters onto them.

Stylish Indian Mehandi Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

That is quite a modern mehndi design for you that is carried forward using a conventional or unconventional event. Instead of having a henna design for a celebration, it’s similar to a henna tattoo.

This kind of mehndi design has gained immense popularity in western nations.

Peacock and Flowers Traditional Indian Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This can be a very straightforward peacock routine with bold strokes to provide it with a small simplicity and neatness. I enjoy the way the peacock mehndi design is surrounded by 2 blossoms.

The mehndi designs viewed as a whole resemble an amalgamation of geometrical patterns.

Spacing Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

I enjoy the way the finger layout moves at a slanting position. The entire design is split into four sections that give it a sort of neatness that’s supposed in any Mehandi design.

Interestingly, the mehndi design in all of the segments is rather indistinguishable, yet they’ve been reversed rather than provide a distinctive appearance.

These mehndi designs on the back of hand look great with dresses that are high flown and also have a great deal of embroidery work completed on these.

Domes and Paisley Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The fundamental idea is that the dome as well as the paisley patterns mehndi design dominate the subject.

Have a look at the palms of the design that is performed with paisley too. It’s fairly an exceptional twist on the conventional colored fingertips.

A mehndi design such as this would suit the legs also, but you might add different components which will go together with the form of it.

Floral Motif Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This Mehndi design is performed with black henna and seems amazing.

It’s a combination of Indian and Arabic Mehndi fashions and is adored by many.

It’s an excellent change from the traditional Indian designs that are quite overcrowded sometimes. So for a few milder events, you must attempt something like this.

Indian Bridal Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Mango mehndi design layouts are extremely popular with Indian women and women since it provides a vibrant look to the Mehandi Designs.

The majority of the mehndi designs have paisleys or cherry layouts in them that are detailed with various mehendi design patterns. The mehndi design image includes a number of different components.

However, the most striking thing is the symmetry of this layout that’s difficult to master.

Paisley and Peacock on Shoulder

indian mehandi deisgns

Indian designs look good on any portion of the body since it mainly includes paisleys and scatters works which are put perfectly on almost any body area.

This mehndi design starts in the neck and extends down the shoulder.

It’s an excellent mehndi design if you’re planning to wear something off-shoulder. This mehndi design could be a special addition to your personality in any event. The floral blossoms increase the feminity of these layouts. In general, it’s a fantastic and elaborative work of art.

Inspired By Mughal Forts

indian mehandi deisgns

Not just an Arabic Mehndi design, yet this full hand mehndi design has a motif of the Arabic Mehndi design with a lot of paisleys and chequered work.

The mehndi design is spread out to the palms and seems extremely fairly. The ample spaces which are supplied give it a look.

Bride and Groom Indian Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The Indian wedding Mehndi designs for famous amongst women who prefer to choose the bride and groom designs.

On the flip side, you’ll see a lot of hidden patterns such as that of their king and peacock. It’s astonishing how these mehendi designs are readily integrated into these enormous and elaborative designs.

Full Leg and Arms Indian Mehandi

indian mehandi deisgns

This arm and leg Mehndi design is quite complicated and is very good for any Indian bride on her own D-day.

The arm mehndi design has a Ganesha theme on the top whereas the leg comes with an elephant mehndi design theme. The thing about complicated Mehndi design could add as many different patterns as you would like.

Pair of Peacock

indian mehandi deisgns

Peacock is an auspicious bird in India; it’s also the national bird also.

Peacock mehndi designs stand for pleasure and bliss and can be utilized in several henna designs too. You may very well use the peacock motif on your henna designs in addition to different mehndi designs such as the paisley, which appears quite much like this peacock one.

 Spiral Back Hand Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Consider these gorgeous swirls and the method by which the curve of this Mehndi design falls elegantly about the wrist.

The mehndi design patterns are complicated and lovely. Apparently, it’s motivated by the Mehandi designs and seems pretty hippie you want and chic.

I particularly enjoy the tiny addition accomplished by the res of this layout on the index finger. It’s very wonderful.

Ring Extension Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The Mehendi design is excellent and seems pretty decorative. It appears as it’s an expansion of your own jewelry. The series joins the ring into the wrist ring that’s easy patterns inside.

The traditional patterns inside are fundamental geometric shapes which are super simple to create. It’s also perfect for young women who don’t wish to enter the intricacies of this classic Indian style.

Ankle Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Many women are into mehndi designs and you will especially see them on occasions like weddings or even Diwali if they’re coated in henna from the tip into the toe.

But many nowadays are catching up with the tendency of minimalism and attempt to refrain from over complicated mehndi designs. This one is a good example of this tendency. A simple ankle design that looks fairly amazing.

Block Art Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The attractiveness of half and half net mehndi design is the fact that it doesn’t neglect to seem like a lacey pattern of a glove. It’s those Victorian vibes for this is classy for practically any event.

While I personally feel it would suit more about western outfits, like a dress, however, a saree or a lawsuit would do just fine too.

Indian Mehandi Design on Back

indian mehandi deisgns

Mehandi was originally for your legs and arms but it’s no reason it has to be limited to it. A lot of men and women go up to using Mehandi tattoos on their faces. But…let’s not go that way and adhere to normal body parts such as the trunk along with the nape of their neck!

A Mehandi layout with traditional Indian designs would look amazing in your back. Take a peek at this one, for example, the paisley mehndi designs along with the work seem fantastic. You may then put on a back cut blouse or outfit to showcase your lovely design. It would be odd and you’ll stick out from the rest of the audience pretty confident.

Glitter Indian Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Adding glitters and stones in your Mehandi layout is always great since it provides a certain vibrancy for your own design. It is going to surely cut down to the dull black tone of this henna and will add unique textures to your job.

This Arabic Mehndi will appear ideal for any event.

Multi-Dimensional Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This is merely a straightforward Mandala design together with the palms not done a lot of. The palms are done in complex swirly patterns.

The arm component of this layout is motivated from the Arabic Mehndi design that looks fantastic. At first glance, the routines are dominantly floral themed will look great on almost any event.

Symmetrical Indian Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The mehndi design on both palms and hands is indistinguishable but the thing which brings us the maximum is the centre area, which can be just two half mandalas at a heart-shaped figurine.

The mandala mehndi design is performed with fairly leafy vines. I enjoy the way the palms are complete with fragile stokes of foliage and floral motifs. The massive paisley on the top is well worth noticing. It’s very good for an Indian Mehndi design set if you’re searching.

Floral Bracelet Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This really is merely a modern take of this mehndi design. The plan is floral motifs with a little shading effect to improve the expression of the plan.

The wristband appears pretty decorative and you may just ditch your thick wrists rings using a layout similar to this. This is a fairly simple layout with bold strokes and a wonderful 3D effect.

Chakra Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This routine is straightforward and creative and supplies a great deal of room for those layouts to stand out.

The circular layout in the center comes out just like a gorgeous flower center. I enjoy the bold patterns which were utilized to generate the leaves. It’s fairly stylish.

Feather Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Feathers are highly symbolic in Indian heritage mehndi design for a motif for liberty and imagination. Consequently, if you’re a writer or a bookworm, this layout will seem amazing. It’s fairly basic so that you may add some more layouts in this one.

From the film, you may observe some Indian conventional mehndi patterns which were added to produce this design combination of Indian and western. Quite a fantastic alternative.

3-D Indian Mehandi Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

This is the commonest Arabic Mehandi design that you can come across and believe me, almost everyone has had a similar mehndi design at least once in their lives. It is a perfect trail of flowers and leaves and has jewel motifs too.

The bold strokes in between give it a 3-D effect which enhances the look of it. Adding shaded patterns also helps to enhance the overall look of this mehndi design and gives it a subtle depth.

Asymmetrical Mehandi Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

This full hand mehndi design looks as if the Mehandi pattern is done with a very light stroke and so each design stands out individually.

The rest of the patterns are merely arranged in a slanting position that provides a bit of asymmetry and style to the whole design. It is done with floral and leafy trail patterns.

Simple Mehandi Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

People are much into minimalistic Mehandi designs these days. They prefer the intricate work and the quality of it rather than how much area has been covered. This design is pretty floral but only done with the basic shapes. Looking at its simplicity, it is possible to do by the beginners too.

Arabic Back Hand Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This design will leave you awestruck. It is extremely beautiful. The outermost part is done in a beautiful v-shaped theme. Next, we have the dome band which looks absolutely regal. The fingers have been kept to the bare minimum. It is a perfect design for your family occasions or in fact your casual routine too.

Unusual Indian Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

It seems like the Mehandi was done with a trail of paisleys in an Arabic style starting from the ring finger but more designs were added to completely fill the hand. The rest of the fingers include mesh patterns while on hand are arms, you will see a lot of floral work.

Simple Hand Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Rather than dedicating each hand to the bride and the groom, this designs requires that the bride and the groom must share one hand…like they’re about to share their lives. The rest of the patterns are pretty simple with half domes sitting on each other. This is a pretty simple design but there’s always room for improvement!

Heart Bride and Groom Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This raja rani sits perfectly well on the half heart pattern that is complete when the hands are brought together. The arms are beautifully given a floral theme that looks pretty scintillating. The hand and the fingers have a perfect geometrical style that is adorable!

Popular Feet Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The leg design seems ornamental and you can, thus, wear this pattern like jewelry. The pattern mainly consists of paisleys and leaves along with floral vibes to it. It is a great traditional design for young girls or bride.

Peacock Feather Design

indian mehandi deisgns

It is an exquisite design because of the huge peacock that forms the central part of the whole pattern. The rest of the design just seems like a part of the feather of the peacock. The designs are intricate and hence both the hands have different styles and patterns. For example, both the hands contain meshwork but the patterns are totally different.

Mandala Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This design is all about the dome. It has a lot of curves and patterns that are drawn with a lot of precision and symmetry. The design is complex and so identical patterns have been chosen for it. You can wear a small ghagra or lehenga so that the design is properly visible,

Intricate Indian Mehandi Style 

indian mehandi deisgns

Looking at the extent of this design will only make us question the duration that it will take. It would require a lot of patience and precision to get a design like this. That is the reason that most often the designs on both the hands are not the same even when the motifs in them are. You won’t be needing too many pieces of jewelry with such elaborative Mehandi designs.

Indian Open Pattern Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This leg Mehandi design is beautiful. The meshwork makes it resemble a lacey cloth. The look, overall, is quite traditional and ethnic. It covers half the leg and looks very elaborative. Obviously, the best design for the bride. I am pretty sure that a design like this would make the bride feel very “princess-y.”

Bride Motif Indian Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Many people like to personalize their wedding henna by adding a portrait of the couple or other significant things that they hold dear. Here, the bride has added a rani or queen motif that symbolizes the bride herself. You can add a king motif on another hand that will represent the groom. The motifs look like a little brooch that you wear. They are absolutely as cute as a button.

Chequered Mehandi Design on Feet

indian mehandi deisgns

This Mehandi design on feet is quite elaborative. It has a big mandala with meshwork patterns on all the sides. It is a great space filler. The paisley and peacock motifs are other eye-catching elements that have been included.

Full Arm Arabic Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This apparently is the design for the bride. The design is totally inspired by the Arabic style. The dominant motif is that of paisley in this one. You can say it is one of the most common and basic designs that you can get in this style and that’s why you can wear design like this on any occasion.

Chakra Oranamnetal Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The chakra design looks great as it is quite a traditional motif. I like how the fingers have maintained the moderation and the arms are adorned with pretty intricate designs. The overall look is great for any occasion.

Lotus Design on Back of the Hand

indian mehandi deisgns

The Mehandi design here is very intricate and delicate. It might need a lot of patience on the part of the artist and the wearer because sitting for such prolonged hours can be quite tedious. It is great for super-special occasions like weddings. You can get beautiful nail art done that will complement the design.

Rose Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This design is full of huge flowers right in the middle of the hands. In fact, the fingers, too, are beautifully decorated with the floral theme. The meshwork is quite intriguing and fills in the extra space.

Arabic Inspired Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This Mehandi design consists of many bold and intricate patterns which are the greatest part of the design. The combination of these strokes provides a contrast that is reflected in the beauty of the design. Not traditionally Indian, it is still quite as beautiful as the classic patterns are.

Rhombus Shaped Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The two-colored Mehandi design looks great because the effect of shading is very prominent. You can see too many geometrical figures along with chequered patterns which make the design unique.

Rhombus and Paisley Design

indian mehandi deisgns

This design in the picture is dominated by the peacock and paisley patterns. You can see a lot of mango designs too along with intricate meshwork. It will look amazing on the brides who want something heavy for their D-day. Otherwise, you can try and flaunt in on several different occasions that have a lot of significance in the culture like Diwali or any other Puja.

Paisley and Flower Pattern

indian mehandi deisgns

You can easily make out that this design is a fusion design inspired by the Arabic Mehandi designs and the Indian Mehandi designs. It has the best of both worlds. It looks scintillating when done with a combination of bold and intricate patterns. A design like this would also look well with other occasions like Diwali and Holi too. Another great element is the shading scheme done on the flowers. This particular pattern has not been extended too much but you can take it down till your elbow.

Small Leaves Pattern

indian mehandi deisgns

This mesh design is quite hypnotic because not only is it precisely done which is reflected in its sheer neatness but also because of the 3D effect the bold strokes give. The design resembles a lacey net pattern of a glove.

Heavy Vine and Mesh

indian mehandi deisgns

This is a design done with intricate stokes. The Mehandi design consists of Indian Mehandi elements like paisleys and meshwork along with beautiful floral patterns. It would be great to wear on any occasion with your traditional salwar kameez or a light lehenga.

Inspired by Jewelry Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

This is a pretty ornamental design that you can use for decorative purposes. It is great to wear even if you are not attending any special occasion. A design like this would work great with any casual outfit too. It is not really a heavy design but still has some Indian Mehandi design element in it and can be easily carried by people who are not much into Mehandi. Any form of clothing would suit this design because of its simplicity and decency that it has to offer.

Indian Arabic Mehandi Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

This black henna is apparently inspired by the Arabic design that is very common in Indian culture. The Arabic designs are so familiar in India that they are often swapped with traditional Indian Mehandi design too. Anyway, both traditional and non-traditional patterns look equally good! In fact, the trend is so much in a rage that many people have started applying fusion Mehandi if not traditional Mehandi. Another reason for applying Arabic Mehandi is that it supplies with enough gaps to make it super symmetrical.

Chequered Paisley Designs

indian mehandi deisgns

This design is really unique because most of the motifs are embedded within the paisleys that appear to be the central theme of the plan. You may opt to add a few colours to this design since it’s going to totally enhance the appearance. The meshwork along with the floral motif looks amazing as an additional choice. It adds to the allure.

Minimal Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Minimal mehndi design is super easy. It’s merely a swirling twig that has some gorgeous blossoms on it. Here, the blossoms are lotus. But what makes the simplest design similar to this one amazing is that glitters are used from the henna. It obviously makes everything pop out at a really spectacular way. It’s quite a modern design than a standard Indian Mehandi style patter and thus that you may wear it with a dress instead of with your lehenga. But, I’m sure it’d look great with a lehenga too.

Intricate Peacock Design

indian mehandi deisgns

Intricate peacock design is apparently based on the peacock theme. It’s super unique! Simply look closely at the feathers of this bird! The remaining portion of the layout appears to be enclosing the peacock from the center. Even though the remainder of the hand has a fairly complex pattern, the palms are kept to a minimum layout.

Sweet Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

It appears very straightforward, does not it? It’s just floral designs done with (mostly ) scatter function along with teardrop motif. It appears quite exquisite! But, based on me, it’s not actually suited to Indian events like weddings, instead it’ll suit nicely on festivals such as Diwali. It’s the minimalistic layout of the that’s appealing. With easy layouts in this way, you don’t need to stretch it to your complete hands.

Full Arm Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The back of the hand of this wearer looks very amazing because of the intricate patterns. It is perfect for any bride because it has multiple motifs that are related to traditional Indian culture. I like how the fingers have been given some spacing to remove it from the main design in the center.

Inspired by the Mughals

indian mehandi deisgns

The designs on both the hands have different patterns but the styles are almost identical. It seems like the patterns are inspired by the regal era. There is no doubt about the fact that the precision of the design is on point. The tribal print is not really traditional and I guess it would look amazing with your casual wear too.

Flowery Mandala Designindian mehandi deisgns

The designs are extremely floral. Right from the central design to the one on the fingers and the arms, the floral theme is very prominent. The design is pretty feminine and great for any occasion.

Glittery Heart Middle

indian mehandi deisgns

The design is pretty basic with the addition of a few gemstones and glitters filled in big gaps. You can have other colors inside this design to make it pretty vibrant. I like how appropriate gaps are given and so a sense of neatness is seen.

Pointed Flower Mehandi Design

indian mehandi deisgns

The half and half design of this style are pretty great and creative.  The two hands are joined together to form a floral pattern. The rest of the design is quite simple and basic. To enhance the design you can also add some glitters and gemstones. A lot of paisley and leaf patterns shave been used.

Multiple Styles Into One

indian mehandi deisgns

This is also one popular design for people who love to experiment with several patterns. It is inspired by the Arabic Mehandi style which is quite popular in India. You can wear such an Indian Mehandi design on any occasion.

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