50 Best Quote Tattoos for Men & Women (2022)

Quote Tattoos

Words can make a powerful statement about how you feel, and a quote tattoo is an excellent choice for your next design. Quotes can motivate and encourage. They can make you laugh and bring a smile to your face, and you can draw inspiration from anywhere. It could be from your favorite book, a childhood film that you love, or something someone has said to you. You can get a quote tattooed to honor a special bond you have with a loved one, including a parent or a best friend. Or celebrate the love of your life. The placement for your inking is just as important, and popular locations include the spine, chest, and thigh. Keep reading to become inspired with all the best quote ideas for men and women.

1. Thigh Tattoos Quotes

The thigh is one of the best and most popular placements for body art because of its versatility. This is an area that has fat, thick skin, and muscle which provide cushioning and make the area less sensitive and less painful. Thigh tattoos look great on men and women, and there are many pros to getting inked here, including the size and the versatility. You can opt for a small or large design on the thigh, experiment with placement, take up the entire upper thigh, or focus your quote more toward the hip. It is also easy to cover with clothing and can be shown off when and where you want.

Thigh Tattoos Quotes

Thigh Tattoos Quotes

3. Inspirational Tattoo Quotes

Quote tattoos are one of the most meaningful choices for body art. The words can be taken from anywhere, including a favorite book or poem, or could be something that an idol or loved one has said. If you want to motivate yourself to stay on the right path and focus on the good in your life. Or a reminder that you are capable of achieving your dreams. An inspiration quote tattoo can do this. The placement of your design is just as important. You want to choose an area that is large enough that your quote can fit. You may also want to get inked somewhere visible. This will make it easy to look at your tattoo every day and remind yourself of its importance, letting the words inspire you.

Latest Tattoos For Men With Meaning

Inspirational Tattoo Quote

Inspirational Tattoo Quote

4. Mother Daughter Tattoo Quotes

The bond between a mother and her daughter is unbreakable. To honor the connection you share, a mother and daughter tattoo is an excellent choice, and a quote can make the design even more personal. The words you choose can sum up your thoughts and feelings about your relationship, or it could be a saying that your mom says that inspires you. Maybe you have a favorite book she used to read to you as a child? Or it could be a poem that she loves. There are many words to choose to make your tattoo personal and unique. You may also want to get matching tattoos, and the process of selecting the design can be a bonding experience.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Quotes

Mother Daughter Quote Tattoo

1. Quote Spine Tattoos

A spine is an excellent place for a quote tattoo. It can run vertically along the spine and will look great focused on a specific part of the back. There is also enough space to choose a relatively long quote without it having to be squashed into a small space. Spine tattoos have their appeal and can draw attention to one of the sexiest parts of the body, but they are also incredibly painful, rating high on the pain scale chart. This is because of the area’s lack of muscle and fat, which would provide cushioning, and the proximity to bone. A spine tattoo can also provide some challenges if you need surgery or an injection like an epidural. This is something to keep in mind before deciding on the placement.

Spine Quote Tattoo

Spine Quote Tattoo (1)

5. Mother-Son Tattoos Quotes

If you have a great relationship with your mother and want to honor and celebrate it, a tattoo is an excellent way to do this. Mother and son tattoos can be anything, but a quote tattoo is a fantastic choice because it can make your piece more personal and unique. Words have the power to move us. They inspire us and motivate us. Choosing the right words to sum up your bond with your mother or child can make a powerful statement. You can also choose to add other images to your quote for a more detailed design or keep it simple.

Mother Son Tattoos Quotes

Mother Son Tattoos Quotes

6. Father-Daughter Quotes For Tattoos

Family is important. These are the people who are there to nurture and support you. To love you throughout it all, and for many women, their relationship with their father will determine how they view men later in life. If your dad has been there for you and is someone you love and cherish, then you can celebrate your bond with a tattoo. Father and daughter tattoos come in many different forms, but choosing a quote special to both of you is a great way to make your piece more personal. The quote can be a statement about how you feel, or it could be words your dad said to you when you were little that continue to inspire.

Father Daughter Quotes For Tattoos

Meaningful Father Tattoos1

7. Quote Rib Tattoos

The rib cage is a popular placement for quote tattoos. They look great when inked, and it is a location close to the heart with people reserving it for special and meaningful designs. However, a rib cage tattoo is incredibly painful, rating high on the pain scale chart because of the thin skin and proximity to bone. If you are going to endure high to severe levels of discomfort when getting inked, then it makes sense to choose something meaningful that you will not regret, and a quote tattoo is an ideal choice.

Quote Rib Tattoos

Quote Rib Tattoos (1)

8. Bible Quote Tattoos

If you are a Christian and want to show your devotion to your faith, a Bible quote tattoo can be an excellent way to do that. The Bible is a sacred book to Christians and is filled with quotes that can inspire and motivate the wearer. Your piece could be about your love for God and how your faith plays an important role in your life. Or it could be a reminder to live your life a specific way, to do good, and strive to be the best version of yourself you can be. Consider the length of your quote when deciding on the placement. For lengthy pieces, you want to choose a large area like the back, chest, or thigh.

Bible Quote Tattoos

Bible Quote Tattoos

9. Forearm Quote Tattoos

Forearm tattoos are popular because of their versatility. This is a placement that can easily be covered up with clothing but also shown off. You have enough space to create a detailed design, but the placement is not so big that a small tattoo would look out of place here. It is also considered low to moderate on the pain scale. This is because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle in the area which provides cushioning. A quote tattoo is meaningful and can make a powerful statement. It can inspire and encourage you or be inked to honor your relationship with your loved ones, and the forearm is the ideal location.

Forearm Quote Tattoos

Forearm Quote Tattoos

10. Quotes For Back Tattoo

If you have a long quote in mind for your next tattoo, the back is the best location. Back tattoos are popular because of their size and versatility, giving you enough space to get creative with your design. You can also experiment with the placement of your design. You can include other images to create a full-back piece or keep it simple for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. The back can be easily covered, making showing off your tattoo a more intimate experience. The back is not the most painful location for body art because it has thick skin, fat, and muscle. However, the closer you ink toward the hip bones and spine, the more discomfort you will experience.

Quotes For Back Tattoo

Back Quote Tattoo

11. Meaningful Tattoo Quotes

Meaningful tattoos can say a lot about you. They are also special and hold significance to the wearer, ensuring that this is a design you will not come to regret later. When deciding on the perfect quote, try to find something that reflects your thoughts and feelings. Or dedicate it to someone you love, like a parent or sibling – preferably not a romantic partner, especially if the relationship is new. You can add other images to the design to make it more personal. Or make the font special by getting it done in someone’s special handwriting.

Meaningful Quote Tattoo

Meaningful Tattoo Quotes1

12. Tattoo Quotes About Strength

Life can be tough. There will be moments when you feel desperate or alone, and there will be times when you need encouraging words to give you strength and determination. Quote tattoos can make a powerful statement about your thoughts and feelings and are excellent for motivating and inspiring you. Remind yourself of your inner strength and resilience with a quote. Choose a placement you can see easily, letting you read the quote like a mantra to yourself when you’re having a hard time.

Tattoo Quotes About Strength 1

Tattoo Quotes About Strength

13. Sister Tattoos Quotes

The bond between sisters is something special. She is your best friend and confidant. The person who will always be there for you to encourage and support you. She might drive you crazy by stealing your clothes or have silly jokes, but these are things that make your bond special, and it is something you probably don’t have with anyone else. If you have a sister who means everything to you, biological or not, then a great idea is to get a sister tattoo in their honor. The connection will differ between sisters and brothers, so find a piece that reflects your relationship. You can also opt for matching designs, which are another way to remain connected forever.

Sister Tattoos Quotes

Sister Tattoos Quotes1

14. Quote Tattoos On Arm

Arm tattoos look great with quotes. The arm is an excellent placement for body art that you want to see often. This makes it appealing for quote tattoos because you can look at them every day and remind yourself of why you chose to get your particular quote. Is it because you want it to bring you comfort during tough or transitional periods in your life? Or maybe you want it to motivate you to be better and do more? Regardless of the reason, the arm provides the perfect canvas and is considered low to moderate on the pain scale chart.

Arm Quote Tattoos

Arm Quote Tattoos (1)

15. Leg Quote Tattoos

If you want to easily show off your body art but also be able to cover it, the leg is an excellent and versatile placement. Leg tattoos can be inked anywhere on the leg, or you could create a leg sleeve covering the entire leg. There are many designs to choose from which will work well in this placement. This includes a quote, which can run horizontally or vertically over your chosen area. Apart from the kneecap, the leg is generally low to moderate on the pain scale chart because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat, which provide cushioning and reduce the discomfort. Your legs are also one of the sexiest parts of the body; a quote tattoo can be a great way to highlight them.

Leg Quote Tattoos

Leg Quote Tattoos

16. Chest Tattoos Quotes

The chest is an excellent location for meaningful tattoos. Getting a quote in this location is a great way to keep it close to your heart and should be reserved for truly meaningful words. This is because chest tattoos are one of the most painful, caused by the general sensitivity of the area, high concentration of nerve endings, and thin skin. Despite the pain, the chest is an appealing and versatile location for men and women to get tattooed. There is enough space to allow for a detailed design or a long quote, and the chest can be easily covered with clothing.

Chest Tattoos Quotes

Chest Tattoos Quotes

17. Family Tattoo Quotes

If you have a great relationship with your family or want to celebrate the birth of a child, a family tattoo is an excellent choice. Quotes are meaningful, and inspiration for them can be taken from anywhere. You may love something your child said to you and think it would make a cute and special tattoo design. Or it could be a movie, song, or book that has special significance to you. When designing your tattoo, you can keep it simple, focusing on just the words. Or incorporate them into a more detailed design.

Family Tattoo Quotes1

Family Tattoo Quotes

18. Arabic Tattoo Quotes

When deciding on a quote tattoo, many people feel that their native language is not exciting or beautiful enough and opt for something else. Modern Standard Arabic is beautiful and can be appreciated as an art form. This makes it an appealing design for a quote tattoo. You may be drawn to it as a way of showing your appreciation for the language. However, there are some things to consider before getting an Arabic tattoo. You need to fully understand the meaning associated with your design and consider that it could be seen as offensive or cultural misappropriation.

Arabic Tattoo Quotes

Arabic Tattoo Quotes

19. Best Friend Quote Tattoos

Best friends are the family you choose. A best friend is someone who has laughed with you and stood by your side during your best moments, and cried with you during your lowest. It is not surprising that you would want to honor the bond you share with your BFF and a best friend tattoo is a wonderful way to do that. It shows your commitment to the relationship and can be added in various ways. You could opt for matching designs, quotes that complement each other or finish the sentence, or something entirely different. Include images to the design to add to it or keep it simple.

Best Friend Quote Tattoo

Best Friend Quote Tattoo

20. Dandelion Tattoo With Quote

Flower tattoos can look delicate and feminine, or they can be bold and make a statement. Dandelions are one of the most symbolic blooms you can choose. They are associated with rebirth, innocence, strength, and positivity. They flower in early spring and are a brilliant yellow color. It signals new life and growth, and incorporating this design into your next tattoo will make a beautiful and meaningful piece.

Dandelion Tattoo With Quote

Dandelion Tattoo With Quote1

21. Latin Tattoo Quote

If you want something different, why not opt for a tattoo in Latin? It is an old language that not many people understand. This will make your design more private and a little mysterious. If you cannot speak and understand Latin yourself but still like the idea of a tattoo in Latin, you need to consult someone who knows it. And do your research to ensure the translation is correct to avoid any embarrassment.

Latin Tattoo Quote1

Latin Tattoo Quote

22. Quote Japanese Tattoos Words

A quote tattoo can be altered to suit your preference by creating it in different languages. Many people are drawn to the Japanese symbols because they are beautiful and detailed. It may also make your design feel more unique. There is a question as to whether this is cultural misappropriation, and you have to consider the meaning of your tattoo because you want to honor the culture, not disrespect it. For example, opting to get something offensive in Japanese is a bad idea. To honor the culture, you can also add other imagery to your design, including important Japanese symbols like cherry blossoms. The flower is associated with beauty, life, and impermanence.

Quote Japanese Tattoo

Quote Japanese Tattoos Words

23. Compass Tattoo With Quote

The compass is a navigational instrument and is associated with direction, guidance, travel, and adventure. Choosing a compass tattoo is a great pick because of its rich symbolism, and combining it with a quote will make it even more meaningful and unique. It could be designed to encourage you to take risks and explore the unknown, or it could be focused on staying safe and finding the right path. The placement of your piece is just as important as the design. If it is large and detailed, somewhere bigger on the body is best. The thigh and forearm are both fantastic locations.

Compass Quote Tattoo

Compass Quote Tattoo1

24. Cute Tattoo Quotes

Tattoos can be deep and symbolic, or they can be funny, light-hearted, and cute. You do not need to choose something profound for it to be a meaningful tattoo. A cute quote could be a declaration of love for your family or romantic partner. Or it could be something that makes you smile, taken from your favorite film or book. You can add small images of animals, hearts, flowers, or even smiley faces to add to the playfulness of your design.

Cute Tattoo Quotes1

Cute Tattoo Quotes

25. Quote Tattoos For Couples

Many couples are drawn to tattoos as a way to celebrate their love and show their devotion to each other. Getting inked with a matching design or two pieces that form a whole is a popular idea and can be a cute way to show you are committed to the relationship. The idea is that tattoos last forever, and so will your love. Quotes provide you with many opportunities to make the design more personal. You can pick something from your favorite film, a song that played on your wedding day, or even a saying that you tell each other. Before getting any body art, consider the nature of your relationship. If you are in a long-term and committed relationship, then this is not an impulsive decision. In contrast, if you have been dating only a few weeks, you may wish to wait before getting a couple tattoo.

Quote Tattoos For Couples1

Quote Tattoos For Couples

Quote Tattoos FAQs

What are the best tattoo quotes?

Quote tattoos should be personal and unique. The quote can be taken from anywhere, including your favorite film or book, or could be something that someone you love or respect has said. Quote tattoos show your devotion to your faith, or can be a way to honor your relationship. They can also motivate you or encourage you. Consider what you want to feel when you look at your tattoo and let this guide you for which design you choose. Popular choices include the words “Dream. Plan. Do” and “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

What is a quote tattoo?

A quote tattoo is a design that features a quote. It can be a long and profound one or a simple sentence.


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