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50 Best Haircuts & Hairstyles for Teenage Girls in 2022

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It is never too early to find a style that works for you, and great hair can give you confidence and make you feel beautiful. Regardless of your face shape, hair texture, length, and color, there is a look to suit everyone. For those edgy girls who want to make a rebellious statement, brightly colored hair or looks with interesting angles and shaved sides are just what you need. Girls who love natural-looking hair that can be worn to various occasions, including school and formal events, will be drawn to dreamy waves and braids. When it comes to color, you can either go bold with statement highlights or colorful shades; or try out balayage techniques to lighten your hair in a subtle but oh-so-pretty way. These are the best haircuts for teenage girls, and you may want to book a salon appointment as soon as possible.


Girl Haircuts

1. Asymmetrical Hairstyle

The asymmetrical hairstyle is defined by its unusual angles and is shorter on one side than the other. It has a very edgy and even rebellious appearance and lends itself well to various hair lengths but arguably works best with shorter and thicker hair. The layers draw attention to the jawline and eyes and can be incredibly flattering and even youthful. While this is not a look that just anyone can pull off, those daring enough can have fun with the hairstyle. It can be adapted to suit your preference, whether with a few bright streaks or subtle highlights.


Asymmetrical Hairstyle


2. Bantu Knots with Short Hair

Bantu knots are attributed to the Zulu people, and they have cultural and historical importance. Choosing to wear Bantu knots is an excellent choice because it is a protective style and lets you take a break from heat styling. They are created by sectioning off hair, twisting, and wrapping it to make little knots. It can be done on all hair lengths, but for a more subtle and traditional approach, you can keep them short and small. These smaller knots can be done on natural hair and need to be twisted tighter, resulting in more curl definition. The result is impressive and can be worn with pride.


Bantu Knots With Short Hair


3. 3A Curls

If you are blessed with luscious curls and wondering how to style them, the good news is that curly hair is incredibly versatile. 3A curls refer to springy curls with an S-shape pattern and a lot of volume and movement. They make for a gorgeous look when left loose but can also be styled in a half up and half down look if you want a more polished finish. The only drawback of this hair type is that it is prone to frizz, and you need to ensure it is kept moisturized to avoid this. You can do this with regular protein treatments.


3a Curls


4. Blonde Beach Waves

Beach waves have a gorgeous tousled appearance and look as though you’ve spent the day at the seaside. There is something very appealing about blonde beach waves, and they create a carefree and relaxed aesthetic while still being pretty and feminine. The softness of the waves can frame your face and highlight your features. To complement your hair, it is best to keep your makeup natural. Blonde hair can enhance the texture as it is brighter and more visible, and to add volume, you can use a sea salt spray.


Blonde Beach Waves


5. Curly Bangs

Curly hair is a fantastic texture that makes even the most simple cut interesting. That said, there are few options as appealing as curly bangs because they look great and can be adapted to suit various hair lengths and face shapes. Bangs can transform your face, flatter your features and draw attention to your eyes. You will need regular trims, but these bangs are generally not hard to style and are pretty low maintenance. Just remember to account for shrinkage.


Curly Bangs


6. Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is a timeless classic that has remained popular since the 70s. It is loved by style icons and musicians and is an incredibly versatile cut that can be adapted to suit various hair textures and lengths; it looks just as stylish when long as it does short and can stand out on straight or curly locks. The shag is defined by its heavily layered, choppy appearance, which can flatter your face and add volume and movement. It can also be altered slightly to suit your face shape. The cut helps to achieve an edgy look and should be worn with confidence.


Shag Haircut


7. Hair Down with Twists

If you are searching for a dreamy style, then the hair down with twists look is the one for you. This simple hairstyle is easy to create and has a feminine and carefree, Boho appearance. Leaving your hair long and loose and gathering it at the sides with twists helps keep the hair out of your face and has a beautiful and artistic feel to it. This look can be achieved on various types of hair and lengths but is best on naturally textured hair which can help you to achieve a softer look. Keep your makeup natural to complement the simplicity of the style.


Hair Down With Twists


8. Braided Side

Braids are a fantastic addition to any hairstyle because they are so versatile. Some braids can help achieve a dreamy and feminine appearance, while others are edgy and cool. The braided side look falls into the latter category. They start at the hairline and are most commonly created on only one side; this helps achieve an interesting contrast with the rest of your hair. The look can be adapted to your hair texture, face shape, preference, and skill level, and the result is unusual and striking.


Braided Side


9. Blonde 2C Waves

Blonde hair is gorgeous and can make you appear more youthful. It can also draw attention to your face and highlight your hair texture because it is bright and light. If you have 2C hair, this is considered wavy, thick and coarse, and with an S-bend. It is the perfect hair type to leave long and loose and help you achieve a glamorous appearance. Your hair may frizz easily and be hard to style, but with the right products, you can keep it looking great; curl-defining creams and styling gel will be among your must-haves. If you style your hair with an off-center part so that it falls gently around your face, this can help soften your features and can be incredibly flattering.


Blonde 2c Waves


10. Black Hair with Crown Braid

A crown braid is one of the most romantic braided styles to choose from and is perfect for special occasions. Or if you just want to feel good about your hair. The braid can be dressed up or down and suits various hair colors and textures. If you are attending a wedding or a prom, you may be drawn to this pretty updo. This can be achieved by plaiting your hair into a French braid, lifting them to the sides, and wrapping them around your head to create a crown appearance. You can use pins to keep it in place. The style is easier to do on hair that has not been freshly washed, and although it may look complicated, you will find it is one of the most effortless braided looks.


Black Hair With Crown Braid


11. Layered Long Afro Cut

If you want a look that makes a statement, can be worn with pride, and enhances the texture of your natural hair, then a long afro cut is a perfect choice. There are various ways to style it, including layered for a modern approach rather than a distinctly 80s vibe. Afro-textured hair works well with layers, and this can help give the hair structure and shape. It can also remove some of the weight from the hair, so it looks full and bouncy. Let your hair do the talking and show that you are a confident and powerful young woman.


Layered Long Afro Cut


12. Brown Middle Part Waves

Wavy hair is gorgeous and can be styled in various ways, from layering to interesting partings. One of the most flattering ways to wear your hair is with a middle part, which can look especially good on those with oblong and oval faces and can be complementary to your facial features. Not everyone can pull off a middle part because it can draw attention to uneven areas on the face, but those that can will not be sorry they tried it out. It looks best on longer hair, can keep the hair out of your eyes, and highlight your face, drawing attention to the eyes and jawline.



Brown Middle Part Waves


13. Loose Waves

Loose waves are simple to style and incredibly gorgeous. You can create a relaxed and carefree Boho aesthetic or opt for a more sophisticated and glamorous look; regardless of which approach you choose, it will be pretty and feminine. The tousled look focuses on your hair texture and can be adapted to suit various lengths and hairstyles. Wavy hair doesn’t have to be washed every day, and some grit can enhance the natural wave pattern. Wearing it loose has other benefits, too, including giving your scalp a break; styles that are tight or pull on your scalp can cause damage and even traction alopecia.


Loose Waves


14. Bubble Ponytail

One of the best trends to come out of the 80s is the bubble ponytail. The hairstyle is similar to a standard ponytail but with extra hair elastics tied down the length of it, creating several small ‘bubbles.’ This is a look that is a lot more fun than the regular ponytail, but just as functional, keeping the hair out of your face and helping create texture. It can enhance your naturally thick hair or make thin and fine hair appear fuller. It is one of the most effortless updos to create and will leave you with a stylish and youthful appearance.


Bubble Ponytail


15. Burgundy Color Lob

The lob is one of the most versatile haircuts there is. It is longer than a bob, giving you more freedom with styling, letting you wear it up or down. It can be adapted to suit various hair textures and will be flattering on most face shapes. That said, if you want a look that stands out, then try burgundy. This rich red color can make a statement, but it is surprisingly easy to pull off and suit most skin tones. The great thing about burgundy is that it can make your hair look full of life and leave it looking healthy and luscious. There are many ways to incorporate this color, including an ombre or Balayage technique for a more subtle approach.


Burgundy Color Lob


16. Glamorous Curls on Brown Hair

Glamorous curls can make you feel sophisticated and look feminine and polished. The softness of the curls and the way they fall can create a balance and complement your features. This look is best achieved with medium to long hair length but can be worn with various hair colors. Brown hair not only looks good, but it can also make your locks appear healthier and more voluminous as it is excellent at disguising any damage; lighter hair colors will highlight dryness and frizz. Glamorous curls are the perfect hairstyle for more formal occasions, including school dances or attending a wedding.


Glamorous Curls On Brown Hair


17. Green Blue Bob

A green-blue hair color bob haircut is perfect for the girl who likes to stand out of the crowd. Brightly colored hair allows you to have some fun with your appearance and express yourself. The two hues pair well together and are complementary, so while there is some contrast achieved, the colors do not clash. It is a vibrant option that is fantastic for someone fun-loving and not afraid to take risks. The bob is an exceptional style because it is simple and versatile, giving your hair a lift and helping to ensure it is kept in its best possible condition. It can also make fine hair appear thicker. That said, this look is not for everyday wear and will often not be considered appropriate for more formal functions or school.


Green Blue Bob


18. Passion Twists Hairstyle

Passion twists are a protective style that is fun and stylish. Created in 2018 by Miami hairstylist Kailyn Rogers, it is a modern way to wear two-strand twists and is best achieved by using Freetress Water Wave hair. Passion twists can be worn on hair of various lengths and textures, and you can get creative with your styling; leave them loose, in an updo hairstyle, or opting for the ever-chic half-up, half-down look. They are comfortable, practical, and incredibly cool, and the twists can be worn in various settings. Another pro is that it is water-friendly, making it the perfect option for the summer months.


Passion Twists Hairstyle


19. Straight Middle Part Hair

The middle part is one of the most sought-after ways to wear your hair because it can keep it out of your face but also frames it, drawing attention to your features. The parting can be achieved on hair of all textures and lengths but works exceptionally well with straight hair. At the same time, a side part looks fantastic on wavy or curly hair. It is low maintenance and can help achieve a sleek and fashion-forward appearance. That said, this parting doesn’t work on all face shapes and is best for those with symmetrical features. It can also make your face look thinner. To keep your hair looking smooth, you could benefit from using heat styling and a frizz serum.


Straight Middle Part Hair


20. Hair Down with Side Braid

Leaving your hair down with a side braid can be an edgy and cool way to style it. Or it can create a soft, Boho-inspired appearance. The key is how you style it and which braid you use, and there are many options to choose from, allowing you to tailor your look to suit your hair texture, length, and style. For those who want to achieve a powerful and tough look, a Viking-inspired braid is a great choice. You can pair your side braid with an undercut for a more punk feel and achieve a bold contrast. Alternatively, you can keep it simple, let your hair fall loose and natural, and add a plait on one side for a pretty and feminine approach. This look will work well with naturally textured hair.


Hair Down With Side Braid


21. Messy Space Buns with Tendrils

Space buns are super cute, fun to do, and help achieve a sweet and youthful appearance. The look features two tiny buns on either side of the head and can be done with various textures; that said, the messy approach can make your look more casual and is pretty to wear. It is a fantastic way to tame curly or wavy hair. Letting tendrils fall on either side of your face also creates a softness while at the same time framing your face and drawing attention to your features. Keep them thin and wispy, or thicker if you wish to achieve a more dramatic appearance. There is no reason not to try out this style, and it may become your new favorite.


Messy Space Buns With Tendrils


22. Half Blue Half Black Hair

For those who are daring and want to have some fun with their hair, then a half blue and half black look is perfect. The split dye trend has been popular with emo and grunge scenes for years and is a great, expressive style. It can be done using any color combinations you want, but a more subtle approach would be to do it with dark blue and black hair. These two shades are similar and will help achieve a more blended appearance. The biggest thing with this option is that you need the confidence to pull it off because you will turn heads. For a matching appearance, you can wear black clothes and nail polish.



Half Blue Half Black Hair


23. Light Brown Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Light brown long wavy hair with bangs is the perfect combination. It is dreamy and feminine, and letting your hair fall loosely will draw attention to your natural hair texture while also making for a soft look. This is an excellent option for those who want hair with volume and movement, and bangs are versatile and can be worn with your hair up or down. They also help transform your look and frame your face and highlight your features. In addition, it can hide problem skin and makes your haircut more interesting.


Light Brown Long Wavy Hair With Bangs


24. Red Long Layered Hair

Red hair is one of the rarest natural hair colors, and for this reason, those who choose to embrace the rich shade have a uniqueness. The color looks fantastic with fair and light skin tones and can draw attention to your hair and highlight your natural texture. Choosing a layered look is a wonderful choice as it can remove weight from the hair, make thin hair appear thicker, and help add movement and volume. Layering can be done on hair of various textures and lengths. You can work with your stylist to find the best look for you, giving your hair shape and definition.



Red Long Layered Hair


25. Long Layered Hairstyle

What is not to love about a long layered hairstyle? The appealing thing about layering is that it can be done on various lengths and textures and helps achieve hair that looks full and healthy. For thicker hair and hair that is particularly long, it can remove weight. For thin and fine hair, it can give the illusion of volume and texture. Layering can also help achieve definition, movement, and volume. Plus, it can be styled in various ways.


Long Layered Hairstyle


26. Long Wavy Lob

The lob haircut is one of the most stylish and versatile cuts there is. It is a timeless classic, longer than the bob haircut and just as chic, but easier to style because you can wear it up or down, as the length typically falls around the top of the shoulder to the clavicle. It can be worn on women of all ages and suits most face shapes. Plus, it can be adapted to suit various hair textures, including wavy. The tousled effect is pretty but, in addition to the cut, can help frame your face. It looks simple and natural and will work best with muted hair colors.



Long Wavy Lob (1)


27. Long Wedding Hairstyle

If you have long hair and are looking for the perfect wedding hairstyle, the good news is there are many options. Long hair is versatile because the length allows you to experiment with various updos, or you could leave it down with glamorous curls or sleek, straight hair. Your choice can depend on your natural hair texture and type and can be altered to suit this. That said, you can also achieve the desired texture with heat styling. A popular choice for a teenage wedding guest would be the half up and half down look because it is pretty and youthful. Plus, it gives you the best of both worlds; hair that is kept away from your eyes, and it is also chic and practical. To complete the look opt for soft, dreamy waves or large curls.


Long Wedding Hairstyle


28. Loose Undone Braid

For a stylish yet unstructured appearance, a loose, undone braid is a great choice. It is a look that is often popular at music festivals and has a decidedly Boho feel to it, but it can also be styled to look glamorous and sophisticated. It has a curled look and appears as though it is falling apart, but this is the beauty of it. Plus, it has a softness to it while still being textured and voluminous. The undone braid works well with various hair types, but you need longer hair to achieve the look. That said, if your heart is set on it and you have short hair, it can be created with hair extensions.


Loose Undone Braid


29. Medium Auburn Hair with Side Part Bangs

Auburn hair is a gorgeous rich shade of reddish-brown that, surprisingly, complements most skin tones. It will also suit a variety of hair textures, styles, and lengths, and one way to wear it is with equally pretty side part bangs. Bangs can add volume, frame your face, and highlight your features, whereas a side part can be incredibly flattering on most face shapes. It is an excellent alternative for those who want bangs but don’t want to commit to a full fringe and require something easier to style. They will also grow out without much difficulty.


Medium Auburn Hair With Side Part Bangs


30. Messy Beach Waves

One of the most stunning looks for casual settings is messy beach waves. The style looks windswept like you’ve spent the day at the seaside, and can create a very relaxed and carefree aesthetic. The appeal of messy hair is that it is effortless to style, especially if you have naturally textured hair. It and can also be dressed up or down. For a daytime look, keep your makeup simple and natural, and at night, wear a darker shade of lipstick or opt for smokey eyes. Embrace the volume and wear your wavy hair with confidence.


Messy Beach Waves


31. Mullet Hairstyle

The 80s brought us a lot of exciting hairstyles, and the mullet is among them. It is somewhat controversial and not loved by everyone, but the mullet has remained popular because it is versatile. It is defined by hair kept short in the front and on top of the head and longer in the back. That said, these days, there are many variations, and the cut can be adapted to suit your hair texture and length. It takes confidence to pull off but is flattering on most face shapes, especially round and square, and can help you achieve an edgy or retro appearance.


Mullet Hairstyle


32. Black to Blonde Balayage

Balayage is a popular coloring technique that involves painting highlights onto the hair. It can be created on various hair colors and helps to achieve a more natural and graduated look. Often blonde highlights on black hair can look too harsh, but this approach helps create a softer, more blended appearance. It is an attractive way to update your dark hair, give it a lift and more dimension. You may need more than one session to achieve the shade of blonde you want, depending on how much you want it to pop against your dark roots.



Black To Blonde Balayage


33. Middle Part Curly Medium Length Hair

Medium-length hair is the best of both worlds; it is not so long that you have to worry about tangles and dryness for your curls, but it is long enough that you have the variety for styling, and it can be worn up or down. When finding the perfect way to wear it, consider a middle parting. A middle parting can look harsh on some faces, but the curly texture makes it less dramatic and softer. The part can highlight your features but works best with faces that are already mostly symmetrical. It can also draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones and keep the hair away from your face; this makes styling a breeze, and it is a practical option.


Middle Part Curly Medium Length Hair


34. Voluminous Brown Hair with Extensions

Voluminous hair looks healthy and full and is going to get you noticed. If you are dreaming of long hair, you can achieve this with hair extensions that can help make thin hair appear thicker and add to the volume and movement. It is important to find good-quality hair extensions that match your hair color to make them look as natural as possible. Extensions can also be protective for your hair, saving the ends of damage and disguising already split ends.


Volumous Brown Hair With Extensions


35. Natural Long Hair

Deciding to embrace your curls is an empowering decision, and you won’t damage your hair with chemicals and products. Natural hair is pretty and textured and looks excellent short or long. That said, longer hair has a feminine quality and gives you options to experiment on how to wear it. Your curls are interesting and voluminous and will look gorgeous when left down. Or you can opt for a braided look to cut down on style time. Braided hair is protective and can help your natural hair growth.


Natural Long Hair


36. Pastel Lavender Lob

Pastel lavender hair color is a soft and dreamy color that is perfect for a girl who wants to express herself. Changing your hair to this bright shade will get it noticed, but it is also a way to have fun, and the color can be adapted to suit various hair textures and types. Unlike other purples, the lightness of this hue makes it easier to wear and is less harsh, and will suit all skin tones. Unfortunately, the color will fade fast, and if you don’t have light hair, you will need to bleach it before dying. The lob haircut is versatile and pretty, allowing you to style it up or down. It is also a classic cut, so it adds a modern twist to an old favorite when combined with exciting hair color.


Pastel Lavender Lob


37. Permed Red Hair

Permed hair is big and bold. It is an 80s look that is all about volume and sets waves or curls into the hair. It is surprisingly flattering and can make your hair appear full and voluminous. Red hair is already noticeable, so this will only enhance that. The downside is that the chemical process involved with perming will cause some damage, and it is important to do what you can to minimize these effects. This includes using the right shampoos and conditioners afterward and the regular use of treatments and frizz serum. The pro, though, is that you can ditch the heat styling and drastically cut back on your grooming time and will still have the curls you desire.


Permed Red Hair


38. Pixie Bangs

The pixie cut is a favorite for women of all ages because it is versatile and highly adaptable. The classic pixie is defined by short hair on the back and sides, with more length on top and bangs. You can play around with various lengths and create the cut on all hair textures, but it is a good idea to try out slightly longer bangs for a soft and feminine approach. There are several options to choose from, including blunt cuts or a side-swept fringe which can add length and dimension. Work with your hairstylist to find the look that will work best with your face shape.


Pixie Bangs


39. Pop Smoke Zigzag Part Braids

Pop smoke braids are a protective style for natural hair inspired by the late rapper Pop Smoke. Men and women can wear them, and there are various ways to try them out, depending on your hair length, texture, and personal preference. For a girl who wants a look that is edgy and cool, pop smoke zig-zag part braids are it. They draw attention to the scalp and have a distinct middle parting. The combination can make the hairstyle look more interesting. It is also a way to have some fun with your braids and add a creative touch.


Pop Smoke Zigzag Part Braids


40. Red Hair With Crown Braid

Red hair with a crown braid is a gorgeous way to style this rich and glamorous hue. Crown braids are a type of French braid that wraps around the head, creating the appearance that resembles a crown, hence the name. It is a stunning addition to your hair and can make even the most basic looks interesting. Leave the rest of your hair to fall loosely, and if you have wavy or naturally curly hair, you may want to add a curl-defining product throughout. The braid also helps achieve a Boho aesthetic and is feminine and cute. You can wear it to more formal occasions or rock the braid as part of your daily look; the choice is yours.


Red Hair With Crown Braid


41. Shaved Sides

For the girl who wants to convey to the world that she is tough and not to be messed with, do it with your hairstyle. Shaved sides create an edgy appearance and are a fantastic addition to any haircut because they can help create contrast. Keeping length on the top and at the back while opting to shave one or both sides is a look that will demand attention, but it also helps you find a unique style and is a way to express yourself. You can play around with bright hair colors and angled cuts to make it even more daring.


Shaved Sides


42. Textured Choppy Long Layers With Bangs

Textured choppy long layers with bangs are the perfect pairing. Layers help create movement, dimension, and volume. They are a way to remove weight from very thick hair and make thin and fine hair appear thicker and fuller. Textured bangs can make even the most basic look interesting and are easier to style than blunt bangs. The deliberately messy appearance of your hair makes it cool. It also can be incredibly flattering and help to draw attention to your face.


Textured Choppy Long Layers With Bangs


43. Short Twists

If you are looking for a protective style that will work on short hair, you will love twists. The approach helps your hair retain moisture, can be created on hair of various lengths, and is a low-maintenance option that will reduce your style time every morning. The great thing about twists is you can make them on short hair; twist it into points. This adds definition and will minimize knots and tangles and reduce the risk of breakage, allowing your hair to have a break from heat styling. If your hair is super short, this is an interesting way to style your natural locks and look effortlessly cool.


Short Twists


44. Side Fishtail Braids

The fishtail braid weaves together strands of hair to create a pretty and versatile look that lends itself well to various occasions. It is named this because the pattern resembles the fish tail bones, and the overall appearance is intricate. They are not as hard to create as you may think, and you will be able to master this look with practice and the right tutorial. You can also get creative with your placement, and instead of doing it on the back of the head, you can pick a side. Side braids are more visible and can make an elegant statement. It may be harder to braid and look messier and undone if you have naturally curly or textured hair, but that is just as appealing.


Side Fishtail Braids


45. Side Part Black Straight Hair

Side parts can give your hairstyle an instant lift, and they can be adapted to suit various hair textures and lengths. The side parting can be particularly flattering and can help achieve volume. It can also draw attention to the eyes, highlight your features, and even soften cheekbones and jawlines. This parting is easy to wear, effortless to style, and just an all-around winner.


Side Part Black Straight Hair


46. Side Part Blonde Hair with Balayage

Side parts can be an excellent addition to any haircut and can make it look sophisticated or help to achieve a relaxed aesthetic, depending on how you style it. It can also be very flattering to the face and help soften features such as the jawline and cheekbone. If you are hoping to achieve a simple and natural appearance, you can do this with balayage. The technique features sweeping highlights throughout the hair, which are hand-painted onto it. It is a fantastic way to give your hair lift and lighten it but is a much more subtle approach than the standard highlighting technique. Balayage produces a softer, more blended appearance.


Side Part Blonde Hair With Balayage


47. Statement Highlights

There are subtle highlights and blended techniques to give you natural-looking hair, and then there is the statement option. The 80s were big on all things bold when it came to hair, and this is the decade we have to thank for giving us statement highlights. They are not about blending in but about standing out, and the best way to do this is to opt for a color that is several shades lighter than your natural hair. You can make them chunky and position them to frame your face, highlighting your features. For those who are daring and want a pop of color, try out streaks of bright shades.


Statement Highlights


48. Straight Hair Lob

Straight hair is versatile and can be worn at various lengths and styles and is easier to maintain than curly or wavy hair because it is less prone to frizz. The lob is a low-maintenance cut that looks great on women of all ages and suits all face shapes. It can frame the face, and it is longer than the standard bob and is, therefore, easier to style; it can be worn up or down. The great thing about the lob haircut is that it can also be adapted to suit your personal preference, whether with a middle or side parting or with attractive bangs. Straight hair can look sleek and sophisticated, and when paired with this cut, it creates a very fashion-forward appearance.


Straight Hair Lob


49. Triangle Box Braids

Triangular box braids are sectioned into triangle shapes and are a style that some of your favorite fashion icons have worn. The look will give your hair an edgy appearance and is a wonderful way to have some fun and show off your creativity. This look is more than just expressive though, it is also practical, flattering, and is a protective style that can lock in moisture and help prevent breakage. They can be created on various hair textures and lengths but are best with medium to large braids. The style will last between four to six weeks and drastically cut down on your grooming time.


Tribal Braids Hairstyles Brilliant Enthralling Awesome Box Braid


50. Voluminous Pixie Cut

What is not to love about the pixie cut? It is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women of all ages because it is incredibly versatile. You can adapt it to suit your personality and hair texture, whether with an edgy rocker vibe or a voluminous look. There is a lot of appeal to voluminous hair as it can make your hair look healthy, thick, and full. This style will work best with naturally textured hair and is a chance for women to embrace their curly or wavy hair without having to worry about detangling or maintaining it. That said, you can achieve texture and volume with the right styling tools and products, including blow-drying the hair, brushing back the roots, and using rollers.


Voluminous Pixie Cut


Girl Haircuts FAQs

Which is the best haircut for a 13-year-old girl?

There are many trendy and practical haircuts for teenage girls. These involve various levels of maintenance and styling time. A few attractive options include a simple braided hairdo, a bubble ponytail, loose waves, long wavy hair with bangs, or a lob. For protective styles, short Bantu knots or passion twists are a great option. It is important to remember to keep the hair within guidelines that are appropriate for school and other activities while still allowing yourself to express yourself.

What is the most popular haircut for girls in 2021?

Among the best and most popular haircuts for girls in 2021 are the long pixie, sleek layered hair, cuts with bangs, and a modern bob or lob. There are many variations of these looks, and they can be adapted to suit your hair texture and type, as well as length and face shape. Pick something youthful and fun.

What haircut is best for school girls?

Schoolgirls need to consider the requirements of their school’s grooming code before deciding on their hairstyle. This could mean not having brightly colored hair or styles with unusual angles, like the asymmetrical cut. In general, natural-looking hair colors and simple cuts that are versatile will work best. You can style them up or down with a ponytail, french braid, a protective braided style, or a half up half down look. If this seems restrictive and does not include your style preference, then use the summer holidays as a time to express yourself.


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