50 Best Asian Men Hairstyles & Haircuts in 2022

Asian hairstyles men


Asian men are known for their thick hair, a feature that not every nationality is blessed with. With a full head of hair like this, there is a lot of room for hair experiments. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Asian men are typically first in line when a new hairstyle hits the streets. From the bare-it-all buzz cut to flowy long locks, we have compiled the best Asian hairstyles for men.


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1. Faux Hawk

Originated from the mohawk haircut, the faux hawk offers a lot of versatility, which will allow you to tailor your cut exactly to your preferences. Unlike its predecessor, the faux hawk is typically kept short in the back and then graduates into a longer top layer. To achieve your desired look simply towel dry your hair and use gel or pomade to give it the lift you are looking for on top.


“size-full wp-image-299116 aligncenter” alt=”Faux Hawk Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”445″ height=”587″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267042_253_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

2. Low Fade

The low fade is a versatile look as it can be used to add depth and texture to practically any men’s hairstyle of your choosing. This cut features a taper fade above and behind your ears. The depth of the fade is entirely up to you. You may prefer a light trim or to let the fade smoothly blend into your skin; the full extent of this cut lies entirely in your hands.


“size-full wp-image-299119 aligncenter” alt=”Low Fade Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267043_845_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

3. Buzz Cut

If you are considering to liberate yourself from your locks, the buzz cut will not disappoint. However, as low-maintenance as it may be, this daring cut bares it all and won’t leave anywhere to hide. This masculine look typically works for everyone but is highly recommended, if you have strong facial features, as it is bound to amplify cheekbones and jawline. If you own an electric shaver it’s easily self-executed at home in your own bathroom.

“size-full wp-image-299117 aligncenter” alt=”Buzz Cut Ain Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267045_965_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

4. Slicked Back with Mid Fade

The slicked back style has certainly evolved into a crowd favorite over the last couple of years. If you have quite dark and full hair, a mid fade helps lighten up the overall look while adding a modern twist. All you will need for this look is a fine-toothed comb and a wet-look gel to keep your locks in place throughout the day.


“size-full wp-image-299112 aligncenter” alt=”Slick Back With Mid Fade 2″ width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267046_367_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


5. Bro Flow

The long, soft layers of the bro flow hairstyle frame the face and put your eyes in the spotlight. This look works for nearly any face shape and is ideal if your hair is on the thicker side. Once you washed your hair, give it a quick upside-down blowout to add volume, comb it back, add a little side part and let gravity and mother nature do the rest.


“size-full wp-image-299102 aligncenter” alt=”Brow Flow Asian Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267047_88_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


6. Crew Cut

A crew cut is a good option if you’d like to add a little natural height to your crown. The quiff in the front is the longest bit, while the remaining hair gradually runs shorter in the back. The overall length of the crew cut is kept quite short, so the front hair will almost stand up on its own. In profile view, the top of your head will almost portray a straight horizontal line. Use your fingers and a little product of your choosing to add some height and texture.


“size-full wp-image-299092 aligncenter” alt=”Crew Cut Asian Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”558″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267049_433_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

7. Curly Pompadour

The pompadour is a stylish way to keep your curly hair in check. While the sides and back of the head are maintained tapered and short, the hair up top is kept significantly longer. If you have naturally wavy hair, use a little product to define individual strands. If your hair is on the sleeker side, a curling iron will help you achieve this look. With the right product, the style has the potential to last until your next wash.


“size-full wp-image-299091 aligncenter” alt=”Curly Pompadour” width=”455″ height=”599″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267050_965_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

8. Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is distinguished by a sharp contrast in length. While the crown is kept long, the sides and back of the head are almost completely shaved off, revealing much of the scalp. The success of this look relies on the amount of volume in your top hair, which is why this style works best for men with a thick head of hair. Try waves or curls for a more beachy vibe.


“size-full wp-image-299098 aligncenter” alt=”Disconnected Undercut Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267051_355_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

9. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut a la Marlon Brando has been enjoying a celebrated comeback. This classic look is characterized by the short, horizontally cut bangs. The remaining top hair and sides typically meme the length of the front strands but you may go shorter if you wish. Add a little texture to individualize this hairstyle to your taste.


“size-full wp-image-299094 aligncenter” alt=”Ceaser Cut Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”575″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267052_178_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


10. Side Part

A side part is sure to up the level of sophistication of your look. To complement business attire, part your hair on either side of your head, just above your temple. Then use a comb and a light gel or pomade to put your strands into place. If you have longer hair, consider using a bit of hairspray as opposed to a gel, clay, or wax, which may leave your hair looking greasy.


“size-full wp-image-299095 aligncenter” alt=”Side Part Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”511″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267053_177_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

11. Spiky Hair

Hair Spikes are a great look if your hair is on the thinner side. The short sides will maintain a groomed appearance, while the wavy top layers add a playful touch. Simply towel dry your hair after washing, coat your fingertips with a small amount of pomade or wax and begin teasing single strands into place until they form soft peaks. To nail this woke-up-like-this look, be sure not to use excessive amounts of product.


“size-full wp-image-299106 aligncenter” alt=”Spiky Hair Asian Mens Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267054_495_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

12. Undercut

If you’re intrigued by the disconnected undercut but not entirely comfortable with the skin-shave, this may be the version for you. Keeping the lower layers of your hair buzzed, yet not completely shaved will maintain the integrity of the look while not exposing too much skin at once.


“size-full wp-image-299114 aligncenter” alt=”Undercut Asian Mens Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267056_138_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

13. Pompadour

The pompadour haircut is sure to be an eye-catcher wherever you go. To achieve this smart, sleek look start with a quick blowout. Teasing some of your top hair will add some extra height. Finally, comb the front up and back to form voluminous pomp. To prevent your hair from flopping, seal the look with a good amount of hairspray.


“size-full wp-image-299099 aligncenter” alt=”Pompadour Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”700″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267057_977_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

14. Side Fringe

Give your facial features a little edge by adding a stylish side fringe. This cut is defined by an asymmetric line running across your forehead, with one end being significantly shorter than the other. Additionally, the top hair, which is kept longer, is brushed to the front to add volume and texture. For this look to work, it’s best the keep the sides shorter than the crown. How much shorter, though, is up to your choosing.

“size-full wp-image-299109 aligncenter” alt=”Side Fringe Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267058_148_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


15. Long Hair

Long hair has been making a strong return to the center stage and frankly, hasn’t been this popular since the grunge movement in the early nineties. Though long hair may be a daunting endeavor for many, this look is a lot more effortless than one may think. For a cool ‘undone’ look just let your hair air dry in the summer sun. Ask your barber for an undercut if you’re after something a little edgier. In any case, you should get used to wearing a hair tie around your wrist.


“size-full wp-image-299103 aligncenter” alt=”Long Hair Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267060_592_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


16. Burst Fade

The burst fade is one of the most stylish men’s haircuts and can be paired with a variety of different styles, including the Caesar cut or faux hawk. It is defined by the semi-circular appearance with hair tapering around the ear and the back of the head. This focuses on the hair on top, which is kept longer. The burst fade can be done on hair of varying textures and will help to highlight your hair at the top and the edge of the hairline. It is incredibly versatile and will create interesting proportions and give the hair structure.


“aligncenter wp-image-299159 size-full” alt=”Burt Fade Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”553″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267061_12_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


17. Choppy Curtain Hairstyle

The curtain hairstyle was first trendy in the 90s, but the cool cut has re-emerged and is as popular as ever. The appeal of the more modern approach to this cut, which features a fringe divided by a middle parting, is that it lends itself well to personalization. You can achieve the look on various hair textures and experiment with the cut and the length. Adding choppy layers throughout your hair will give it movement and volume. This is great for making thin hair appear thicker and fuller and removing weight and bulk from very thick hair. If you prefer a more subtle version of this cut, create a messy look and focus your parting less on the center and more on the side.


“aligncenter wp-image-299157 size-full” alt=”Choppy Curtains Asian Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”541″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267062_768_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


18. Colored Hair

If you are a man who likes to stand out from the crowd, then consider coloring your hair. The great thing about bright and bold colors is that it is a way to have fun and show the world your playful side. There are multiple hues to choose from, so you can pick your favorite and the shade that best compliments your complexion. If you want a light color, like pastels, you will have to bleach naturally dark hair to achieve a lighter base tone. This can be a time-consuming, expensive, and damaging process, but you will likely find that the results are worth it. It is, however, best to employ the help of a professional to achieve the color of your choosing with minimal damage. Pick a shade like blue or purple for a more subtle approach, which can blend into your dark hair.


“aligncenter wp-image-299158 size-full” alt=”Color Hair Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267064_40_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


19. Comb Over

The comb over hairstyle has an old-timey feel and gives you a traditionally masculine appearance. It is achieved by brushing hair to one side, creating volume on the top, and making your hair appear fuller and thicker. This style can be done on various hair textures, and you can experiment with the length, depending on your preference. You can also give it a modern update by including a fade or line-up, creating a contrast. In addition, it can give your cut more structure and highlight the hair at the top of the head.


“aligncenter wp-image-299156 size-full” alt=”Comb Over Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”548″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267065_898_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


20. Curtains Hairstyle

The curtain haircut is an incredibly stylish way to highlight your features and frame your face. It was initially popular in the 90s, but thanks to K-Pop bands and E-boys, it has made a comeback in a big way. Unlike the traditional cut, this version is easily personalized. The cut can be created with all hair textures, and you can add elements like a fade, experiment with varying lengths, or shift the parting from the center to the side. The hairstyle looks more dramatic on longer hair, whereas keeping it short makes for a more blended and wearable cut.


“aligncenter wp-image-299155 size-full” alt=”Curtains Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267067_806_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


21. Disheveled Hairstyle

There is something incredibly sexy about the disheveled hairstyle because it gives you a textured look with minimal effort. This is the ideal choice for the man who wants a look that makes it appear as if you just woke up and got out of bed: it will help you achieve a relaxed aesthetic. You can wear your hair in various lengths and cuts, with the focus of your look being the deliberately undone feel. To style, add mousse or foam and scrunch it. Or work in a pomade or gel, depending on the finish you wish to achieve.


“aligncenter wp-image-299154 size-full” alt=”Disheveled Hairstyle Asian Men” width=”455″ height=”507″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267068_745_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


22. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are rope-like strands of hair that demand attention. There is no denying that there is something effortlessly cool about a man with dreads, and you can keep them long or short, experiment with varying thicknesses, pair them with a fade, or try out a half-up and half-down look. The ways to wear your hair give you a world of possibilities, allowing you to find something that best suits your face shape complements your features and your style. As cool as they are, dreadlocks do require some maintenance and a lot of patience, especially if you are hoping to achieve a full head of long dreads.


“aligncenter wp-image-299153 size-full” alt=”Dreadlocks Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”680″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267070_641_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


23. Drop Fade with Short Textured Hair

Textured hair looks great on men of all ages and can make even the most simple haircut more interesting. It is also a way to highlight your hair, and when paired with a fade, it can create an interesting contrast. The drop fade is a fantastic choice, defined by hair that is tapered to create an arc-shaped appearance; it drops low behind the ear. This will draw attention to the hair on the crown. The style is edgy but easy to wear and will give you a modern and structured appearance. It does take some maintenance, especially if you intend to keep the hair on top longer, but you will likely find any grooming time is minimal and worth it.


“aligncenter wp-image-299152 size-full” alt=”Drop Fade With Short Textured Hair Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”564″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267071_213_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


24. Edgar Haircut

Consider the Edgar haircut if you want to achieve a tough, masculine appearance. This style is cropped and cut straight around the head, creating a straight line across the forehead. It also blends with a high fade on the sides of the hair, helping to achieve an interesting contrast between the hair on the top and the back and sides. This is great for highlighting the hair at the top and can make it look more voluminous. The Edgar cut is edgy and can be worn with most face shapes, particularly angular, long, or oval. If you want to show off your head tattoo or are simply after a seriously cool look, this is the choice for you.


“aligncenter wp-image-299151 size-full” alt=”Edgar Haircut Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”624″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267072_179_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


25. French Crop

The classic French crop is a short men’s hairstyle with a slight fringe. It is easy to wear, low-maintenance, and suits men of all ages. The length between the back, top, and sides should be the same, but your cut can be adapted to suit various hair textures and types. That said, you can experiment with the classic version to make it modern and fun. This can be achieved with longer lengths, which give you more versatility for styling. You can also try a blunt-cut fringe, give your hair an edge with a fade, or a disconnected hairstyle.


“aligncenter wp-image-299150 size-full” alt=”French Crop Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”623″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267073_651_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


26. Half Up Half Down Brushed

The half up and half down look is incredibly stylish and is great for men who want to keep the hair out of their face and show off their length. It can be achieved on medium and long hair and looks like a combination of a man bun, with hair tied into a knot, but with the rest of the hair left loose. The appeal of this style is that it creates a relaxed aesthetic and can highlight your jawline and neck. You can try out this simple updo with hair of all textures, including straight or curly.


“aligncenter wp-image-299149 size-full” alt=”Half Up Half Down Brushed Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”601″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267074_648_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


27. Hard Part

The hard part looks edgy and cool and adds structure to your hair. It is created with a razor or trimmer to produce a clean, defined line, often shaved to one side. The hard part can be paired with the hairstyle of your choosing. This can include a quiff or pompadour for volume or a buzz cut or crew cut for a more subtle appearance. The appeal is that it tends to make your cut look more polished. It is also often combined with a fade for added structure and a sharp appearance.


“aligncenter wp-image-299147 size-full” alt=”Hard Part Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267076_128_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


28. High and Tight

If you want a masculine and sophisticated appearance, look no further than the high and tight. This short men’s hairstyle features short hair at the top of the head with the back and sides shaved down to the skin. You can create this cut on various hair textures, and it can be a way to tame hair prone to tangles. It is a low-maintenance haircut requiring little daily grooming but is fantastic at drawing attention to your face, including the jawline and eyes. In addition, it is a haircut that lends itself well to all occasions, including formal ones and the office. You can stick to the classic version of this cut or personalize it with a fade, a comb over, or a quiff. You can also experiment with different lengths, keeping the hair on top longer or cutting it even shorter.


“aligncenter wp-image-299148 size-full” alt=”High And Tight Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”599″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267077_626_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


29. High Fade with Comb Back

The comb back is an excellent look for giving you volume at the front of the head and features hair brushed away from the hairline. It is ideal for those wanting to add texture or make their hair look fuller and can be paired with a fade, such as a high fade, to create contrast. The high fade is created between the temples and the top of the ears and will give your haircut a fresh and modern feel. It will also draw attention to the comb back, showing off your texture.


“aligncenter wp-image-299146 size-full” alt=”High Fade With Comb Back Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”585″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267078_108_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


30. Ivy League

A simple and low-maintenance look that is ideal for every occasion is the Ivy League. The hair is short but retains more length on the top, while the back and sides are clipped closer to the head. It is a popular short haircut for men because it gives you a neat and polished appearance and gets its name after it originated from Ivy League schools. It is perfect for a corporate environment and for those who want a sharp style. The cut makes styling easy, and it can be achieved on various hair textures and types. You can also personalize this look by experimenting with different lengths or trying out a side parting or taper fade.


“aligncenter wp-image-299145 size-full” alt=”Ivy League Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”482″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267079_806_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


31. Man Bun

The man bun is an effortless and cool way to wear your long hair. It is one of the most simple updos and can be created with little skill. It is also incredibly versatile and highly adaptable, looking great with hair of all textures. The man bun can be extremely flattering and draw attention to your neck and face. You can do it on very long hair or on shoulder-length, with the length determining how low or high you can wear your bun. It would help if you also considered whether you want to achieve a sleek, polished bun, which is excellent for formal occasions, or a messier, more relaxed finish. For an undone feel, you can leave a few strands of hair to fall around your face; this can have a face-framing effect.


“aligncenter wp-image-299144 size-full” alt=”Man Bun Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”542″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267080_776_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


32. Mullet Brushed Back

The mullet is an 80s classic, and although it takes some serious confidence to pull off, this hairstyle is incredibly versatile. It can suit a wide variety of face shapes, and you can adapt the mullet to your hair texture. You can experiment with different lengths; the idea is to keep the front and top shorter while leaving length in the back. The modern interpretation of the look lets you personalize it, including with different lengths and finishes. This may be with an undercut, a fade, or the brushed back approach, which will create fullness and volume at the top of the head.


“aligncenter wp-image-299143 size-full” alt=”Mullet Brushed Back Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”700″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267082_633_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


33. Natural Curly Hair

Natural curly hair can be styled in various ways, with looks to highlight your texture or to keep it tamed. Curly hair becomes tangled easily, which is why many men are drawn to a shorter hairstyle which will reduce style time and offer you a low-maintenance way to wear your hair. Or you can show it off by keeping more length on the top. Your hair will also benefit from interesting finishes, including a fringe or a fade. A fade can add structure to your hairstyle and accentuate the curls on the top of the head. A fringe can transform your appearance, giving you a fashion-forward look or a style that complements your facial features.


“aligncenter wp-image-299142 size-full” alt=”Natural Curly Hair Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”559″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267083_632_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


34. Pompadour with Taper Fade

The pompadour hairstyle features voluminous hair at the top and looks great when paired with a fade. The fade adds structure to the look. The combination also highlights the fullness of the hair on the top as the sides and back are kept shorter. This style can suit all hair textures and can be adapted to complement a variety of face shapes. You can also experiment with the length on the top; the longer, the more dramatic and voluminous it will be. Or you can keep it shorter for a more subtle and professional appearance. The taper fade, in particular, is ideal as it gradually shortens the hair on the side and back while leaving the top longer.


“aligncenter wp-image-299141 size-full” alt=”Pompador Wqith Taper Fade Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”578″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267084_588_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


35. Quiff

The quiff is another popular men’s hairstyle that can draw attention to your texture and give you volume and fullness. The style has been popular since the 50s and features longer hair on the top, with the volume focused on the forelock. The hair is slightly shorter on the back and sides. The modern approach to this hairstyle allows you to get creative and adapt it to your preference; this could be with a fade of your choice, an undercut, or even a hair design. Your pairing choice can create attractive proportions and draw the eye to the front of your head. Depending on the products you use, you can also decide how you want it to look; matte or glossy.


“aligncenter wp-image-299140 size-full” alt=”Quiff Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”594″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267086_838_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


36. Rockabilly Haircut

The rockabilly haircut has an old-school feel, first emerging in the 50s. It has been sported by some of Hollywood’s former leading men, including James Dean, and is defined by the sleek, slicked-back appearance. Hair is also often voluminous at the front, created with a pompadour or quiff. In recent years, this style has re-emerged but is more adaptable and can suit multiple hair textures. The modern approach can be less dramatic with less volume and grease and include other elements to give it structure. This includes fades or a disconnected undercut. You can also create a textured and deliberately messy hairstyle that oozes sexiness.


“aligncenter wp-image-299139 size-full” alt=”Rockabily Haircut Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”548″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267088_97_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


37. Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is a 70s favorite that has made a comeback because it is edgy and cool. This hairstyle is all about volume and movement and is achieved by adding choppy layers throughout the hair. The result is a disheveled appearance with volume at the crown. Surprisingly, it is versatile and adapted to different lengths, hair textures, and types. On thin hair, limit the layers and boost volume and fullness, while on thick hair, the layers can remove weight and add movement. You can also personalize it with bangs, interesting colors, or highlights.


“aligncenter wp-image-299138 size-full” alt=”Shag Haircut Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267089_439_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


38. Short Back and Sides

If you want a timeless and classic short men’s hairstyle, then consider the short back and sides. The appeal of this haircut is that it is very low-maintenance and requires little daily grooming. The hair is kept slightly longer on the top, with the back and sides cut short. This is ideal for achieving a professional and neat look, but it can also be adapted to suit all hair textures, including curly and straight. You can experiment with the length, opting to keep it slightly longer, which can highlight your hair texture; this is great for men with wavy or curly hair. Or by pairing it with a fade for a modern approach.


“aligncenter wp-image-299137 size-full” alt=”Short Back And Sides Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267091_712_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


39. Slick Back

The slick back creates a masculine and dapper finish, defined by the hair being brushed backward and using products such as gel or pomade to keep it in place. It has a sleek and neat appearance and is polished, perfect for more formal occasions or a corporate environment. This is an ideal hairstyle for men of all ages and can be adapted to suit your face shape and hair texture. It is a traditional short men’s haircut, but you can also experiment with more length at the top to create volume. For added structure and an edgier appearance, pair it with a fade. You want to ensure not to go overboard with the gel, creating a heavily wet look or something too stiff and rigid.


“aligncenter wp-image-299136 size-full” alt=”Slick Back Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”600″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267093_610_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


40. Slick Over

Like the slick back, the slick over also features hair brushed away from your face, but this is more focused on the side instead of backward. The result is a stylish and modern appearance that is perfect for all occasions, including formal ones and corporate environments. Your slick over can be adapted to suit your hair texture and length; the longer the hair on the top, the harder it will be to get it to stay in place, but the more dramatic your appearance will be. Use a pomade or wet gel for a glossy finish, and take care not to use a product that makes the hair look too stiff.


“aligncenter wp-image-299135″ alt=”Slick Over” width=”455″ height=”682″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267094_86_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


41. Straight Fringe

A straight fringe can have a more dramatic and fashion-forward appearance than a curly or textured one. This is because the straightness highlights the precision of the cut. Fringes are an excellent addition to any haircut and can draw attention to your face, highlighting your best features. There are many ways to wear your fringe, depending on your face shape and preference, and you can experiment with different lengths. A longer fringe can be less maintenance as you will not have to make as frequent trips to the salon to get it trimmed. That said, a sweeping fringe or one that is in your face may require constant retouching throughout the day.


“aligncenter wp-image-299165 size-full” alt=”Straight Fringe Asian Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”614″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267095_645_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


42. Temple Fade with Brushed Back Hair

The temp fade is a simple but edgy addition to your haircut and will give it a polished and structured appearance. The temple fade starts at the temples and can be paired with various hairstyles and lengths. The longer the hair on the top of your head, the more contrast will be achieved, whereas a short style like the buzz cut will look very blended. The top of the head appears voluminous and full with brushed-back hair, with the temple fade highlighting that. It is also a way to remove weight from thick hair and reduce grooming time.


“aligncenter wp-image-299134 size-full” alt=”Temple Fade With Brushed Back Hair Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”681″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267096_417_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


43. Textured Fringe

A textured fringe can give you a youthful look, making it perfect for men of all ages. These fringes also have a more blended appearance with the rest of the hair and can be stylish while still easy to wear. There are several ways to style it, whether to the side, grazing over the eyebrows, or in a middle parting like the curtain haircut. This is a great way to draw attention to your face, specifically your eyes, but it can also help you achieve volume and movement.


“aligncenter wp-image-299133 size-full” alt=”Textured Fringe Asian Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”601″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267098_686_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


44. Textured Medium Length Hair

Textured hair is excellent for achieving a messy and relaxed aesthetic. This men’s hairstyle is deliberately undone and gives you a sexy, bedhead appearance. It is ideal for the man who wants to look like he doesn’t fuss over his hair, although it does require some styling. If your hair is not naturally textured, you can create this by applying styling mousse to damp hair and scrunching it. Take care not to use too much product or have your hair look stiff and rigid. Medium-length hair gives you the best of both worlds; you have versatility with styling and can choose from a wide range of updos, partings, and edgy additions, but it is also not so long that it requires a lot of grooming time.


“aligncenter wp-image-299132 size-full” alt=”Textured Medium Lengh Hair Asian Men” width=”455″ height=”590″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267099_179_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


45. Top Knot

The top knot is yet another fashion-forward but relatively simple updo to create. If you have medium or long hair, this is a great way to wear it, pulling the hair up high and away from the eyes. The appeal of the top knot is that it can have a more formal appearance than the man bun and is often more precise. You can experiment with different ways to wear it, though, including adding a fade that will give your hair structure. A top knot and fade will also cause a contrast, highlighting the hair at the top of the head. Edgy and masculine, what is not to like?!


“aligncenter wp-image-299131 size-full” alt=”Top Knot Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”579″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267100_12_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


46. Undercut with Hair Design

Hair design is one of the most expressive ways to wear your hair. The pattern can be anything; simple angles and sharp lines, or more creative looks like a diamond or lightning bolt. It also shows your playful side and lets you have fun with your hair. For a more subtle approach, you can pair your hair design with an undercut, which will help achieve a blended appearance. The undercut features hair that is longer at the top, which is a way to draw attention to your hair texture. It is also fantastic for removing weight and bulk from thick hair. If you have confidence and do not mind standing out from the crowd, this is the right hairstyle for you.


“aligncenter wp-image-299130 size-full” alt=”Undercut With Hair Design Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”549″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267101_502_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


47. Bald Fade with Quiff

The bald fade with a quiff is edgy and cool. The combination creates a subtle contrast with the quiff, which is voluminous at the forehead, and the bald fade gives you a more structured and professional finish by keeping the sides and back short. The bald fade is created by blending the hair between the sides and back, gradually becoming shorter until they are completely shaved; hence the name bald. The look also features more length on the top. It is an excellent fade to pair with several hairstyles, including a quiff. This is a look that lets you have fun with your hair while also looking polished, making it perfect for various occasions.


“aligncenter wp-image-299128 size-full” alt=”Bald Fade With Quiff Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”544″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267103_928_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


48. Wet Hairstyle

The wet hairstyle is excellent for men who want a sleek look. It is created using gel or mousse to give your hair a wet feel and is often styled slicked back or as a side part. This is a fantastic style for those who want a professional hairstyle, and keeping the hair away from your face is a great way to open it up and draw attention to your eyes. The wet hairstyle is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to suit different hair textures and lengths. 


“aligncenter wp-image-299129 size-full” alt=”Wet Hairstyle Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”561″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267104_534_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


49. Blowout

The blowout is a simple and easy hairstyle that men can wear with all types of hair and textures. The look is defined by the voluminous front, which is brushed backward. You can play around with different lengths, depending on how dramatic you want the contrast between the top of your head and the back and sides to be. The appeal of the blowout is it also lends itself well to personalization; for example, adding a fade to give the hair more structure. Or it can be modernized with a softer, more textured appearance.


“aligncenter wp-image-299127 size-full” alt=”Blowout Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”552″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267106_357_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>


50. Brushed Back Hair

Brushed back hair is achieved by brushing the hair backward toward the scalp. This helps create volume and keep the hair out of your eyes, giving you a neat and polished appearance. The look is excellent for various occasions and can be adapted to suit different hair textures and lengths; it is sleek and sophisticated on straight hair, while hair with texture can make the brush back less sharp and more modern. If you want a more subtle hairstyle, keep the hair shorter at the front, and consider giving it structure with a fade haircut. This pairing will also create a contrast, drawing attention to the brushed back front and highlighting your hair texture.


“aligncenter wp-image-299126 size-full” alt=”Brushed Back Hair Asian Men Hairstyle” width=”455″ height=”514″ data-lazy- src=”https://eyosgzxrycw.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1661267108_505_50-Best-Asian-Men-Hairstyles-Haircuts-in-2022.jpg”/>

Asian Men Hairstyles FAQs

How is Asian hair different?

Asian hair is different from other hair types because of the cuticles, breakage patterns, growth patterns, and density. There is a higher number of cuticle layers on Asian hair, and they’re also wider, thicker, denser, and sit at a steeper angle. This makes the texture of the hair straighter, with a more solid structure. Asian hair also tends to break differently but grows faster than Caucasian and black hair. Lastly, while the strands themselves are thicker, the density can be lower.

What haircut should I get Asian?

Asian guys can rock pretty much any hairstyle, but it might need slightly different styling techniques or products. Why not try flowy cuts, such as the bro flow and long hair, which show off the dark hair’s natural shine? Shorter styles to try include a low fade, side bangs, buzz cut, crew cut, Caesar, side part, or soft spikes. If you’re after something more in between, opt for slicked back hair with a mid fade, a curly pompadour, disconnected undercut, undercut, straight pompadour, or faux hawk.

How do Asian men style their hair?

Start styling Asian hair by getting the cut right and visiting a barber that specializes in Asian hair. You can keep it short, less than half an inch, or embrace a spiky look as the hair grows perpendicular to the scalp. Alternatively, add a strong hold styling product to damp hair, including the roots, and dry the hair in the direction and style you want. This will help encourage the hair to lay flatter. Lastly, another option is to grow your hair out, so you have long, luscious, flowing locks with enviable shine.

How do Asians get soft hair?

Choose products designed specifically for Asian hair, as it will contain nutrients that will have the most benefits. Use moisturizing treatments and argan oil to increase the softness and shine. Lastly, don’t wash your hair every day, as this can strip moisture and shine and disrupt the natural production of sebum on the scalp.


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