50 Amazing Steve Ballmer Quotes (2020)

What are the best quotes from Steve Ballmer?

Steve Ballmer is an American businessman, who was the CEO of Microsoft between 2000 and 2014.

Ballmer joined Microsoft in June 1980, becoming the first sales manager to be hired by Bill Gates. He is currently the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is the 16th richest person in the world.

Here is a collection of the best quotes from Steve Ballmer:

50 amazing quotes from Steve Ballmer

1. “Ultimately, the Internet will be accessible by PC, television and wireless devices.” – Steve Ballmer

2. “I have many sources of information about what is going on in the business. I think I have a pretty good idea of ​​where we are at and what people are thinking. – Steve Ballmer

3. “I want to express my deepest condolences on the passing of Steve Jobs, one of the founders of our industry and a true visionary. My heart goes out to his family, to everyone at Apple and to all who have been touched by his work ”- Steve Ballmer

4. “I would like to own Microsoft stock until I donate something to a charity or die.” – Steve Ballmer

5. “Let’s face it, the Internet was designed for the PC. Internet is not designed for iPhone. That’s why they have 75,000 apps – they’re all trying to make the internet decent on the iPhone. “- Steve Ballmer

6. “My kids – in many areas they behave as badly as many other kids, but at least in this area I have brainwashed my kids: you don’t use Google and you do not use an iPod. ”- Steve Ballmer

7th of 50 Steve Ballmer Quotes

7. “The most common music format on an iPod is stolen.” – Steve Ballmer

8. “The world is changing, but so is Microsoft.” – Steve Ballmer

9. “Ultimately, progress is kind of measured through the eyes of users.” – Steve Ballmer

10. “You are successful. You hit walls… it’s how tenacious you are, how irrepressible you are, how optimistic and tenacious you are ultimately about it that will determine your success. – Steve Ballmer

11. “At Microsoft, we invest heavily in security because we want customers to be able to trust their computing experiences, so that they can fully experience the benefits of the interconnected world we live in.” – Steve Ballmer

12. “I don’t think anyone has made a [tablet] product that I see customers want. “- Steve Ballmer

13. “I think these things [social networks] are going to have legs, and yet there is a madness, a fashionable nature in everything that primarily appeals to young people. – Steve Ballmer

14. “I brainwashed my kids: you don’t use Google and you don’t use iPod.” – Steve Ballmer

15. “It’s hard to invent a new thing, and it’s just as difficult to invent another.” – Steve Ballmer

16. “Most people still steal music.” – Steve Ballmer

17th of 50 Steve Ballmer Quotes

17. “The cornerstone of our business is spending on R&D. There’s nothing running in a pipe or on a wire or anything. We must continually create new innovations that allow people to do something they didn’t think they could do the day before. “- Steve Ballmer

18. “The way I do things, I usually always prefer to have a very clear strategy and be very focused. At the same time, be very solid and clear in the execution. – Steve Ballmer

19. “Throughout our history, Microsoft has won by making big, bold bets. I think now is not the time to reduce the scope of our ambition or the scale of our investment. While our opportunities are greater than ever, we are also facing new competitors, faster changing markets and new customer demands. “- Steve Ballmer

20. “You don’t have to be an IT expert to use a Windows Phone. I think you are using an android phone. “- Steve Ballmer

21. “Any idea that turns out to be really great can be harvested for decades. On the other hand, if you want to continue to be awesome, you have to bet on new things, big and bold bets. “- Steve Ballmer

22. “I’m not sure if anyone has proven that a random group of people doing their own things actually creates value.” – Steve Ballmer

23. “I think it would be absolutely reckless and irresponsible for anyone to try to dismantle Microsoft.” – Steve Ballmer

24. “I’m very, very optimistic about our prospects, and as I tell our board, as I tell our employees, now is the time to invest. There are so many opportunities. Let’s just invest in this opportunity and really seek it out. “- Steve Ballmer

25. “It’s always great to see a lot of people push themselves to do better, to be better, to invent better, to serve better, to better lead customers in new directions.” – Steve Ballmer

26. “I may be an emblem of an ancient era, and I must move on.” – Steve Ballmer

27th out of 50 quotes from Steve Ballmer

27. “The Internet was designed for the PC. Internet is not designed for iPhone. “- Steve Ballmer

28. “The stock exchange has always had its own counter. Sometimes he is ahead of himself, sometimes he is behind himself. A broken watch is right twice a day. “- Steve Ballmer

29. “It’s about having great leaders who can drive agile innovation and agile decision-making.” – Steve Ballmer

30. “You can have an Apple in the phone business, or a RIM, and they can do very well, but when 1.3 billion phones a year are all smart, the software that’s going to be the most popular in those phones will be. software that sold by someone who doesn’t make their own phone. “- Steve Ballmer

31. “And then you take a look at Spaces, there’s this great innovation that came out of nowhere. We have the world’s number one blogging site because of the innovation that exists. “- Steve Ballmer

32. “I come back to the same thing: we have the largest pipeline in company history over the next 12 months, and we have had the most amazing financial results possible in the past five years, and we anticipate a return to double-digit sales growth in fiscal 2006. ”- Steve Ballmer

33. “I think good ideas are usually better done quickly than slowly.” – Steve Ballmer

34. “I’m not sure blogs are necessarily the best place to get a feel for anything. People want to blog for a variety of reasons, and that may or may not be representative. “- Steve Ballmer

35. “In a sense, technology is a tool of individual choice, individual creativity, individual empowerment, individual access. My children will never understand that it was difficult to access and find things, to know what the world knows and to see what the world sees. Yet it is getting easier and easier every day. “- Steve Ballmer

36. “Look at the product portfolio, look at the fantastic financial results we’ve had over the past five years. You only get that kind of performance on the innovation side, the financial side, if you really listen and react to the best ideas of the people that we have. – Steve Ballmer

37th out of 50 Steve Ballmer Quotes

37. “Our industry is going through a wave of innovation and it is fueled by a phenomenon called the cloud.” – Steve Ballmer

38. “The only thing that I think separates Microsoft from a lot of other people is that we are making bold bets. We persist on them, but we fabricate them. A lot of people won’t make a bold bet. A bold bet doesn’t guarantee you will win, but if you don’t make a bold bet, you can’t continue to be successful. Our industry does not allow you to rest on your laurels forever. I mean, you can milk any good idea. Any idea that turns out to be really great can be harvested for decades. On the other hand, if you want to continue to be awesome, you have to bet on new things, big and bold bets. “- Steve Ballmer

39. “This is a great opportunity for Don and I wish him every success. I’m incredibly proud of the work and the vision that resulted in the Xbox One. I’m especially excited about how Xbox is advancing the transformation of our devices and services by bringing together the best of Microsoft. “- Steve Ballmer

40. “What we have been going through in recent years has made some people wonder Can we trust Microsoft?” – Steve Ballmer

41. “Accessible design is good design – it benefits people without disabilities as well as those who have them. Accessibility is about removing barriers and bringing the benefits of technology to everyone. “- Steve Ballmer

42. “Big companies, with the way they work, start with great leaders first.” – Steve Ballmer

43. “I like to tell people that all of our products and activities will go through three phases. There is vision, patience and execution. “- Steve Ballmer

44. “I would love to see all open-source innovation take place on Windows.” – Steve Ballmer

45. “If the CEO doesn’t see the rules of the game, no one else can. The team may need to see it too, but the CEO really needs to be able to see the whole competitive space. “- Steve Ballmer

46. ​​”Linux is a cancer that attaches the intellectual property sense to everything it touches.” – Steve Ballmer

47th out of 50 Steve Ballmer quotes

47. “Our goal in making these changes is to allow Microsoft to achieve greater agility in managing the incredible growth to come and in executing our software services strategy.” – Steve Ballmer

48. “The main advantage of information technology is that it allows people to do whatever they want. It allows people to be creative. It allows people to be productive. It allows people to learn things that they didn’t think they could learn before, and in a sense it’s all about potential. – Steve Ballmer

49. “There is no way the iPhone will gain any significant market share. No chance.” – Steve Ballmer

50. “We don’t have a monopoly. We have market share. There is a difference. “- Steve Ballmer


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