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5 Ways to Track Employees – Using XNSPY Mobile Spying App

5 Ways to Track Employees – Using XNSPY Mobile Spying App

Running a business successfully in this digital age should be easier. At least, that’s what many people assume. However, this is far from the truth because,with the digital age, time management and protecting company secrets is a completely different issue. Handling teams that are loyal and managing time properly is one of the greatest challenges of the digital age. That’s because there are too many distractions and as smartphone and other mobile devices make using social media and IM chats easier, people do not utilize time at work properly.

Track Employees

Besides, some employees need special monitoring. Below are five ways Xnspy, a mobile spyware app, helps you keep track of your employees to make sure they use time at work efficiently. To use this app and others like it, you must install it on a target device. It uploads all the data from the target device to your personal control panel, which you receive upon subscribing to the app.

Features of a Mobile Spyware Appthat Secure Businesses

Email Tracking

Businesses rely on email correspondences because documenting things is important. People use Gmail application installed on the mobile devices so that they can correspond with people on the go. However, when employees or ex-employees decide to go angry and rebellious, they can misuse emails to disclose sensitive information to competitors or enemies. Therefore, businesses have started keeping a check on emails their employees send and receive. Business owners do this stealthily using such tracking apps, especially designed for undetectable monitoring. An additional advantage of using a mobile spyware app is that it allows users to “Watchlist Words” and “Watchlist Email Addresses”. This means that they receive an alert whenever there is theuse of a watchlisted word or when watchlisted email contacts interact with the target employee.

IM Chats Spying

Many employees install messenger apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, KIK, LINE, and Facebook messenger on the company-issued mobile device. They use the company’s Wi-Fi to spend hours chatting with friends and family, whereas they neglect work. Employers have started taking serious steps to screen conversations on such apps to make sure the target employees do no share sensitive information about the company. Through strict IM Chat monitoring, organizations have been able to avoid workplace harassments as well. Employers can see all photos and videos sent/ received, and call history as well. If there is thereason for concern, they can have a talk with the employees.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

One of the most common problems businesses that have mobile workforce face is alack of accountability. Employees say they are on the way to an assigned address, but they may be sitting in a bar. They claim there is a traffic jam, but actually, they are still at home watching TV. Employers can track the exact location of their employees at any time of the day. In fact, they can see a history of places visited and “Watchlist Places” with the inbuilt Geo-fencing tool. This alerts them whenever the target visits specific addresses so that they can take necessary action if the target employee is not compliant with instructions.

Tracking Browser History and Time Management

Many companies are strict about not visiting porn sites and engaging in social media activities during work hours. However, some employees ignore these policies and spend several work hours sidetracked with such online activities. Employers can take screenshots of such activities as abackup and warn employers or terminate them if they do not comply with the policies. Often, employees who engage in sidetracking activities at work fail with time management at work. This affects productivity and efficiency at workplaces, which is why an increasing number of employers are relying on using a mobile spyware app.

Call Logs, Recording Calls, and Recording Ambient Surroundings

Some companies give employees call credits to use for work related activities. This requires accountability, but many people abuse this benefit by wasting the credits on personal calls. They lie about their using the credits wrongly, thinking employers will never find out. However, with Xnspy and similar apps, it is possible to track call logs and even listen to recorded calls. In fact, employers can turn on the recorder remotely, and listen to what target employees say in the background of the target device.

If you want to make the most out of your business, you need loyal and responsible employees. Using a mobile spyware app, you can filter reliable employees and protect your business from harmful people. Remember, the success of any business depends on good management and a strong team. Track the mobile activities of all employees and study them before making the decision to trust them.

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