5 Ways to Make Your Life Easier as a Mom

Being a mom is tough. Whether you’re a single mom, a working mom or even a stay-at-home mom, meeting the demands of your house, your kids and yourself is a dizzying juggling act. That’s why many moms are always on the lookout for ways they can make their lives easier or streamline things like laundry, making dinner and doing homework with the kids.

In this article, we’ll give you five ways to do all of this and more! Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you should be stressed out all the time. With these five tips, you can find some peace during your day and take a deep breath, knowing everything is taken care of.

  1. Reduce Clutter

Easier said than done, but still a major help when it comes to cleaning the house. The fewer things you have out on the floor, shelves and counters, the easier it is to clean your house regularly. This can help you feel calm and in control of your environment.

There are two main ways to approach decluttering:

  1. Give away – many families decide to donate extra clothes, books or knick-knacks to make more space in their homes. It’s a great way to get rid of extra things in your house while also helping the community.
  2. Organize – other families might find they need everything they own, but just don’t have good storage options. Things like shelves, storage bins, cabinets and other creative solutions are great options for families who just need somewhere to put things.
  3. Meal Planning

Every mom wants to provide proper nutrition for her kids, but there’s not always time to cook a big meal in the evening. Without food prepared, many people end up eating out or stopping for fast food just so they have something to eat.

Meal planning can solve this problem. Take some time to make a menu for the upcoming week and then write a grocery list based on those items. You can pick one day to go to the grocery store (or have them delivered) and one day to cook. Make a few different meals and save them in the fridge so you have something to eat all week.

Some people go one step further and will save their meals in single-serve portions. That way they can grab and go or quickly dole out supper. If you have the time to do it this way, great! If not, feel free to save things in batches and fix a plate as needed.

  1. Hire Help

There’s not a Single Mother Guide or Working Mom’s Rulebook that says you can’t get help. The truth is, we all need a little help sometimes. It’s okay to hire people to help you do the little things so you can focus on being the best mom for your kids.

A few things you can consider hiring out include:

  • Meal planning (Sure you can do it yourself, but you can also save time by hiring someone else to do it for you.)
  • Cleaning the house
  • Cleaning your car
  • Getting your groceries

You can also opt into free services like a school carpool or aftercare to help with transporting and watching your children while you’re at work.

  1. Keep a Routine

Granted this routine might change each season when you’re kids have different activities, but having something you do every day is imperative to keeping your peace of mind. Plus, it helps you move faster and get better at those few things you are doing.

Morning routines are particularly important, both for you and your kids. Try to wake up at the same time every day (even on the weekends), make time for breakfast, and give yourself a moment of quiet before the kids wake up if you feel like you need it.

Starting your day, in the same way, every day helps you find some peace of mind before you enter the chaos of life. It gives you something to look forward to and hold onto even when things get a little crazy.

  1. Embrace Technology

You’d be surprised how much help a smart device can be. Use your smart speaker, tablet or even TV to streamline your day and help you stay on track. They can remind you of appointments, let you know important details and keep you focused on the right priorities.

There are lots of other ways that you can make your life easier as a mom, but these four are especially effective. Try them out to see if they help lighten your load!