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5 Ways Patrick Adair Designs is Reinventing Men’s Rings Using Ancient Materials

Whether it’s hand-forged Damascus steel from Nevada, a fossilized mammoth tooth from Siberia or a meteorite pulled from the Arctic Circle, Patrick Adair Designs is reinventing men’s rings using the most uncommon luxury – and ancient – materials.

1. Draw Your Sword – Or Wear It

Patrick Adair Damascus Steel Ring

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In times past, men didn’t go anywhere without a sword by their side. While carrying a sword is no longer an option, you can wear the same steel used to forge them – as a ring. Coveted in history for its sharp edge, beautiful pattern, and durability, Patrick Adair turns Damascus steel to a new purpose in male luxury jewelry. Scratch-resistant, sought-after, and eye-catching, Damascus has long been the metal of kings – worn by you, it still will be.

2. Combine The Earthly With The Interstellar

Patrick Adair Meteorite Rings

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We’ve all seen a shooting star, but what if you could wear one?

Patrick Adair brings precious metals formed in the earth together with a resource so ancient that it predates Earth itself – meteorite. Adair sources rare, 100% authentic meteorites in order to craft his rings. No two rings are exactly the same due to each meteorite’s unique composition of metals. This means that you’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind item that will last. Each ring is a celebration of uniqueness – both of the corner of space it came from and the wearer.

3. Wear The World’s Rarest Resource

Patrick Adair Mammoth Fossil Ring

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One of the world’s rarest resources was alive and walking the earth 30,000 years ago – mammoths. Patrick Adair turns their fossilized remains into wearable pieces of history. Ethically sourced from a fossilized mammoth found in the frigid Siberian tundra, the teeth of the goliath are encased in Adair’s patented glowstone. Your ancient ancestors may have held the spears that brought down mammoths – now you can hold a piece of their history in your hands.

4. Forged Using Technique from the Era of Samurai

Patrick Adair Mokune Gane Ring

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A samurai’s sword was not only a deadly weapon but a work of art. Now, Patrick Adair uses the same ancient metalworking technique which adorned samurai’s blades to craft mokume gane rings. The mokume gane metalworking technique was invented in 17th century Japan – the Edo Period, or age of the samurai. The intricate wood grain pattern of mokume gane rings speaks to the high level of skill they take to craft. Patrick Adair is determined to help bring this dying art back to life by making it wearable luxury.

5. Choose Your Own Adventure

Patrick Adair Rings - Customize your design

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Patrick Adair believes that there’s a story in every ring, which is why he loves to help customers write their own. Whether your custom vision includes ancient materials like hand-forged Damascus steel, fossilized mammoth tooth, or meteorite, or futuristic materials like superconductors, glowstone, or tungsten, Adair’s artisan skill will help you bring that vision to life. Whether you want a ring forged with the same technique as a samurai’s sword, or one made of the same carbon fiber that helps get Nasa spacecraft up into the stars, a custom-made Patrick Adair ring can forge your dreams into reality.

If you’re ready to choose your design, head over to Patrick Adair Designs and receive a free gift with $150+ purchase!

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