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5 Ways to Make Blogging Easy

5 Ways to Make Blogging Easy

Make Blogging Easy : Are you blogging regularly? How frequently? If the answer is anything other than “every day”, you need to reconsider it. Blogging should be done every day to keep your blog active. If you are too busy to look after your blog, you need some tools.

Make Blogging EasyAlbeit blogging is a tough task and takes time and effort. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just streamline some parts of it?

Today I will tell you some effective tips to make blogging easier. You can use them to make blogging easier and profitable.

Brainstorm the ideas first:

Are you suffering from a blogger’s block? Don’t know what would be the best title for your next article? Don’t worry, try use Quora or a “Free blog topic generator” tool to get the idea.

You can visit Quora and find the most popular conversations there to cook up the topic for your next. In “blog topic generator” you will just need to put three nouns which you would like to write on. The generator will instantly suggest you topics. These topics may not be perfect all the time, but you can tweak them to work in your favor.

Become organized to enhance productivity:  

You can make use of Google drive and Google calendar to get the best out of your blogging. You will easily hack your productivity if you use the tools that are already provided by Google. There are softwares like Evernote that can help you stay on track.

Using Evernote you can create a workflow to improve your blog. You will be able to make the title and from then onwards add all the details to make that perfect blog happen.

Use Google Calendar to make the editorial calendar for your blog – for example, when you will publish your next and month mapping. You can accomplish just about anything with these tools.

Did you know Google drive can do everything for you? That’s right. From mapping to editing images you can now do everything on Google drive, so why to ignore such a happening platform? You can make the utmost use of it for your website right now.

Get your content optimized:

Your readers are going to find you through keywords. Make sure that you have the keywords embedded in your article. This way Google will list your page on top when someone searches with those keywords. This is how the right audience will come to your page. Optimizing is essential to high ranking on SERP.

There is a WordPress Plug-in that will tell you how to find the right keywords. Also, the plug-ins these days come with enhanced LSI keyword suggestions. They tell you exactly what keywords your target audience is using to search their products. All you need to do is click on an icon while you are editing your article. It is really easy.

If that is too difficult for you to manage at first, you can get started with the Google Keyword planner. It is the ultimate guide to breaking the code to manage your SEO keywords. It will help you in keyword research.

Create awesome photos for your blog:

You must find photos not filtered by copyrights. You can easily do that on Google images. Another way is to make your own photos, especially if your website is tutorial based. Use Shutterstock, iStockphoto or Photo Pin to get the best images. You can also add cool header images to make your blog look extra special.

Nature LandscapeYou can create awesome screenshots these days – you no longer have to press Ctrl+ Print Screen. Now you can do that in a completely new and improved method. All you have to do is go to the photo websites and check out their latest.

Making banners with WordPress is also easier than before. Simply create a document 660 x 800 pixels size (because that’s what most banners are in size), and get started. You will not need to hire any professionals since all tools are at your disposal.

If you still want to create your own pictures (and not download them), then PicMonkey is a very good site. Here you can create your own pictures for free. It gives you plenty of customizations to choose from and you can create any picture from scratch.

 Let the world know you exist:

Don’t be shy to share your blog on the social media forums. The best option is to create a separate page for your blog where your fans can interact with you. While Facebook is a very popular option, Twitter and Instagram are among the preferred ones too. 

You can do this by adding social sharing plug-ins to your WordPress. This will automatically your blogs to the social sharing networks. Your readers can share it with just a click. It is the easiest and best way to get social shares and virality.

There are also many other plug-ins and software that help to improve the way your social buzz. Tools like viral content buzz and Facebook image detection are some of the best ways to get your site ranking higher.

Yet, don’t just stick to the top three social forums, branch out. You never know where your site could be earning the most from. App.net is a competitor to Twitter and Delicious is itself a bookmarking site. Don’t leave out any social forum to publicize yourself.

Also, don’t just share your content once. Share it multiple times on the social media forums so that it gets noticed. Also, it will enhance your branding the more people see your brand name.

So keep all these things in mind and you are good to go with your online techniques.  

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