5 Waterfalls Near Vagamon That Are Awe Strikingly Beautiful

Untouched and distant from the noisy city life, Vagamon is a quiet and unbeatable hill station located 1100 meters above sea level in picturesque Kerala. The emerald green cover and serene atmosphere on the hills is a gift that every tourist is looking for when planning a nice retreat. This hill station is a center of attraction for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and adrenaline enthusiasts and activities that make your holiday a memorable one. Spectacular cedar forests, huge tea gardens, amazing waterfalls, fresh oxygen-rich air, breathtaking views, shrines, and immaculate lake, this beautiful can of wonders is a crowd-pleaser and one of the most thrilling tourist destinations.

5 waterfalls near Vagamon

Waterfalls near Vagams are the most popular attraction among tourists which is an essence of peace and tranquility. Our list of waterfalls near Vagamas is definitely enticing you for a refreshing holiday –

1. Marmala Falls – 20.2 km from Vagamon
2. Aruvikkuzhi Falls – 49.7 km from Vagamon
3. Unbreakable Waterfalls – 90.3 km from Vagamon
4. Thomankuthu Falls – 53.4 km from Vagamon
5. Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls – 64.6 km from Vagamon

1. Marmala Falls

Falling from a height of 60 meters, this magnificent waterfall leads to the Tekoy River and is located in the Tekoy Rubber Estate. The dense fresh milky water amidst the impenetrable flora provides a breathtaking view that is sure to revive your soul. Maramala Falls are among the most famous waterfalls near Vagamon and an ideal place for those who are looking forward to a few moments of calm and peace.

Time: You can visit the waterfall anytime of the day
entrance fees: not necessary
Best Time to Visit: During monsoon
things to do:

  • Great place to climb a mountain
  • A Bliss For Nature Photographers
  • Ideal place for wildlife lovers as you have to go through the forest

2. Aruvikkuzhi Falls

Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls are located only 64 kilometers from Vagamon and fall below a height of 30 feet. This postcard-perfect waterfall flows between two magnificent rocks that pass through dense vegetation and rubber forests. The natural beauty and grandeur of the Aruvikachal Falls make it one of the best waterfalls near Vagamon for a day filled with memories and fun. This beautiful waterfall can also be seen in a number of Tollywood and Bollywood films.

Time: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
entrance fees: not necessary
Best Time to Visit: During monsoon
things to do:

  • The perfect place for adventure huggers
  • A paradise for bird watchers
  • Busy in nature

3. Unbreakable Waterfalls

Attukal Falls is just 102 kilometers from Vagamon and is one of the most charismatic and famous waterfalls near Vagamon. The waterfall located at arm’s length from the Pallivasal tea factory is split into two with a bridge. You can enjoy the astonishing beauty of the Attukal waterfall and the immense enjoyment of tea while sipping on some steaming filter coffee in the cafe located near the bridge. It is the perfect place to spend your days and soak nature.

Time: Open from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
entrance fees: not necessary
Best Time to Visit: During monsoon
things to do:

  • A good place to enjoy the natural beauty
  • Perfect for nature photography
  • Great for tea and coffee lovers

4. Thomankuthu Falls

Thomanakuthu waterfalls are located just 70 km from Vagamon and are a beautiful step waterfall. This panoramic waterfall is a seven-step waterfall that bubbles into small hills, forming a pool of crystal-clear water at each level. It is a great place to plan a day trip and take a soothing dip in the fresh water of the waterfall. The picturesque beauty of the Thomankuthu waterfall is one of the best waterfalls near Vagamon.

Time: Any time of day
entrance fees: not necessary
Best Time to Visit: During monsoon
things to do:

  • Great place for trekking and rock climbing
  • Enjoy boating and fishing day
  • Rest in sweet water

5. Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls

Perunthenaruvi waterfall is located just 64 kilometers from Vagaman on the banks of the beautiful river Pamba. The murky waters of the Perunthenaruvi waterfall make their way through the Criscross hills in rocky areas, forming numerous streams of milky white water. The waterfall is 60 feet to 100 feet high and has a natural swimming pool atop a rock bed. It is a great place for picnics and to spend a few hours in freshwater.

Time: Anytime of the day
entrance fees: not necessary
Best Time to Visit: During monsoon
things to do:

  • Some trekking is required to reach the waterfall.
  • Best for paying attention to nature and swimming

Frequently asked questions about the waterfall near Vagamon

Q. For whom is Vagamon famous?

a. Vagamon is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala. This quiet and serene hill station is famous for its amazing waterfalls, amazing attractions, beautiful tea gardens, gorgeous grasslands and striking green forests.

Q. How to reach Vagamon?

a. Vagamon is well connected by rail, road and air. The nearest airport to Vagamon is the Cochin International Airport which is just 120 kilometers from this beautiful hill station and is connected by the state highway. If traveling by train, the nearest railway station Kottayam is located just 64 kilometers away. You can hire a taxi, book a private car, or take a commute from Kottayam railway station to reach Vagamon.

Q. What is the best time to visit Vagamon?

a. Being a hill station, Vagamon is an all-year destination in the state of Kerala. The temperature is pleasant and cool throughout the year and has its own charm due to the different seasons. Summers are vibrant and winters are more mysterious. However, the best time to visit is during the monsoons when you can see a waterfall at every nook.

Q. When should we visit Vegmon?

a. Vagamon must be visited such as Kurisumala, Mundakayam Ghat, Kurisumala Dairy Farm, Thangal Parva, Banjar Hills, Pine Forest, Pattumala Church, Vagaman Falls, Vagamon Lake, and few more places to see.

Q. Name some famous waterfalls near Vagamon?

a. One cannot experience the serene atmosphere and natural beauty of this hilly region without visiting this place. The best waterfalls near Vagamon are Vagamon Falls, Marmala Falls, Attukal Falls, Aruvikkuzhi Falls and a few more for a memorable trip.

Q. What to buy by visiting Vagamon?

a. Vagamon is famous for its tea gardens and pine forests. So, when in Vagamon you should go to the local markets and buy tea, fragrance oil, spices, cardamom, cashew, cashew mundu, banana chips, coir and handicrafts.

Q. How many days is required for Vagamon?

a. This beautiful hill station can never make you tired of its magnificent beauty. You can either plan a day trip or stay overnight or plan to stay more nights to relax your tired body and replenish spirits. However, the 3 day and 2 night trip is perfect for enjoying the beauty and trying adventure paragliding at Vagamon.