5 Villains Season 2 Should Introduce (& 5 It Shouldn’t)

Who doesn’t like a good villain? With the Arrowverse series Superman & Lois off to a good start with a new story, great visuals, and of course, an intriguing villain, fans are already turning their minds towards season two and what new characters could appear.

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If the writers are deciding to pick a new villain, it’s always good to dream big and dive deep into Superman’s rogue’s gallery (from both the comics and animation). Given the almost grounded nature that Superman & Lois mostly gives off, there are some villains who would fit into the series and others who would stick out like a sore, evil thumb.

10 Should Introduce: Lobo

Lobo accepts a bounty on an intergalactic outlaw

Although Superman & Lois should remain on Earth as much as they can, that doesn’t mean that cosmic villains can’t come to Earth, such as the intergalactic bounty hunter and main man Lobo. The fouled-mouth bounty hunter, who killed his own race, later became an iconic villain in the DC universe due to his relentless cruelty and violence.

Perhaps the following season could see these two come to blows? A large bounty could be placed on Superman’s head, one that might be too large to ignore for this villain. As long as it’s not the New 52 version, it could be interesting to see how this storyline might unfold.

9 Shouldn’t: Darkseid

Darkseid prepares to make his move against the Justice League

There are plenty of fans who long to see the ruler of Apokolips and number one foe of the DCU, Darkseid, appear to take on Superman. The incredibly powerful New God’s showcased incredible strength, powers and has served as a constant foe of Superman for years.

Yet, Darkseid isn’t just Superman’s enemy.  Time again, he’s been seen as an adversary for the Justice League and a threat that could easily take over the world. That kind of threat level seems more fit for an Arrowverse crossover than a simple seasonal or recurring villain.

8 Should Introduce: Atomic Skull

The New 52 Atomic Skull sits on the beach with his face in his hands

Now, it may be strange to suggest that Darkseid shouldn’t appear in the series, and then someone like the Atomic Skull should. After Joseph Martin was exposed to a gene bomb in S.T.A.R Labs, he developed superhuman strength, energy manipulation, and a flaming skull all while exhibiting radiation levels.

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Although he may seem like a pretty big threat, for someone like Superman, Atomic Skull is a pretty average villain for the Man of Steel to face. He would work well as a seasonal villain or recurring foe.

7 Shouldn’t: Doomsday

Doomsday unleashes his true strength upon Superman

Just because someone can do big giant monster villains along the lines of Atomic Skull doesn’t always mean they should. There’s always the chance they could overshadow the heroes or come off not working well and that could very easily happen to Doomsday.

A brutal, vicious killing machine adrift in the far reaches of space, Doomsday is a violent beast responsible for the heartbreaking death of Superman. Since Superman & Lois is set later in Clark’s career and that Doomsday is too big of a villain, it wouldn’t work for the series.

6 Should Introduce: Eradicator

The Eradicator attacks Superman and his Son for Krypton's legacy

A big theme in Superman & Lois seems to be about legacy and the family of the Kents coming together in strange times. As such, what better usage of a legacy than a piece of Krypton itself, the Eradicator.

While the name, Eradicator, has been held by a few different villains, the Superman-based one is a robot created by scientists on Krypton. The Eradicator serves as a way to help and even replace Kal-El. However, its method of eradication has consistently put it at odds with Superman and perhaps even his sons.

5 Shouldn’t: Ultraman

Ultraman tears apart the Daily Planet of his world

With the villainous Captain Luthor coming from another world, the possibility for other Supermen became all the more possible. However, knowing the Arrowverse, it will more than likely be an evil one, leaning towards Ultraman.

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It’s not a bad idea persay to use Ultraman. However, given the chance to use other villains and even other Supermen, like the Black Suited Superman seen on Luthor’s world or Injustice, Ultraman would feel like one evil Supes too many.

4 Should Introduce: Kryptonite Man

Kryptonite Man runs from Superman as he leaks radiation

Currently, in Superman & Lois, Lois Lane’s father, General Sam Lane, made the decision to start a project under code 7734 as a safeguard against Superman. While many believe it to be Metallo, it’s more likely to be The Kryptonite Man.

The Kryptonite Man has an odd history. Originally beginning as an alien with telepathic abilities over a cloud of kryptonite, he was upgraded for the modern age as a human with Kryptonite physiology, allowing him to seriously weaken Superman by just touching him.  Introducing The Kryptonite Man could serve as a failsafe on General Lane’s behalf, a backup in case Captain Luthor’s bleak reality came to pass on Earth-Prime.

3 Shouldn’t: Mr. Oz

Mr.Oz watches Superman and his allies from afar

Every Superman fan knows about Krypton and subsequently, Superman’s origin: Kal-El’s home that was blown apart and sent him to Earth. Truthfully, the impact of Krypton lies in that tale – Clark is one of the last remnants of his planet so adding in Mr.Oz would dilute that point.

Introduced during the “Rebirth” era of DC, Mr.Oz was a shadowy villain revealed to be a scarred and time-displaced Jor-El, Clark’s father who survived Krypton thanks to Doctor Manhatten. With Jor-El already in the series, introducing Mr.Oz would weaken the impact of the destruction of Krypton.

2 Should Introduce: Ultra-Humanite

The Ultra-Humanite battles Green Lantern using his intellect

Sometimes the best way to go is with the beginning. The Ultra-Humanite was Superman’s first-ever villain, who came about after a scientist transferred their consciousness into a mutant albino gorilla, making them one of the most intelligent and dangerous foes to date.

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Although some fans might feel that Ultra-Humanite is a bit absurd, back-tracking through Superman’s glory days and revisiting the likes of Humanite would be interesting to do. There are all sorts of things writers can do to make the Humanite interesting, maybe serving as the Kent boy’s first-ever supervillain and even more formidable.

1 Shouldn’t: Rogol Zaar

Rogol Zaar attacker Superman in his Fortress of Solitude

Like Mr.Oz, the facts surrounding Krypton really shouldn’t be messed with. It was Superman’s home, it was destroyed and Kal-El came to earth. There’s no real reason to dive deeper or make up some convoluted meaning like Rogol Zaar.

A newer villain created by Brian Micahel Bendis, Rogol Zaar’s an alien who sees Kryptons as a plague and destroyed the planet before setting his sights on Kal-El and earth. Rogol Zaar, although intimidating looking, wouldn’t add much beyond being Krypton’s end which really should just be left alone.

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