5 Toys for the Budding Survivalist

5 Toys for the Budding Survivalist

Budding Survivalist Some people joke about survivalism, whereas others take it a bit more seriously. And if you find that you’re just casually interested in the process. But then some event occurs that makes you more apt to get your gear together. When the zombie apocalypse hits, you’ll want a starting place for planning.

Budding SurvivalistMoreover, that initial list might look something like finding the right optics and rangefinders. Buying a good bug-out bag, investing in a solar power kit. Get some radio communications devices ready, and gather some GPS maps that don’t require use of your cell phone. We are talking about survival when the infrastructure collapses, after all!

Optics and Rangefinders

Whether you’re thinking about defending yourself or hunting, buying optic accessories and rangefinders is going to be necessary for survival. If they’re the one thing that gives you an edge over either man or nature, then it’s money well spent. You might be using classic firearms like handguns or rifles, or you may be using bows and arrows, but having a good sight on either one of those options may be the difference between being able to carry on smartly, or otherwise.

Bug-Out Bags

And no survivalist worth his weight in conspiracy theory is going to make it very far without putting together the perfect bug-out bag. Since every person is slightly different, each bag will definitely have a bit of personalization, but you need to pay attention to the basics well enough to be able to pack your bag in a hurry and get out of Dodge. Even if some catastrophe never does really happen, even the skills and forethought to put a bag together will service you nicely.

Solar Power Kits

And when the crud hits the fan, where are you going to get your power from? No more electricity going through the wall sockets – that means you’d better invest in a solar power kit that’ll keep the necessities going. It might cost a little bit to get one that will actually do it’s job, but that a necessary cost until you want to get caught high and dry with no juice.

Radio Communication Kits

And survivalists know that one of the first things that’s going to go down is the cell tower structure, so you’d better buy a radio kit of some sort. They even have hand-crank ones so that you don’t need batteries. Smart people think of these things beforehand.

GPS Maps

In addition, with cell towers down, suddenly you won’t have Google and Apple’s map programs at your disposal either. Moreover, that means that you may want to have a standalone GPS map program handy. Make sure that everyone in your family knows how to get to your bug-out location in the event of an occurrence, and that will ease your mind quite a bit.


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