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5 Tips for Safe Travels That Should be Followed

5 Tips Safe Travels That Should be Followed by Everyone

5 Tips Safe Travels: When you go to a new place, mishaps may take place more easily than you think. However, they can be avoided by being cautious and following some basic travel security advice. In this article, we’re going to give you a few awesome security tips that’ll help you in traveling safely. Let’s get started:

1. Don’t Get Distracted

Be wary of kids, beggars or anyone else who tries to distract you by showing a piece of paper, card or something else. If something like that comes your way, try your best to avoid it anyhow and do everything that you can to secure your stuff. Distraction is an often used tactic of con artists who may get away with your valuables while your attention is somewhere else.

5 Tips Safe Travels

2. Secure Your Gadgets

In today’s digital age it’s hard to imagine traveling without a laptop or smartphone. Your gadgets can be your best friends in an alien place, so you should do everything that you can to ensure their security. Follow the tips given below to do that:

  • Securing your laptop: It’s always a wise choice to avoid using your laptop in public places (i.e. airports, railway stations etc.), but if you must use it then you should secure it with a laptop lock (also known as Notebook Security Cables). This can also be helpful when you need to leave your laptop in your hotel room or any other place of accommodation for a while.
  • Secure your smartphone/tablet: A variety of ways exist to track your smart devices if they get lost. Android comes with its own Android Device Manager utility that allows you to locate and remotely wipe the device n case it’s lost, and iPhone also comes with its “Find My iPhone” service that allows you to do the same. When you travel, make sure that you’ve enabled these services on your devices.

But it’s not just physical safety of your gadgets that you need to care about when you travel – security of your data is of equal importance. So always follow the basic rules of thumb:

These tips should be enough to secure your devices from any kind of casualties when you’re in a new place.

3. Secure Your Cash/Credit Cards

Cash is something that everyone in the world needs. Even in this age of digital payments, you should not go to a new place in “cashless mode.” Who knows, if for some reason your cards don’t work there! In those circumstances only paper currency can help you.

Now, the problem with paper currency is that everyone wants it by any means. So in order to protect your cash in a new place you should do the following things:

  • First of all avoid putting all your cash in one place. Yes – whether it’s your pocket, your wallet or your backpack, just don’t put all your money in one place. This will save you from going cashless if something wrong happens.
  • Next, when you’re standing in a queue, be especially careful towards your wallets.
  • And if you feel comfortable with them, you should take help of travel wallets. Yep, those wallets that get strapped around various parts of your body (i.e. arms, legs, waist etc.). You may not be a fan of them, but they make it more difficult to snatch the money from you.

Now coming to the security of your credit cards:

  • When you travel, always keep the numbers of all your credit and debit cards with you along with phone numbers that may be needed to deactivate them in case of theft. But just don’t put the security number or expiration date along with them because if someone finds that information, your card may be used for online transactions.
  • And if you’re comfortable with it, let your bank know that you’ll be out of station and where will you be. This can be helpful because banks track the suspicious activities on cards by deploying their own sophisticated means and try to prevent such activity.

4. Secure Your Luggage

When you’re in a new city or a new country, your belongings are the only assets that you’ve. Therefore, it becomes imperative to secure them by any means. Follow the tips mentioned below to ensure the security of your stuff:

  • The first thing that you may want to do is getting padlocks or combination locks for your bags, which will prevent them from being opened easily.
  • If you’re travelling in trains, you should protect your bags and backpacks with wire mesh protectors.
  • Lastly, to keep your luggage safe in your place of accommodation you may want to go with a travel door alarm, which will alert you if there’s any suspicious activity on your room’s door.

#5. Stay Alert

This is unarguably the most important thing that you can do.  All of the tips outlined above will be of little benefit if you don’t stay alert. You may not be a fan of this advice, but there’s no way to secure yourself and your belongings in a new area if you’re not cautious.

Avoid wandering in lonely places. If you enter an area that doesn’t seem to be a genuine place and there’re not too many people around you, get out of it as soon as possible. Also keep an eye on the type of people surrounding you. If you find yourself surrounded by too many threatening or conman-type people, leave that place and move to a densely-populated area. Most importantly, don’t get scared – just walk out of the place confidently.

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