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5 Tips for Promoting a Direct Marketing Event

5 Tips for Promoting a Direct Marketing Event

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Although the greatest part of the UK’s marketing budget will be spent on digital strategies, The Advertising Association’s Expenditure Report released in April states that businesses will spend upwards of £1.8 billion on direct mail adverts in 2015. When it comes to a direct marketing event, it is wise to keep this figure in mind.

All the latest research shows that today’s consumer, although into everything digital, actually craves that one-on-one connection when purchasing products. They want to put a face behind the brand and have a myriad of questions they want answered. This is why direct marketing has become a key way for businesses to drive sales and why direct marketing is going to take on greater amounts of business marketing budgets within the coming years. Here are five tips for promoting your direct marketing event.

1) Begin Early

From the moment you choose your venue it’s time to start promoting your direct marketing event. This is the time when you begin planting seeds that will ‘germinate’ later on in your advertising strategy. At the moment you are simply attempting to bring an awareness of an upcoming event.

2) Employ a Well-rounded Advertising Campaign

When promoting a direct marketing event, use any type of media you normally would when advertising your business. This could be online marketing as well as radio, television, print and digital signage if you employ that technique. The more avenues you explore, the greater your exposure will be.

3) Keep Adverts Personal

Bear in mind here that direct marketing is so successful because today’s consumer craves that personal touch. They like to engage with sales consultants, get a hands-on feel of your products and have the ability to ask questions in real-time. Adverts should be kept personal and one of the most effective means of personal advertising is through the use of direct mail. Colourful brochures like you can find here can be kept at hand and will be a visual reminder of the upcoming event.

4) Ramp-up in Weeks Prior to Event

Here is where those seeds you began planting early on begin to germinate. Go full steam ahead and pull out all the stops. The largest portion of your direct marketing event’s advertising budget should be spent here. If you spend it too soon, they will forget the date but don’t wait too long either or consumers may have other plans. Hit hard and heavy in the weeks leading up to the event to capture the largest audience.

5) Offer Coupons & Discounts

You’ve already spent money on that direct mail brochure, why not add a coupon or discount they can take advantage of when bringing the brochure to the event? Consumers love to save money and it just might be that your coupon will be the deciding factor as to whether or not they attend.

When it comes to driving sales and building brand, there is almost no better way than through a live direct marketing event but first you need to get people there! These five tips for promoting a direct marketing event should help you draw in the crowds. Once there, your sales consultants can close the deal – at the moment you only need to focus on getting them in the door. This is how it’s done.

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