5 Times Rachel Was A Huge Freeloader (& 5 She Was Super Generous)

Rachel underwent the biggest transformation on Friends, going from a wealthy and spoiled girl to a strong, independent woman that paved her own fashion career and later became a mother. Rachel’s transition from one lifestyle to another wasn’t easy, and it came with its ups and downs.

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However, while Rachel had her moments in which she took advantage of the generosity of her friends, she also had times where she’d help them out or put their feelings above her own, showing how much she’d grown and how kind she is. Rachel cared for those around her, and several of those moments outshined those in which she tended to be a freeloader.

10 Freeloader: When She Sold Her Cat To Gunther

Rachel holding her cat with Chandler on right Friends

Rachel regrets purchasing Mrs. Whiskerson almost immediately, given the cat is mean and nasty, and constantly scratches and hisses at her. Plus, Mrs. Whiskerson creeps out the gang given her lack of fur. Rachel tries taking it back to the pet store, but can’t get her money back, so she gets inventive and tries to sell it herself. She ends up selling it to Gunther for a hefty price, even making a profit.

Rachel is never aware of Gunther’s crush on her, and she takes advantage of Gunther by getting more money than the cat was worth, and she likely never visited the cat again, so Gunther’s purchase was for naught. Rachel took advantage of Gunther plenty of times, but this instance was among the noteworthy occasions.

9 Generous: She Wanted Ross To Be Okay With Her And Joey


Both Rachel and Joey agreed that if Ross wasn’t okay with them being together, then nothing would happen. They tried to be respectful and thoughtful of Ross, though he did find out about them wanting to be together when he inadvertently walked in on them kissing.

Rachel and Ross had Emma by then, and Rachel and Joey both respected that she and Ross had a history and that they needed to consider that before taking any serious steps forward in their blossoming relationship. Ultimately, Rachel and Joey stayed friends and Rachel got off the plane to Paris to be with Ross, so everything worked out the way it was supposed to.

8 Freeloader: When She Assigned Monica To Stop Emma’s Crying

Friends Rachel Emma

Rachel was desperate to get her daughter to stop crying. Of course, that’s understandable, but forcing Monica to be on standby was taking it too far.

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Monica may have been the key to get Emma to stop crying, and she may be Emma’s aunt, but it’s not her responsibility to care for her 24/7 or to be there every time Emma cries. Rachel even decided to take a nap while Monica was consoling Emma, which was really pushing it.

7 Generous: She Was There For Joey’s Sister Dina

Joey, Dina and Rachel in Friends

Dina was terrified to tell her big brother, Joey, that she was pregnant. She came to visit, telling Joey she was interested in fashion, and Joey naturally sent her to Rachel, where Dina confessed the truth, and Rachel helped her. Rachel had Dina prepared to tell her brother the truth, even bringing a sandwich to soften the blow.

Rachel and Dina were both pregnant, so they could relate to one another, and Rachel provided the support that Dina needed all along, which was a kind thing to do.

6 Freeloader: She Took Ross And Emily’s Honeymoon To Greece

While waiting at the airport following Ross’s disastrous wedding to Emily in London in which he said the wrong name at the altar, Rachel runs into Ross. Ross is anxious, hoping Emily will meet him at the airport so they can take the honeymoon to Greece that they’d planned on, but as final calls for boarding are announced, Ross loses hope. Unfortunately, he invites Rachel to take the trip with him, and Emily witnesses it, leaving Ross to chase after her and Rachel going to Greece alone.

She never should have boarded the plane, especially given what had happened, and she came back from the trip angry that Ross had abandoned her, though it was never her trip to begin with. This was a major freeloading moment on Rachel’s part, and she failed to recognize that.

5 Generous: She Helped Ross When His Flirting Failed

In “The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt,” Ross has a terrible time flirting with the pizza delivery girl. No matter what he does, it’s awkward and misconstrues what he’s really trying to say. He orders several pizzas to keep her coming back, but ultimately, it’s Rachel that gets her number on Ross’s behalf.

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She follows the delivery girl and explains what Ross was really trying to do, earning her the girl’s phone number, which she gives to Ross. It was a really nice thing for her to do for Ross, especially given their on-again, off-again relationship.

4 Freeloader: When She Wanted To Use Monica’s Insurance

In the first season, Rachel injures herself while removing Christmas lights, resulting in a sprained ankle. She has no insurance and convinces Monica to trade identities with her so she can get Monica’s coverage. Instead of thinking about the consequences not just for herself, but especially for Monica should they get caught committing insurance fraud, Rachel pleads with her friend to switch identities.

Luckily, by the end of the episode, Rachel and Monica both realize that it’s not worth the trouble, so they file the correct paperwork at the hospital. Rachel shouldn’t have taken advantage of Monica like that, and both women learned that lesson the hard way while on dates with two doctors.

3 Generous: She Tried To Help Her Sisters, Jill And Amy

Rachel and Amy in Friends

Both Jill (Reese Witherspoon) and Amy (Christina Applegate) came to Rachel for help in the series. Jill had been cut off, and Rachel tried to help her adjust and shared the wisdom of her own experience with her sister. Rachel also tried to help Amy when she wanted to marry an older man just for his apartment.

Both her sisters were incredibly spoiled and selfish, though they left a little better than they arrived thanks to Rachel, who wanted to give her sisters the benefit of the doubt and a chance to change their lives for the better.

2 Freeloader: When She Decided To Be Monica’s Roommate

Friends - Monica and Rachel

Rachel was going through a big adjustment in the first season. She’d just run out of her wedding and wasn’t sure what was coming next in her life. She and Monica were once close friends but had drifted apart. Luckily, Monica was there for Rachel when she needed her most.

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Though Rachel invited herself into becoming Monica’s roommate without a discussion or anything beforehand, Monica still took in Rachel and helped her through her transition from spoiled to responsible and independent. This was a big gesture on Monica’s part, and Rachel acknowledges that in her goodbye to Monica as she’s preparing to move to Paris. Though at the time that she first moves in with Monica, Rachel doesn’t always show her appreciation for what Monica did for her.

1 Generous: When She Stopped Herself From Breaking Up Ross’s Wedding

In Season 4, Rachel was on a mission. Though she initially stayed home in New York with Phoebe, she changed her mind at the last minute and got on a plane to London to break up Ross’s wedding to Emily. Phoebe frantically tried to warn someone that Rachel was on her way, but as it turns out, Rachel did the right thing upon seeing Ross and Emily, and how happy they were together.

Instead of telling Ross how she felt, she told him “congratulations” and took a seat. Ross did say the wrong name, perhaps because Rachel was present, but at least Rachel refrained from making the wedding any more of a disaster than it ultimately turned out to be.

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