5 Times Monica Was A Good Friend (& 5 She Was Awful)

Monica Geller is nothing if not considerate — who else would allow an old friend to crash at her place, despite not having seen each other in years? She has taken care of Rachel in more ways than anyone can count, not to mention all the times she has spent helping Chandler, Joey, Ross, and Phoebe out of their various shenanigans.

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One of Monica’s defining features is her eternal desire for cleanliness and order, which often results in conflicts with the other Friends. At times it caused her to be a pretty bad friend but in other cases, she stepped up as the best buddy of them all.

10 Good Friend: Becomes Roommates With Rachel

Rachel bursts into Central Perk, soaking wet in a wedding dress, completing the cast for the first time in the series premiere. She tells everyone that she skipped out on her own wedding, which the others (mostly) empathize with.

Monica allows her to crash at her place, apparently on a temporary basis, until Rachel manages to get her act together. This is asking too much, of course, but it’s interesting that, even when Rachel does secure a solid job, Monica continues to be roommates with her.

9 Awful Friend: The Toe Incident

All the friends begin discussing the most horrible Thanksgiving holidays they’ve ever had — Chandler’s parents getting divorced being a primary example. However, it’s Monica’s 1987 version that takes the cake. When Ross plans on asking Rachel on a date for the first time, Chandler mentions that he would rather not have to interact with his “fat sister,” a comment that she accidentally eavesdrops on.

She proceeds to go on a serious diet and is considerably thinner the following year. At this point, she wants to have revenge on Chandler, so she takes Rachel’s cue and attempts to seduce him with random items. One of these is a knife, which inevitably falls on and cuts off one of his toes.

8 Good Friend: The Medical Insurance Scam

When Rachel gets an ankle sprain, Monica hesitantly allows her to exchange their names, just so the latter would be able to use the former’s medical insurance. Monica agrees in the first place because Rachel tells her that she’s her emergency contact.

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It’s not surprising, however, that she is terrified of being caught, so she constantly badgers her friend about the dangers of “insurance fraud.” It is important to note that Monica also embarrasses herself in public while asking for a new set of forms, which is something she really hates doing. It’s the kind of thing she only did because she’s a good friend to Rachel.

7 Awful Friend: Overplanning A Wedding

Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow as Monica & Phoebe in Friends:The Wedding Dresses

Phoebe’s wedding is supposed to be a small, but most importantly, peaceful event — Monica takes the task of planning beyond her usually exaggerated levels of mania. The pressure begins to build up at the time of the rehearsal dinner, and Phoebe point-blank forces her friend to quit.

This reaction is completely understandable; nobody wants their wedding to be a frenzied affair. Unfortunately for Phoebe, she isn’t anywhere as skilled as Monica at organizing, so she allows her to handle the situation like a “crazy b**ch lady.”

6 Good Friend: Emma

rachel, monica, and ross at the hospital friends

Before Rachel gives birth, she and Ross go through a host of names for their daughter, with nearly all of them being vetoed by either parent — Delilah, Ruth, and Isabella are instantly thrown out of the running.

Then Rachel hears the name that Monica had always planned on naming her daughter, Emma, and adores the idea immensely. She pretends she doesn’t to avoid stealing the name, but Monica magnanimously tells her to “take it” even though she has had it “picked out since [she] was 14” because she “loves Rachel more.”

5 Awful Friend: Dated One Of Rachel’s Exes

On the other hand, Monica has not been a very good friend to Rachel in a few instances. One of them is when Chip Matthews, her best friend’s old prom date, calls her up to ask her out on a date.

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Rachel does not like the idea at all, but her reasoning is sensible: Chip is the type of guy who breaks up with people just so he can hook up with someone else. Monica ignores her and goes for it anyway, but learns that the man is the same as he was in school, including the same job and bully-tactics.

4 Good Friend: Phoebe’s Disastrous Haircut

Monica begs Phoebe to give her a new haircut, but the latter is averse to the idea given the former tends to lapse into overbearing criticism when something doesn’t fit her pre-decided benchmarks of perfection.

Phoebe decides to try her luck, and attempts to give Monica a “Demi Moore” (while mistaking what her friend asked for with Dudley Moore, the British actor & comedian.) The horrific haircut results in a minor breakdown, but nothing as terrible as it could have been. Considering how easy it is to push Monica over the edge, this counts as kindness on her part.

3 Awful Friend: “You Kinda Stole My Thunder!”

Monica and Chandler are excited to be engaged until she finds her brother and her best friend making out. She immediately goes on a rant, claiming that she had been waiting for this night for the longest time and that it has been ruined because Rachel and Ross are “back together” again.

Monica announces, on multiple occasions, that the pair have “stolen her thunder.” Everything’s resolved at the end, but it never should have gotten this heated in the first place.

2 Good Friend: Forcing Rachel To Use Eye-Drops

Rachel experiences some indefinable eye-problem, complaining about redness and irritation to the point that Monica demands that she go to an ophthalmologist to get the problem taken care of post-haste. However, Rachel has an extreme phobia about people touching her eyes, so she creates a ruckus to distract her friend.

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This doesn’t pan out, so Monica has no choice but to pin her to the floor and pour the necessary medication into the problematic eye. As great a friend as she is, it requires the combined effort of the five of them to make it work.

1 Awful Friend: The Dollhouse Rules

Monica hates her Aunt Sylvia — this is clear when her response upon discovering that the “cranky old b**ch” had passed away is unbridled jubilation; and even more so when she inherits a prized dollhouse.

Ironically, Monica has forgotten the fact Sylvia had never let her touch the dollhouse when she was a child because she imposes similar rules on Phoebe (who is playing with one for the first time). Phoebe leaves in a huff, vowing that she would create a dollhouse of her own to enjoy.

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