5 Things to Encourage Your College-Aged Student to Focus On

For many young people, going to college is one of the most important thresholds they cross as they progress around the world. Whether you stay on campus, commute or take virtual classes at home, the experience can always be stressful. And these fears and concerns of students – and those of their parents – are real.

One of the best tools to deal with these anxieties is preparation: ensuring that students are able to create healthy lifestyles, establish solid study routines and understand how to be responsible for their finance. Want to know how to assuage your own concerns? Read on for five areas to encourage your student to focus on what will help facilitate the emotional and physical environment necessary for them to thrive – with the help of a few key IKEA elements, such as bedding and the basics of cooking up to the most important alarm the clock.

Foundations of good health

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A major concern that parents (rightly so!) have about their college-aged children is that they will take advantage of a newfound independence to create unhealthy habits: eat what they want, when they want; mismanaging their stress; and ignoring the signs of illness. But this is where you have to let yourself go and allow them to learn from their own mistakes.

Know that you have given them the tools and knowledge to correct their new routine: they know what a balanced meal looks like because of the way they ate while growing up (and you have equipped them with some essential items); they realize that exercise can help ease mood swings; and they remember you are just a quick phone call away (or walk down the hall) when they get sick. To do this, if they live on campus, make sure they know where the infirmary is and that they are well supplied with basic items such as throat lozenges, pain relievers and a thermometer.

An understanding of personal finance

With the cost of college education constantly increasing, you will clearly want state all financial expectations you might have for them. Do they need to find a work-study program? Will you provide a monthly or semi-annual allowance for books, restaurant meals or other essential items? Will you remain a co-signer of a card or a bank account so that you can review the types of purchases they make? Establish ground rules so that no one is surprised when the credit card statement is mailed.

A configuration for a good sleep

Lots of sleep is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is common in American adults, and it can have real impacts on alertness and health. Deep sleep, the stage of sleep when your body and brain waves slow down, is important for memory retention, cell repair, a strong immune system, and even mood and outlook – essential for daily life of each student.

To help your child try to get enough sleep, make their bed an irresistible and comfortable paradise. You will need a quilt that balances warmth and washability, like that of IKEA SMÅSPORRE, which is designed to be able to be washed frequently and at high temperatures – just in case your children have not lowered the entire area between the darkness and the lights of the laundry. Pair it with a soft duvet cover and pillowcases in a fun pattern, like blue and white. TRÄDKRASSULA together, and you’ll rest more easily too.

Stay organized

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Being organized and following a routine is half the battle for success, and sometimes it is little reminders or accessories that encourage this kind of behavior. Provide plenty of notebooks, pens, phone and laptop chargers, or whatever they need to keep up with tasks and schedules.

Encourage your student to use a desk organizer to keep their supplies in one place (and not everywhere in their workspace). A pegboard above the desk allows them to make the space more personalized – they can post photos, mood boards or reminders for assignments. We also like the RIGGAD table lamp as it also works as a wireless charger, reducing the ever increasing need for more cables and wires.

Heavy sleepers may need a real alarm clock (that one wake you up smoothly with sound and light!) instead of just using their phone, and you can help them find the perfect planner or app to set reminders for class schedules, deadlines, and if you are able to push it, a weekly phone call or FaceTime welcome.

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