5 Things To Do In Europe In December For A Trip To Remember

Winter is the most attractive time in Europe and there is nothing that seems more attractive in European winters. With Christmas cheer burning the entire continent, a happy vibe is spreading on the streets in the cities. Snowfall in the mountains makes way for adding a rare element that makes the weather perfect for a variety of adventure activities. Cities in Europe plan to travel and visit places with the help of many fun activities to offer the most spectacular winters for their tourists traveling from around the world. Without further ado, let’s head all in the top Things to do in Europe in December.

Weather in Europe in December

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December is a great time to experience the winter wonderland in Europe. The average temperature in December varies between -1 ° C to -3 ° C. With such intense cold temperatures, it is definitely Europe’s time to dress for the cold. Generally tourists visiting Europe this month like to experience cold weather. Although some cities in Europe may experience snowfall during December, some offer pleasant weather to take their Christmas attire out of the closet. Make sure you gear yourself up with some winter essentials during this month and be prepared to prevent weather conditions.

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Why should you go to Europe in December?

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Now that you are well aware of the weather conditions of Europe in December, let us find out the reasons why you need to come to Europe in December. European cities actually have a taste of their own and each city is bustling with its own energy and celebrating festivities that deserve a mention.

Festival popular in European cities

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Tourists can enjoy the cold weather the most with European winter festivals, which include snowboarding, skiing, comedy shows, carnival and a large range of activities and so on. There are some notable festivals here, which must be included.

  • Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam
  • Snowbombing, Mayfrofen, Austria
  • Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival, Jouleau, Netherlands
  • Altitude Comedy Festival, Myfran, Austria
  • Winterland Winter, Alp D’Huez, France
  • Fete du Citron, Menton, France

Skip peak season in europe

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Going to these cities in Europe around December is extremely expensive as summer is generally considered as peak season. Therefore, financially it is one of the best seasons to spend your time. Alternatively, as the weather is highly popular for adventure sports, there is a high demand for making games for the extreme growth rate of these games. If you are planning to travel to the cities of Europe, it is best to put your travel shoes forward this December.

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9 things to do in Europe in December

The vast continent of Europe explores a wide range of cities. Let us explore some of the best cities that should make your December trip a grand one.

1. Amsterdam: For festive vibes
2. Zwolle: A Mesmerizing December
3. Meprofen: Enjoy Adventure Sports
4. Barcelona: a major city to explore
5. Paris: Explore the warmth and celebration

1. Amsterdam: For festive vibes

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Amsterdam in December is all about iced lakes, cozy winter mornings, cultural festivals and festive hues. During the deep winter months, the beautiful city of Europe, Amsterdam comes to life. The unbearable wintry season provides the perfect celebration for your December needs.

The winters begin with the most snowfall in Amsterdam in early December. On the other hand, the month ends with Christmas lights and bells ringing in the streets are included in the Christmas tune. Offering many hot restaurants to savor on many local delectable dishes, Amsterdam is a must visit in December.

Activities to do in December: Skating, a concert, a football match, Amsterdam Light Festival and so on. The Amsterdam Light Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Europe that draws tourists from all over the world at this time.

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2. Zwolle: A Mesmerizing December

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If you are a winter baby, Zwolle is the perfect city for you to visit in December. For those tourists who love the cold weather and cozy veneers, you need to travel to Zwolle to experience the most beautiful December. With an average temperature of 1 ° C – 8 ° C, the city is a winter land in itself. In addition, the Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival takes place during this time which is a treat to experience.

Activities to do in December: Skiing! With skiing being the major tourist attraction in the city, Zwolle is one of the most preferred cities to experience its best sport. As there are designated places to do activity, tourists like to explore this city best.

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3. Meprofen: Enjoy Adventure Sports

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The perfect place to lay out your arms for adventure games in December is Mayforn. If you want to discover skiing and experience this unique sport, then you need to get out of Mayfron in December. Offering a vast expanse for the game, the city itself is a joy. There are some designated areas in the city which are ideal for this activity. Since the city is situated at a lower altitude, sports lovers need to climb the altitude.

Activities to do in December: Paragliding, sledding, snow limo tour. If adventure sports is your thing, then you need to try out the activities in December.

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4. Barcelona: a major city to explore

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Barcelona is another major city to explore in December. The country is a beautiful city located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. In addition, it is one of the most popular countries due to its ancient charm. The city is simply beautiful this month with blue winter skies; Barcelona experiences a tourist rush at this time.

The streets are well decorated in every nook and corner and are busy celebrating Christmas. Additionally, it is the best time to taste traditional food and delicious food.

Activities to do in December: Take part in the Three Kings Parade, explore ice skating rinks, travel and harbor swimming. Barcelona offers a pleasant weather condition in December, making a sea pool of tourists the way to the city.

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5. Paris: Explore the warmth and celebration

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Paris, the most romantic city in the world is a treasured place which is a pleasure in December. The city needs no introduction that is popular for Old World attractions. The cultural capital of France is cold in December with an average temperature of – 8 ° C.

The city is well equipped with attractive Christmas markets that are well decorated. This brings a great opportunity for tourists to warm up inside the quaint café in December. The city provides ample opportunity for you to visit and make the most of the holiday month.

Activities to do in December: Ice skating, holiday lights and window displays; Join a classical music festival and so on. Due to the excellent weather conditions in December, the large influx of tourists trying to do activities in Paris is a common sight.

Frequently Asked Questions to do in Europe in December

Q. What is special about Amsterdam Lights Festival?

a. The innovative air exhibition known as the Amsterdam Light Festival is a huge festival in Europe that is held for a period of 53 days. It gathers national and international lighting artists to showcase the work well. The pictures provide the correct canals as well as the right backdrop.

Q. What is the average temperature in Europe during December?

a. In Europe the average temperature varies between minus 8 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius during December. Severe snowfall occurs at various places during this period.

Q. What types of adventure activities are practiced in European cities during December?

a. There are many adventure activities for you to experience in Europe in December including skiing, sledding, trekking, hiking, camping, fishing, ice skating and various others.

Q. What is the ideal time to visit Europe?

a. Europe is a beautiful city to visit at any time of the year; However during December it attracts tourists who want to experience its wintry weather and Christmas vibes.

Q. Where can I ski in Europe?

a. Tourists can experience skiing at many places in Europe, with Zwolle on top for designated and dedicated space to practice activity.

Q. What is the average cost of visiting Europe in December?

a. The average cost of traveling to Europe during December is for the middle amount. While some cities experience peak season, some cities do not. Therefore, average spending usually varies according to the city you visit.

Q. What fun activities happen in Europe during winter?

a. You can enjoy many fun activities during winter in Europe such as ice skating, winter bonfires, winter camping, sledding, and opting for cross-country skiing, etc.

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