5 Things your iPhone has replaced

5 Things your iPhone has replaced

5 Things your iPhone has replaced

The novelty of having an iPhone has far surpassed simple convenience.  iPhone users find such an all in one dependable product in their phone that it has completely replaced things in their lives that they once used.

While the iPhone may seem staggeringly expensive when compared to other models, one of the factors to consider is that included in this price is the fact that the iPhone is far much more than simply a phone.

Since it’s debut in 2007 it was leading innovator of mobile technology.  The iPhone has consistently stayed on top of the mobile market and has always had the largest selection of applications compared to competitors.  With Apple’s top notch customer service and tech support, it has consistently remained a customer favorite in the smartphone industry.

What exactly has it taken over outside of simply being a phone you ask? Take a look at what many people claim they don’t even use anymore outside of their iPhone.


A Camera

How often do we find ourselves reaching for the actual camera that we went out and spent hundreds of dollars on once upon a time rather than our phone?  66 percent of people admit that they reach for their phone before their camera because it’s already on, directly uploads to social media and the editing can be done from within the device without having to purchase expensive editing software.

45 percent of people admit to not even having a camera, reporting their iPhone has taken over the use of a camera completely.  With the latest iPhone 7 boasting a staggering 12-megapixel camera which only a few short years ago was equal to a professional grade lens.

A Calculator

Does anyone even own a calculator anymore?  Many people prefer the simplicity and ease of simply swiping up on their iPhone even from the locked screen and accessing the calculator anytime.  Why get up, walk to a desk, open a drawer and use a calculator when the one on your phone has all of the same capabilities.

You can even get all of the features of a scientific calculator which has more functions than a standard.  Which is pretty great when you think back on how much Texas instruments used to cost.

An Encyclopedia

Not only has Google become a common everyday noun, it’s also a full-fledged verb.  Want to know the capital of a country? “Google it.”  What’s the recipe for banana bread? “Google it.”  From translations to articles, to full PDF’s of books, the internet has completely replaced the need for encyclopedias which used to stretch from bookshelf to bookshelf promising the wealth of the world when now the internet can hold it at the tips of our fingers for free.

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