5 Spots Where You Can Splurge Your Money!

Dalhousie is a very magnificent and elevated city spread over five hills near the Dhauladhar mountain range. Colonial era buildings such as St. Francis and St. John’s Church dating back to the British Raj era in the 1800s are a true attraction here. Nearby scenic views and panoramic views and a trek to Dinakund Peak which leads to Phoolan Devi Temple. Being a famous holiday destination, they are well recognized for some very beautiful and popular shopping markets in the area around it which are worth a visit. If you are looking for places Shopping in Dalhousie Then you have landed at the right place. Here, you will find a list of markets from where you can buy a lot of things.

5 places to shop in Dalhousie

See the list of places where you can go for some souvenir shopping. There is so much for you, from handicrafts to wooden flowers!

1. Bhutico

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This is a great place to shop in Dalhousie. Since its introduction in 1944, which was first started by a flock of local women, until this day, the so-called beautiful Bhutikko managed to retain its charm. Customers can buy some good Kullu shawls which are made from various raw materials like Lambsovool, Pashmina and Angora. In addition, the store has some very popular embroidered shawls to choose from. In terms of prices, it varies from INR 300 to INR 7000. Keep this in mind, prices have been fixed here and bargaining will not be entertained under any circumstances. The products sold here are of high standards and they are really worth the price.

place: GPO Road, District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
Specialty: Kullu shawls and varieties of embroidered shawls.

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2. Tibetan Market

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This is actually a very good market that is often regarded as a paradise for shopaholics. It is known for selling a wide variety of accessories including bags, dolls, purses and some beautiful carpets. Along with this, there is a wide variety of handicrafts that will surely captivate your eyes and please your heart. If you ever go on a trip to Dalhousie, make sure not to visit the Tibetan market, which has a lot to offer to all its visitors and no one will surely be disappointed.

place: Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, India
Specialty: Bags, dolls and carpets.

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3. Tibetan Handicraft Center

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It is located about 2 km from Bakrota Hill of Dalhousie. It is home to some of the finest traditional artifacts that resemble the talents of Tibetan artisans. There are many shops and stores selling jewelry, souvenirs and some amazing Chinese goods. The said market has earned its reputation and recognition for selling some of the splendid quality of Tibetan carpets, decent handlooms and exquisite mats which are truly magnificent. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to shop in Dalhousie. This busy market often makes a large number of people feel happy to offer themselves this magical shopping destination.

place: Bakrota Hills, Dalhousie
Specialty: Tibetan Carpets, Handlooms and Mats.

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4. Himachal Handloom Industry Emporium

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It is established in Thandi Saar and is one of the widely visited markets in the region. It is very well reputed to sell some of the best quality of woolen shawls and the most popular one is a Kashmiri shawl which will really bring a smile to your face. You will surely admire and appreciate the excellent craftsmanship of the locals as the handicrafts sold here are unique and exquisite. Almost every tourist who comes here has nothing to do with this place as well as the traditional shawls sold here. Without a doubt, each product is made of great quality and they come at very affordable prices.

place: Thandi Sark, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Specialty: Traditional woolen shawls and Kashmiri shawls.

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5. Gandhi Chowk Shopping Plaza

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It is one of the finest shopping spots in Dalhousie and to ensure that this hustle and bustle market is widely visited by tourists as well as locals throughout the year. It has many abundant bistros and shops and is quite famous for selling almost all electronic goods unlike traditional handicrafts. If you happen to be in Dalhousie and really have a great shopping experience, don’t forget to visit the crowded Gandhi Chowk shopping plaza. It is a ritual ritual that almost every tourist visits Dalhousie who reaches here in search of a pleasant and memorable shopping experience.

place: MDR 49, Moti Teeba, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh 176304
Specialty: Traditional handicrafts and electronic good.

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Dalhousie can be perfect for traveling with its near and dear ones because the place has so much potential and is certainly rich in its beauty. It is reputed and recognized for its scenic and panoramic views and of course, the very welcoming and warm hospitality will surely win your heart. This beautiful hill station has a lot to explore and will be a lot of fun to shop as you can buy some very fabulous souvenirs and decently great accessories and products that come in all shapes and sizes. So, if you are planning a vacation to Dalhousie, make sure you explore these places. While shopping in Dalhousie you can buy beautiful things.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shopping in Dalhousie

Q. Is it worth shopping in Dalhousie?

a. It is always fun and exciting when it comes to shopping and Dalhousie is very well known for some market places where you can have a good shopping experience. There are a variety of accessories and products to choose from and all of these are truly priced and with an inch of doubt or hesitation.

Q. Which are the most famous markets for shopping in Dalhousie?

a. Bhutico, Tibetan Market and Gandhi Chowk Shopping Plaza are truly considered the best shopping markets in the region due to their charm and products of great standards.

Q. Which are the most appropriate markets in Dalhousie?

a. The Tibetan Bazaar and Gandhi Chowk Shopping Plaza are known as the finest shopping markets in the area. You can really amaze yourself with some amazing items and products, perhaps just a pinch, without damaging your budget too much.

Q. Which is the oldest market of Dalhousie?

a. Nearly every market has had some good years of history since its inception, however, the Bhutico and Tibetan handicrafts center is considered the oldest comparatively.

Q. What kind of products are sold in Dalhousie’s markets?

a. Starting with a variety of handicrafts, traditional shawls and electronic products, there is almost everything for different individuals according to their desire and budget. You can get your hands on almost everything provided you search in the right shop and right market.

Q. What is the Tibetan market and Bhutiko known for?

a. Kullu shawls and other types of embroidered shawls alone can bring some of the best bags, dolls and carpets and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Q. Is it safe for tourists to visit these markets of Dalhousie?

a. Dalhousie is known for establishing itself in a very friendly yet safe neighborhood that gives its visitors a very enjoyable and memorable time during their visit. Talking about shopping here, it is definitely safe because the sellers of every shop are well aware of the ethics of the customer and they serve their customers with full care and remarkable hospitality.

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