5 Simple Styles for Short Hair That You Can Master Today

When it comes to styling short hair, there are countless options to choose from that can help you achieve a chic and elegant look. The trick to making the most out of short hair is knowing how to style it in a way that accentuates your best features and complements your face. This comprehensive guide will show you five simple, easy-to-master hairstyles that you can create quickly on your own, without having to visit the salon every day.

Whether you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have much time for her hair or a busy mom who wants to look her best without spending hours on styling, these five styles are your go-to solutions. We will walk you through each of these hairstyles, including styling tips, recommended products, and step-by-step instructions. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn how to style your short hair all on your own.

1. The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a classic short hairstyle that is beloved by many women for its simplicity and versatility. It’s perfect for those who want to look bold and edgy, and it’s easy to style as well. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it’s low maintenance, which makes it perfect for women who don’t have much time for their hair.

To style your pixie cut, you will need a good quality styling cream and a hairdryer. Start by applying the styling cream evenly throughout your hair to add volume and texture. Use a round brush to blow-dry your hair, moving it in the direction you want your hair to fall. Finish the look by using your fingers to add more texture to your hair. You can also use hair wax to create a more defined look or use a bit of hairspray to hold your hair in place.

Recommended products:

– Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion: This styling cream works well for adding texture and volume to short hair.

– R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo: This dry shampoo can help refresh your hair and add texture without having to wash your hair.

2. The Bob

The bob is another classic short hairstyle that can give you a sleek and sophisticated look. There are different variations of the bob, including the blunt bob, layered bob, and asymmetrical bob. Each of these hairstyles offers a unique twist on the classic bob, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

To create a bob hairstyle, start by applying a heat protectant spray to your hair. Using a flat iron, straighten your hair from root to tip. Use a comb to create a deep side part and finish the look by using a hairspray to hold your hair in place.

Recommended products:

– Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray: This heat protectant spray works well for protecting your hair from heat damage while styling.

– T3 SinglePass Compact Iron: This flat iron is perfect for creating sleek and smooth hairstyles, including the bob.

3. The Lob

The lob, or long bob, is a medium-length hairstyle that falls somewhere between a traditional bob and long hair. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to try something new but don’t want to cut their hair too short. The lob can be styled in various ways, including soft waves, tousled curls, or straight.

To create a lob hairstyle, start by washing your hair and blow-drying it. Using a flat iron or curling iron, style your hair to achieve the desired look. You can also use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to create a more tousled look. Finally, finish the look by using hairspray to hold your hair in place.

Recommended products:

– Ouai Wave Spray: This texturizing spray is perfect for creating tousled waves.

– Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizing Spray: This texturizing spray can help add volume and texture to your hair.

4. The Braided Bob

The braided bob is a chic and stylish hairstyle that can elevate your look instantly. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to create a more intricate look on short hair. There are different types of braids that you can try with your bob, including fishtail braids, French braids, and Dutch braids.

To create a braided bob, start by choosing the type of braid you want to create. Section your hair and start braiding, securing the end of the braid with a hair elastic. Finish the look by using hairspray to hold your hair in place.

Recommended products:

– Oribe Superfine Strong Hairspray: This hairspray works well for holding braids in place.

– The Wet Brush: This brush is perfect for detangling your hair before braiding.

5. The Side-Swept Bangs

The side-swept bangs are a fun and flirty hairstyle that can add some dimension to your look. This hairstyle works best with a bob or a lob, and it can easily be created without much fuss. The best thing about side-swept bangs is that they can be styled in many ways, so you can change up your look whenever you want.

To create side-swept bangs, start by sectioning your hair and using a flat iron to straighten your bangs. Use a comb to part your bangs to the side, and finish the look by using hairspray to hold your hair in place.

Recommended products:

– Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Balm: This smoothing balm can help tame frizz and flyaways in your bangs.

– R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray: This hairspray can help hold your side-swept bangs in place.


Styling short hair has never been easier with these simple and easy-to-master hairstyles. From the classic pixie cut to the braided bob, these styles are perfect for any occasion and can be created quickly without much fuss. By following our step-by-step instructions and using the recommended products, you can create a variety of styles that complement your face and accentuate your best features. So, go ahead and try out these styles today!

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